Duplicate/Clone a Multi-site But Use Same Images & Resources?

I’m looking for any advice before taking the step of cloning my main site into a sub-but utilizing the same resources.

Is this an easy process? I realize I can strictly instruct my url paths, but in some circumstances the resources come from the media library and I may have to be more diligent.

Has anyone done this? Is there an easy way about going about it?

Multisite wp-admin redirecting to main wp-admin using NGINX

When I try to go to the wp-admin of any multi site, it redirects to the main wp-admin.

So if I go to example.com/multi-site-slug/wp-admin/ it redirects to example.com/wp-admin/

NGINX is being used as a reverse proxy.

I’m using the standard WordPress Multisite Subdirectory rules per the codex: https://wordpress.org/support/article/nginx/

If I take out this line in the conf file rewrite ^(/[^/]+)?(/wp-.*) $ 2 last;, it prevents the redirect but then media assets don’t serve properly on the multisites.

Problem importing to a subsite in WordPress Multisite on AWS [migrated]

Goal is to transfer a WordPress site hosted elsewhere (call it elsewhere.com) to a subsite of a WordPress Multisite install at AWS. I seem to have the WordPress Multisite going, and have exported an XML file from the elsewhere.com site, but am stuck on trying to import to the AWS subsite. Using the Bitnami WordPress Multisite AMI on EC2, pretty minimal installation just for testing so far, installed in the last week and then updated, so should be latest versions of everything, able to edit the Hello World post on default site and subsites :), have activated Jetpack and Wordfence plugins. Following these instructions: https://docs.bitnami.com/azure/how-to/combine-wordpress-multisite When I get to step 3, “Import Content Into WordPress Multisite” going to “My Sites -> Network Admin -> Sites”, hovering over one of the subsites and clicking “Dashboard”, then going to “Tools -> Import” the screen says “No importers are available.” and no import options are displayed.

how i can adding Structured data JSON-LD to multisite in drupal 7

how i can add rich snippets(Structured data JSON-LD) to multisite in drupal7 ??

example JSON-LD:

<script type="application/ld+json">    {"@context": "https://schema.org",        "@type": "Organization",        "url": "http://www.example.com",      "name": "Unlimited Ball Bearings Corp.",       "contactPoint": {     "@type": "ContactPoint",     "telephone": "+1-401-555-1212",     "contactType": "Customer service"   } }   </script> 

Multisite configuration with multiple domains and subdomains

Im using cpanel and drupal 7.

In CPanel I have created 2 domains and pointed to my drupal installation. In the drupal sites folder I have added a folder for each domain and added the settings file.

When I navigate to either of the 2 domains I get the seperate drupal installs.

I am now trying to add subdomains of each of the sites. I create the subdomains in CPanel, point them to the drupal install. Added the subdomain folders with the settings files. But when I navigate to the subdomains I get a page not found error.

For clarity the below will help to illustrate my set up.

example.com uses sites/default example1.com uses sites/example1.com example2.com uses sites/example2.com The above is working.

subdomain.example1.com should use sites/subdomain.example1.com and subdomain.example2.com should use sites/subdomain.example2.com but these 2 subdomains do not resolve.

How do I correctly set up these subdomains?

Thank you for any help.

Get proper category url for Multisite

I have created a category for each website so one root category for website 1 and another root category for website 2. Now website 1 is set to a domain url of https://website1.com and this is the base url. The admin panel is set to https://website1.com/admin. Now I have another store that is proxy pass and having a url of https://website2.com. Note website2 and website1 is the same code base and I just setup a multisite here. Now when checking the generated url for website2 it’s returning the domain of website1.

I used a simulator for the store but it’s not working. Now I want to know how to get the proper url specially for multisite feature. Would appreciate any help please

WordPress Multisite query parameters

Am currently having an issue with the redirection of query parameters on a multisite. I have embedded an Angular App inside an iframe and have a script to assign the query parameters of the app to the host page (deeplinking). The issue here is, the WP multisite redirects the assigned iframe query parameters to host page back to the main embed app page instead and hence, users are forced to restart their in-app journey. Could this be related to multisite .htaccess or nginx rewrite rules? Any advice is much appreciated.