Magento2 API Filtering Multiple categories

In magento2 api how can i filter by multiple categories


When the category ids are 105,106,107 then getting the results but if category ids are 107,106,105 then getting empty items. How can i search for different categories in magento2 api?

Looking for someone for multiple WordPress site development jobs

We use Beaver Builder Agency + Beaver Builder PowerPack and a few other premium plugins, so we will want the work done through these plugins for organisation and easy editing. You must be creative, but still have strong skills in CSS and JavaScript.

Payment will be per website completed by PayPal.

Please send PM me with Google Hangouts name/email and example WordPress sites you have completed in the past.


Hybrid Federated Search – Multiple Environments

We have Dynamics 365 Online, which is currently storing documents in Sharepoint Online. We have a Dev/Sandbox instance for D365 as well as Prod, and each of the two instances is connected to a different SP Online site. (Same tenant, though.) So far, this is all fine.

However, we’re looking at moving to SP On-Prem for our internal file server. In order to search both the Online and On-Prem, it’s looking like I can do a Hybrid Search. (Specifically looking at the Outbound Hybrid Federated Search.) What I’m trying to figure out is this – can I have two different searches configured on the same SP On-prem server? One that searches all of the internal stuff plus the D365 Prod SP Online site, and another for admins only that searches the internal stuff plus the D365 Sandbox/Dev SP Online site?

write a “macro” to launch multiple terminal windows with one icon

I have to send a sales person to a conference, and I have a mack set up with a MEAN app (running mongo and node app in browser), I don’t want my sales person to have to know/worry about how to launch mongo, or the node server, I want a way to let them click on an icon – and it will launch a terminal window that starts mongo, and launches a terminal window that starts node, and launches the web browser to the correct address.

Is there a way to do this?

Best UX to Indicate To User That They Can Submit Multiple Times

I have a basic form template as follows:

enter image description here

The user enters data and then saves the data. The user potentially has a number of these submissions to make.

What is the best way to indicate to the user that they can add another entry?

Should the button be renamed to “Save and add another” or do I redirect them away from this page and to their dashboard (which is where they came from in the first place) where there is a link to “Add another entry”. Clicking on that link brings them to this form again, so in effect they are going back and forth from the dashboard to this form if they have a number of submissions to make.

What design would involve least effort for the user and also most intuitive for the user?


What happens after the first 180 days in 180 /90 Schengen visa rule – multiple entry? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • How does the Schengen 90/180 rule work? 5 answers

There is a lot of information about 180/90 rule, but nowhere I can find about what happens AFTER the first 180 days calculated from the first entry? Let’s say I have multiple entry visa for one year period, and I was in Schengen for 30 days within the first 180 days period. After those 180 days (after my first entry) , am I allowed to enter at all? Or just 60 remaining days, or maybe even another 90, till the expiration of visa?

Python to write multiple dataframes and highlight rows inside an excel file

I am trying to write multiple dataframes into an excel file one after another with the same logic. Nothing changes for any of the data frame, except the number of columns or number of records. The functions are still the same.

For example,

writer = pd.ExcelWriter(OutputName)    Emp_ID_df.to_excel(writer,'Sheet1',index = False) Visa_df.to_excel(writer,'Sheet2',index = False) custom_df_1.to_excel(writer,'Sheet3',index = False) 

Now then, once written I am trying to highlight a row if any of the Boolean column has False value in it. There is no library in anacondas that I am aware of can highlight cells in excel. So I am going for the native one.

from win32com.client import Dispatch #to work with excel files Pre_Out_df_ncol = Emp_ID_df.shape[1] Pre_Out_df_nrow = Emp_ID_df.shape[0] RequiredCol_let = colnum_num_string(Pre_Out_df_ncol) arr = (Emp_ID_df.select_dtypes(include=[bool])).eq(False).any(axis=1).values ReqRows = np.arange(1, len(Emp_ID_df)+ 1)[arr].tolist()  Pre_Out_df_ncol_2 = Visa_df.shape[1] Pre_Out_df_nrow_2 = Visa_df.shape[0] RequiredCol_let_2 = colnum_num_string(Pre_Out_df_ncol_2) arr_2 = (Visa_df.select_dtypes(include=[bool])).eq(False).any(axis=1).values ReqRows_2 = np.arange(1, len(Visa_df)+ 1)[arr_2].tolist()  Pre_Out_df_ncol_3 = custom_df_1.shape[1] Pre_Out_df_nrow_3 = custom_df_1.shape[0] RequiredCol_let_3 = colnum_num_string(Pre_Out_df_ncol_3) arr_3 = (custom_df_1.select_dtypes(include=[bool])).eq(False).any(axis=1).values ReqRows_3 = np.arange(1, len(custom_df_1)+ 1)[arr_3].tolist()  xlApp = Dispatch("Excel.Application") xlwb1 = xlApp.Workbooks.Open(OutputName) xlApp.visible = False print ("\n...Highlighting the Output File at " +'%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'))  for i in range(len(ReqRows)):    j = ReqRows[i] + 1    xlwb1.sheets('Sheet1').Range('A' + str(j) + ":" + RequiredCol_let + str(j)).Interior.ColorIndex = 6 xlwb1.sheets('Sheet1').Columns.AutoFit()                   for i in range(len(ReqRows_2)):    j = ReqRows_2[i] + 1    xlwb1.sheets('Sheet2').Range('A' + str(j) + ":" + RequiredCol_let_2 + str(j)).Interior.ColorIndex = 6 xlwb1.sheets('Sheet2').Columns.AutoFit()   for i in range(len(ReqRows_3)):    j = ReqRows_3[i] + 1    xlwb1.sheets('Sheet3').Range('A' + str(j) + ":" + RequiredCol_let_3 + str(j)).Interior.ColorIndex = 6 xlwb1.sheets('Sheet3').Columns.AutoFit() 

At last, I am changing the name of the sheet

xlwb1.Sheets("Sheet1").Name = "XXXXA" xlwb1.Sheets("Sheet2").Name = "XXXXASDAD" xlwb1.Sheets("Sheet3").Name = "SADAD" xlwb1.Save() 

Now there are a few problems here

1) My number of dataframe increases and which means I am writing up the same code again and again.

2) The highlighting process works but it is too slow. Sometimes 90 % of the rows needs to be highlighted. There are 1 million rows and doing them one after another takes 35 minutes.

Kindly help me with this.

How to join a multiple array field to one field?

Here my code:

 public function getTime(){        $  store = $  this->getStoreId();        $  mapping_time = $  this->scopeConfig->getValue(self::XPATH_HOURMAX, ScopeInterface::SCOPE_STORE, $  store);        $  postTime = unserialize($  mapping_time);        $  time_array =array();        foreach ($  postTime as $  key => $  value) {         $  time_array[trim($  value['field1'])] = trim($  value['field2']);      }        return $  time_array; } 


enter image description here

my expection is:

9:30 AM : 2:30 AM : "9:30 AM : 2:30 AM " 6:30 AM : 9:30 AM : "6:30 AM : 9:30 AM " 3:30 AM : 9:30 AM : "3:30 AM : 9:30 AM " 

Multiple countdown hours in one day and weekly repeating countdown

Greetings everyone. I'm looking for help to create a countdown table for events that some of them repeats each day at 3 different hours, some of them repeats on Monday and Saturday at 3 different hours, etc…

First of all, what I want is mostly similar to this:

Let's get to the bottom.

1st event: Repeats everyday at 00:00, 12:00 and 19:00
2nd event: Same as above at 02:00, 13:00 and 23:00
3rd event: Same as…

Multiple countdown hours in one day and weekly repeating countdown