Transition multiple independent WP sites to one WP multisite on the server with minimal downtime

I currently have three independent WordPress blogs hosted on a single shared server.

The main domain (we’ll call domain-A is sitting in the public_html folder. domain-B and domain-C are separate WP installs residing as subfolders within public_html. Each of the installs is mapped to its own, unique URL.

Here’s the structure of the server:

/public_html     ..core WP files, etc     /domain-B         ...WP install core files     /domain-C         ...WP core... 

I am attempting to set up a WP multisite, incorporating all 3 blogs under domain-A as my main parent site.

My plan is to create the multisite in another subfolder in public_html and once the site is configured, I want to seamlessly – with minimal downtime – swap out the independent sites for the one multisite.

How would I do that?

Here’s what the new server config might look like:

/public_html     ..core WP files, etc     /domain-B         ...WP install core files     /domain-C         ...WP core...     /new_multisite 

Ideally, it would be great if I just had one wp multisite install in the root folder and could remove the other independent installs, e.g:

/public_html     ... wp multisite core files, etc.. 

I read some stuff about configuring my local hosts file on my system to be able to re-route the IP address to a domain URL (still a little fuzzy on some of the details of that) but I don’t see how that helps with a live site and/or a remote server.

Also, is it safe to create a "sandbox" site in a subfolder on the shared server? How can I keep this folder undiscovered or inaccessible? I am considering doing the setup on my local computer using WAMP as a dry run but I’ll still have to contend with uploading it to the live server, testing it, then making the switch from 3 independent blogs to one multisite.

Edit: I’m learning now that .htaccess can be used to control redirects to a subdomain, so theoretically, all requests to the original domain(s) can be redirected to sites/domains within the multisite. Obviously, the specifics of this starts to get a little hairy.

Thanks in advance,

What Happens When You Have Multiple Unarmed Strike Dice?

So, while flipping through the PHB, I’ve noticed that multiple abilities can give you a buff on your unarmed strike, such as a monk’s Martial Arts ability or the Tavern Brawler feat or an Aarakockra’s claws. say if I were to make a monk with the Way of the Drunken Warrior archetype and give him the Tavern Brawler feat, does the d4 for unarmed strike from the feat be rendered useless?

Long after the demise of Google Authorship, is it now both valid and viable for a document to include multiple links?

When Google Authorship was very much still a thing several years ago, the conclusion was that it was better not to include more than one <link rel="author"> on any given page.


  • 2012 – How to implement rel="author" on a page with multiple authors?
  • 2013 – Is Google OK with multiple rel="author" links?

Google Authorship is now a distant memory (Mountain View stopped using it several centuries ago in 2016) but I’m concerned that there may still be something invalid or nonsensical about including more than one <link rel="author"> in the <head> of a given document.

My use case involves referencing both an About Page and humans.txt:

<link rel="author" href="" /> <link rel="author" href="" type="text/plain" /> 

Is there anything – I can’t find explicit confirmation – from the WHAT-WG to confirm that this is valid usage?

Or is there a viable alternative to using more than one <link rel="author"> element?

As a contractor how do I work on multiple client networks without data leakage?

I am a contractor who does development for more than one client. Let’s call them Client A, Client B, and Client X.
I use my own laptop for all 3 clients.
Throughout the day, I have to work on and respond to emails and instant messages about projects for all 3 clients.
In order to work on Client X’s project, I must be connected to their VPN.
Client X performs SSL deep inspection on the traffic on their network. (I get errors from sites/apps that enforce key pinning)

I’m worried that information about Client A and Client B, (not to mention my own sensitive information) might be exposed to Client X. How can I prevent this, but still maintain my ability to communicate with A and B while working on X’s network?

I’ve tried giving each client its own VM on my machine, but the hefty resource requirements of the software I have to use (IDE) makes this prohibitively slow, to say nothing of the licensing difficulties.

2-dimensional ranking of multiple arrays

Given a constant dimension $ d$ , say $ d=2$ we want the following:

Input: $ A_1\ldots A_m$ : $ m$ arrays of length $ n$ of integers

Each input array $ A_i$ must be a permutation of the numbers $ 1..n$ , so in each array each number from $ 1$ to $ n$ appears exactly once.

Output: For each pair (in the case $ d=2$ ; triplets in the case of $ d=3$ etc.) of numbers $ (1,1),(1,2)\dots(n,n)$ , we want a count for in how many input arrays the first number of the pair is also the first to appear in the array (among the numbers of that pair).

Question: Can this be done quicker than $ O(mn^d)$ in the worst case?

Upper and lower bounds

The output is represented as a $ d$ -dimensional array of length $ n$ . Therefore a lower bound for the runtime complexity is $ O(n^d)$ .

The naive approach is to create $ m$ mappings from each number to its index for each input array. Then for all $ n^d$ tuples, walk through the $ m$ mappings, yielding a runtime complexity upper bound of $ O(dmn^d)$ and since $ d$ is a constant this is $ O(mn^d)$ .


A = (1,2,3,4),        Output =  1 2 3 4     (1,2,3,4),                  -------     (1,2,3,4),     =>       1 | 4 4 4 4     (1,2,3,4)               2 | 0 4 4 4                             3 | 0 0 4 4     d=2, m=4, n=4           4 | 0 0 0 4  =======================================  A = (4,3,2,1),         Output = 1 2 3 4     (1,2,3,4),                  -------     (1,2,3,4)      =>       1 | 3 2 2 2                             2 | 1 3 2 2     d=2, m=3, n=4           3 | 1 1 3 2                             4 | 1 1 1 3 


While writing poker analysis software, I’m particularly interested in the case $ d=3, m\approx 1250, n\approx 1250$ . I estimate that the naive $ O(mn^d)$ solution takes multiple hours but less than a day when using native Java arrays (no hashmaps etc) on a single thread.

Does the Zealot Barbarian’s Divine Fury apply multiple times if you focus the same target?

The Path of the Zealot barbarian (Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, p. 11) gets the Divine Fury feature at level 3, which states:

At 3rd level, while you’re raging, the first creature you hit on each of your turns with a weapon attack takes extra damage equal to 1d6 + half your barbarian level. The extra damage is necrotic or radiant; you choose the type of damage when you gain this feature.

The RAI intent seems as though it should be the first successful hit to a creature on your turn deals an additional 1d6 damage, but it doesn’t seem as explicit as Sneak Attack, which states that it only happens once per turn.

Does Divine Fury truly work the same way as the rogue’s Sneak Attack, or can you proc Divine Fury multiple times if you focus fire?

Can Magical Lineage reduce a spell’s level multiple times?

Oh wise brains of the internet, I implore thee

Magical Lineage states "Pick one spell when you choose this trait. When you apply metamagic feats to this spell that add at least 1 level to the spell, treat its actual level as 1 lower for determining the spell’s final adjusted level."

If applying multiple metamagic feats to a spell, such as Maximized + Empowered, would Magical Lineage reduce the total adjusted level by 2 (once for each application of a metamagic feat) or only once regardless of the number of metamagic feats?

My initial take is that it only applies once, regardless of the number of metamagic feats applied, but might as well double check and make sure it’s right.

I just want to know whether I should be preparing Maximized Empowered Battering Blast into a 7th level slot or a 6th level slot.

Thank you.