Need Suggestions for a Dexterity Whip-Paladin, Rouge Multiclass Build

Long story short My DM allowed me to swap characters due to some scaling issues with my last character build (Arcane Trickster/Wizard Multiclass). It was by no means terrible but but it lacked noticeable damage in exchange for immense versatility (played as a psuedo-wizard). We have a wizard now so I decided a new tactic.

The goal of this paladin is to serve as a mobile, melee bruiser with access to healing incase my party needs it (alas, I am in a campaign type where combat wise, comp matters to the DM but not to my teammates which is fine overall but somewhat annoying).

For this new character who was already implemented into the story, she is a 5/2 split Paladin(OoV) Rogue who thematically uses whips for their primary weapon. I would like some suggestions on how to progress this build without it gimping later on into the high-levels (like 12-15).

Their stats are Str 14, Dex 20, Con 15, Int 11, Wisdom 11, Cha 18. No feats, Dueling Fighting Style, Changeling.

I understand that I should at least pick up Aura of courage but what are some rogue subclasses that are not redundant to my weapon choice (swashbuckler 3rd level feature is unneeded for example due to my channel divinity and reach weapon).

Essentially what I am asking for is how to proceed with my leveling (I do not need Min-Max damage as smites plus hunters mark are enough, but general combat efficiency).

Thank you all for your replies in advance!

Bard with a mind focus multiclass question 5e

I will be making a level 20 character for a D&D 5e one shot that will have alot of roleplay and combat. I want to be a bard plus something else. Either a lore or whisper bard and then either an Aberrant Mind Sorcerer or a Great Old One Warlock. I want to have at least 17 lvls of bard so at a key moment I can use true polymorph and turn into an aboleth. With all that in Mind, pun intended, what is the best combo for dealing damage or Survivability in a fight of 17 lvls of bard (lore or whisper) and 3 lvls of Aberrant Mind Sorcerer or a Great Old One Warlock?

Thank you in Advance.

Which class should an armored Wizard multi-class with, and in what order?

For a Wizard who plans to be in battle, what factors should be considered when deciding between taking a level or two of Fighter or of Cleric, and when?

Fighter 1 would give the heavy armor proficiency and the proficiency on CON saves, and seems like a good way to go.

Cleric 1 would also give heavy armor proficiency, proficiency on WIS saves, and progresses the spell slots. L1 Cleric healing (and other) spells could be cast from higher level slots making this a nice “bonus” set of spells to have available.

I realize there are trade-offs and it’s not a factual question to ask which is better, but are there factors I’m failing to take into consideration?

Is there an argument for taking the first level of Wizard first? It seems like you lose out on more than you gain that way.

(If it matters, we’ll start playing at Level 3)

Do Cantrips stack when you multiclass Spellcasting class of the same casting type (Wizard, Edlrich Knight, Arcane Trickster)?

Do Cantrips stack when you multiclass Spellcasting class of the same casting type (Wizard, Edlrich Knight, Arcane Trickster)?

Ex: Lv 10 Arcane Trickster has 4 cantrips & Lv 10 Wizard has 5. Does the mean this PC knows 9 cantrips?

When I multiclass Sorcerer/Wizard do I unlearn a cantrip?

Sadly this did not help as they used two different spellcasting type.

How is the Soul Knife Rogue’s Bonus action attack effected by a multiclass with Monk?

So the Soul knife rogue has a feature as follows:

After you attack with the blade, you can make a melee or ranged weapon attack with a second psychic blade as a bonus action on the same turn, provided your other hand is free to create it. The damage die of this bonus attack is 1d4, instead of 1d6.<

As is, the psychic blade is a simple melee weapon and as such qualifies as a monk weapon.

I think its fairly obvious that the original 1d6 of the blade will increase as a monk weapon would normally do, but does the bonus action damage also increase?

Can a Sorcerer multiclass use Metamagic on a Ritual Casting?

I have a character who multiclassed from a Sorcerer into a Druid. She has the Subtle Spell metamagic, and has prepared the Purify Food and Drink spell via her druid spellcasting feature – this spell has the ritual tag. She is a guest at a feast, but some nefarious individuals are also present there. For a number of reasons* she wants to cast purify food and drink as a ritual, and spend 1 sorcery point to use subtle spell on this casting – can she do this?

To be more general, Can sorcerer-multiclass characters use Metamagic options on ritual castings from other spellcasting classes? I see nothing that would prohibit this**, but I want to make sure.

Relevant excerpts:

Subtle Spell: When you cast a spell, you can spend 1 sorcery point to cast it without any somatic or verbal components.

Druid Ritual Casting: You can cast a druid spell as a ritual if that spell has the ritual tag and you have the spell prepared.

* Wanting to avoid being poisoned, save her spell slots for a possible fight, and simultaneously not offend the hosts by insinuating that they would allow anyone being poisoned at their feast by noticeably checking.

** Apart from the awkward 10 minute pause before eating, but that can be done before the meal if the exact time of serving is known or controlled.

If you multiclass into two spell casting classes, what level of spells can you choose?

If you multiclassed into two different spell casting classes, would the level of spells you are allowed to choose depend on your total level of spell slots or the highest you could have from the specific class? I always though it was the former but Matt Mercer disagrees.

For example, if you were a wizard 3 cleric 2, would you be able to have level 1 or 2 wizard spells, and level 1 cleric spells, or up to level 3 of both.

Does a PF2e spellcaster who takes multiclass dedications into other spellcasting classes, and related spellcasting feats, gain more spell slots?

Ezren is a level 10 evocation wizard, and hence would have spell slots of the following levels:

+-------------+-----------------+ | Spell level | Number of slots | +-------------+-----------------+ |           1 |               4 | |           2 |               4 | |           3 |               4 | |           4 |               4 | |           5 |               4 | +-------------+-----------------+ 

However, at level 2 Ezren took the Sorcerer multiclass dedication. At level 4 he took Basic Sorcerer Spellcasting, and Bloodline Breadth at level 8.

How many spell slots does Ezren have in a given day? Is it:

+-------------+-----------------+ | Spell level | Number of slots | +-------------+-----------------+ |           1 |               6 | |           2 |               6 | |           3 |               6 | |           4 |               4 | |           5 |               4 | +-------------+-----------------+ 

Because at level 8, spellcasting archetype feats grant an additional spell slot of first, second and third level, AND the bloodline breadth feat increases each of these by one?

Or do these sources of spell slots not stack for some reason? Coming from fifth edition, a wizard who multiclasses sorcerer still has the same number of spell slots as a pure wizard, so I’d like to clarify my understanding here.

as a Sorcerer, given that I can’t multiclass or take feats, how successful can I be at passing concentration checks starting at level 15 [closed]

I’m doing a melee sorcerer, but I’m afraid of losing my concentration in combat because in the higher levels the damage is too big and the concentration check is too difficult.
My campaign dosen’t allow feats and multiclassing, only ASI.
Is the haste spell worth it at higher levels?

not worth it to cast only to lose it in one round because I was hit and lost concentration – that’s what I mean by "Is it worth it?"

dex- (+2) str- (+2) / int – (0) / wis- (-1) / const (+5)

prof- (+5)