Content query how to clean up # in multiple choice fields

I have a managed metadata as a multiple choice field and a simple choice field. When surfaced in a CQWP the metadata shows well while the choice shows as:


I want to get rid of the # and found this code. I tried to enter it in ItemStyle but obviously I put it in the wrong place, where should I put it to make it work? or do I have to change something in it?

enter image description here

Is there a difference between training with multiple objects in a single image and multiple objects in a different images?

I’m trying to generate data for my object detection network (which will be used for TensorFlow: ResNet).

What I’m currently curious about is this: if I have the same total amount of data (each data containing coordinates and class) is using an image with multiple objects better or would it be better to have single objects for each image?

For example, would it be better to have 5 images where each image has 10 objects (total of 50 data) or to have 50 images each with a single object (total of 50 data)?

(The numbers are for illustrative purposes only. I would be using a few thousands of data)

update multiple list items using Sharepoint Plus and ids

I’m using Sharepoint Plus and want to update multiple list items based on ids.

I have one input text to update only title field and an array of IDs from selected my list items as a function, (to simplify , i have made the list of the ids as the following):

... <input id="Title" name="Title" type="text"> <script> var fileds = {};  $  ('form').on('submit', function(e) {    e.preventDefault();    fileds['Title']= $  ("#Title").val();    $  SP().list("MyName").update({Title: [fileds] },{      where:"ID in (34, 45, 55, 33)"   });  });     </script> 

if i’m using only one id –> where:”ID = 34″ then it is working but i want to update multiple records with the same value from text filed. is there and possibility to do that ? any idea ?

Multiple choice knapsack dynamic problem

Giving a the following:

A list of a store items $ T=\{t_1, t_2,…,t_n\}$ .

A list of prices of each item $ P=\{p_1, p_2,…,p_n\}$ .

A list of quantities of each item $ Q=\{q_1, q_2,…,q_n\}$ respectively.

And total bill $ M$ .

Our goal is to find any possible list of items that its total value is equal to $ M$ using dynamic problem.

My question does 0/1 weighted Knapsack problem help, where $ M$ can be the capacity of the knapsack, and the weight of each item equal to the quantity of the item. If there is any other better approach I would appreciate any references.

Multiple calls to

Multiple post calls to showing below error:

“Access to XMLHttpRequest at ‘’ from origin ‘’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.”

How can I resolve it? Any help would be appreciated.

Multiple parameters in optimization [on hold]

Consider a scenario where I have multiple unique balls of different sizes and weights. The problem is to identify the maximum number of balls which can fit into a bucket B given the following constraints:

  1. The algorithm should pick up the largest sized ball amongst all available balls.
  2. The total weight of all balls should not exceed the capacity of the bucket.
  3. There should be minimal wastage of capacity, as we fit balls into the bucket

eg: If we have 5 balls of sizes and weights as follows {4, 5},{6, 25}, {7, 18}, {5, 50},{10, 80} and a bucket of size, weight as {25,100} An optimal algorithm, as manually done by me will be: {7,18},{6,25},{5,50},{4,5}

Sql Server – Multiple errors regarding to memory in error log

MSSQL-Server 2017 Express Edition runs on my Linux server.
The server has 4GB RAM.
The total size of DB is 300MB.

My website and the sqlserver are on the same server, it’s a small website with max of 400-300 visitors a day. Memory usage in linux looks fine, mssql takes only 20% memory:

enter image description here

Some additional sql memory information:
enter image description here

Maximum server memory is set to 2147483647 which is the default I guess.

The errors I get:

enter image description here enter image description here

After restarting the mssql-service there are no problems for something like 2 days and then it repeats it self.

I would happily get an answer that will solve this for me, but I would also like to get a resource where I can learn about memory allocation/cache/pages/ related to sql server because I am not a sql expert, I am a programmer.

ARP: Multiple dynamic IP address

Screen grab of CMD ARP -A command.

On a shared private WIFI with BTHUB 5, the IP .1.64 is assigned by the DHCP table, like all IP for various devices.

From my perspective, running CMD with interface .1.72, what is the significance of multiple dynamic address especially when one is NOT that belonging to the hub itself but rather that in this case the .1.64 belongs to another device?

How to model multiple types of contacts?

I’m not sure if this can be called a polymorphic association – what is needed is to for each Message to have a Sender Contact and a Recipient Contact. Both Sender Contact and Recipient Contact could be one of 2+ types. Currently SMS and Email are supported but more may come.

I have this urge to eliminate a possible duplication that would appear in case of having two different tables – sender_contacts and recipient_contacts. Also type column is a kinda of a DB-modeling smell. But I’m not a DB modelling expert and rather looking for an advise from an experts how to properly model those relationships.

Any input is appreciated.