Data Schema For Stock Control / Multi Source Inventory

I’m working on a project that involves stock control with multiple stock sources and sales channels. The overall hierarchy I’ve got so far looks like this;

Sales Channels <---- Allocated Stock Sources <---- Stock Locations (warehouses) <--- Stock Sub Locations <---- Shelf / Bin Locations 

As far as rules go for how these entities relate to each other I’ve come up with this;

The system must have one or more sales channels, each sales channel must have 1 or more stock sources, a stock source must have 1 or more stock locations (warehouses / buildings / distribution centres ), a stock location may have 1 or more Bin/Shelf locations.

A product may have 1 or more stock locations, may have one or more sub locations in those stock locations and may have one or more Shelf / Bin location.

First off, is this a solved problem where some reference schema exists I could utilise and save myself some headaches?

If there isn’t a reference design for this situation, Am I best to build a 1 to Many relationship to assign stock to a sub location(s) and another 1 to Many relationship for Shelf Locations (if exists)

Multi Classing Help

I am new to multi classing and new to spells with 5e. Can someone help explain it to me. Currently I am a Level 3 Rogue (Arcane Trickster) and just leveled up to level 4. For my fourth level I was going to put a level into the wizard class as it makes sense for my backstory. My current spells are [Cantrips]: Firebolt, Mage Hand, and light. [Level 1]: sleep, find familiar, and color spray.

My Stats are Str: 11 Dex: 18 Con: 14 Int: 17 Wis: 14 Cha: 7.

Specifically The spell slots is what is confusing me. I am not sure about the calculation for them. According to the PBH I would take my wizard levels (1) and my rogue level / 3 rounded down (1) and add them together for a total of 2.

Then using the table on page 165 it would seem that I’d have 3 first level spell slots.

But that doesn’t make sense to me as I originally had 2 spell slots as an arcane trickster and a first level wizard has 2 1st level spell slots. So would I have 4 spell slots or only 3?

Lastly can I use my spell slots on any of the spells I have (no matter whether it is from the wizard class or the Rogue (Arcane Trickster))?

hunter multi pet power?¡ pathfinder

ok here is a very tricky question about my build we i want to play multiple animal companions and for some reason people tell me that it cant be done yet i read level 1 class features and i found this:

The hunter’s effective druid level is equal to her hunter level. If a character receives an animal companion from more than one source, her effective druid levels stack for the purposes of determining the companion’s statistics and abilities.

they key here is "more than one source" so im getting 1 companion at early game, my big cat

the second companion im planing to get is a magical beast (to be chosen) for that i need to have level 7 and this feat:


Beast Speaker Source Heroes of Golarion pg. 21 You have trained in the ways that the beast speakers of the Tekritani once used to ally themselves with magical beasts.

Prerequisites: Handle Animal 7 ranks, animal companion with effective druid level 7.

Benefit: You can select a creature from the list of magical beasts to serve as your animal companion. You acquire and advance this beast companion in the same way as an animal companion detailed in the class feature that grants you access to your animal companion. You can also dismiss the creature, as dictated by your class feature.

You must meet additional prerequisites to select a companion with an Intelligence score of 3 or higher, as described in each creature’s entry.

lets say i pick the basilisc for the sake to make it.

the question is cna i keep my big cat + basilisk?

second question can i keep big cat + basilisk + another random companion at level 20?

Huntmaster (Ex) Source Chronicle of Legends pg. 28 At 20th level, the hunter learns to control all manner of beasts. The hunter gains a second animal companion. Her level is considered four lower for the purposes of her second animal companion. The hunter can use her animal focus feature to grant each animal companion a different animal aspect.

and the third and more controversial question is does this pet follow the "stack wording rule"? as my level 1 feature states that they stack my druid level which overrides the -4 penalty level from HUNTMASTER level 20 capstone.

to elaborate more a beastmaster ranger can keep multiple companions with its base class but they get -3 druid level on their ranger base level for the prupose of animal companion levels, also they SHARE the levels so a beast master ranger level 5 can have 1 pet level 2 or 2 pets level 1.

beast master info:

A beast master forms a close bond with an animal companion. This ability functions like the druid animal companion ability except that the ranger’s effective druid level is equal to his ranger level – 3. The ranger gains a +2 bonus on wild empathy and Handle Animal checks made regarding his animal companion. Unlike a normal ranger, a beast master’s choice of animal companion is not limited to a subset of all possible animal companion choices—he may choose freely among all animal companion choices, just as a druid can.

The beast master may have more than one animal companion, but he must divide up his effective druid level between his companions to determine the abilities of each companion.

For example, a beast master with an effective druid level of 4 can have one 4th-level companion, two 2nd-level companions, or one 1st-level and one 3rd-level companion.

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Drawback of Multi Level Encryption

I am backing up my files to a RAID mirrored HDD, that has full disk encryption (FDE) in place with LUKS. Until now I did this with rsync, but I recently switched to a new backup program that does file level encryption as well.

So my question is: Is there any drawback of having multi levels of encryption, or is it actually an advantage? A drawback I can maybe think of would be managing two keys and forgetting one of them would potentially make my backup completely useless.

Multi check are too easy?

When asking for a skill check that all the players can attempt, it is quite easy to have at least one player to succeed.

Indeed, a 15 DC investigation (that is a 30% chance with a +0) is quite easy for a group of 5 PC (83% chance to succeed). Even a 20 DC would not be that difficult if there is enough people with a +3/+4.

How to manage group check to avoid the check to be too easy ?

To notice that I am not talking about a group check (in that case it looks that half+ of the player need to succeed), but rather a check that everyone can attempt one at a time (opening a safe, decipher a scroll, looking at an ancient item to know its history…)

Does Thirsty Blade from Eldritch invocations stack with multi attack?

My DM is open to odd characters and is letting me play a true lycanthropy weretiger in DnD 5e. We went over the entry in the monster manual for weretiger and decided what modifications should be made and he told me to include the multiattack feature and I believe to ignore the specificity of weapons (though I’m sure exclusions should still apply to say 2 handed melee weapons and heavy weapons). He was fully aware that I would be playing the warlock class and taking the pact of the blade. My question is, if I take the Eldritch invocation thirsty blade, will that stack with multiattack? If so, will I attack twice for both of those attacks giving me 4 physical attacks per turn at times?

Risk of having Azure Multi Site-To-Site VPN with different client

My company decided to build an ETL server on Azure and share by multiple client. My task is to research on possibility to set up multiple VPN tunnel from cloud to multiple client office network. I feel that it will have security concern, but this is just my opinion, can anyone help me to list out the risk? Should i proceed?