Multilingual website proper url, how should it look like?

Tell me which option is a proper option and if any of these options has some serious flaw that one should avoid at all costs

English website root folder installed main websie

subsite english version

subsite german version

PLEASE note that help and hilfe are not just pages but entire websites created with wordpress subsite. IN other words those are separate websites/blogs and not just pages of the mainsite.

would this be okay from the SEO point of view? Basically the german version of the website having /de/ in its url? English version not having en.

But version being subsites.

mainsite simply being in english. Would that be a big problem?

Structure of multilingual and multiregional directory listing website for translation

What is the best translation structure for our multilingual and multiregional directory website? Let’s say our listing owners as members of our work team are from around 20 different countries with different languages and I want each of them to submit their listings in the official language of their country and all the listings are aggregated on our site which has the default English language. Our directory site, whose default language is English, to be translated into at least twenty other languages. In this case, we want the listings to be usable both locally for the country of listing owners and for other countries globally. Do I need to use WordPress MULTISITE? Should I use multiple separate sites that link to each other or can I use a special plugin like WPML? I would be grateful if you could guide me in this regard.

Multilingual Comments on my website

I have a website which contains description, title, cover of movie or some other things. On the bottom I have Facebook comments.

I have a 2 questions.

Should I change Facebook comments to Disqus comments?

Comments should be universal or separate for each language? (website Available in English, Armenian and Russian, should I separate comment block for single entity, let’s say movie or all users should see all comments about that movie and be able to discuss in different languages?)

Redirecting index.html to root + folder index.html to root folder? (multilingual)

I have page. I want a homepage without index.html ( ->

RewriteEngine On RewriteRule ^index\.html$   / [R=301,L] RewriteRule ^(.*)/index\.html$   /$  1/ [R=301,L] 

It works but what rule to create for folder /de/ (language)?

Code above in folder /de/ redirects me to ( or -> Correct link:

How to make a rule for /de/ folder? How to modify rule?

Expected effect -> -> 

Does the multilingual feat allow me to choose a language I don’t have access to?

The Pathfinder 2e multilingual feat says:

You easily pick up new languages. You learn two new languages, chosen from common languages, uncommon languages, and any others you have access to.

Uncommon character options, including languages, require some special feature to access. For example, Gnome Weapon Training grants access to Gnome weapons.

Does the multilingual feat allow a player to access an uncommon language that they don’t have access to? The text of the feat says you can choose from “uncommon languages”, it’s just surprising to me that a player could get carte blanche access to any language they want.

What is the best way to redirect from page to page for a multilingual site?

I have 5 language on my website

  • (main page on english)
  • (Spanish)
  • (Germany)
  • (Russia)
  • (Italy)

The question is what the best way to redirect users from one page language to another? The system of my website determines the language of the browser and redirects to it. But if I use 301 redirect its very bad for SEO (domain gluing or cloaking). I need good solution for SEO and Users.

Thank you

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gboard disable multilingual typing [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • New Gboard dual language suggestions, how do I disable it? 4 answers

I have just bought a nokia 7 plus and I can’t disable the multilingual typing. I tried going into settings for gboard under “text corrections” but the option to enable/disable multilingual typing isn’t even there. How can I disable it? Please help!