Multi-step, live updating search

I’m creating a website and want to set up a multi-step (live) filter for searching companies, industries etc and now I’m starting to explain…

I have 3 categories. First category has 5 criterias. When you choose one of them (it should be possible to choose ONLY one in the first stage) there are more criterias on the first sub-category and when you choose one criteria from the first sub-category (also should be possible to choose ONLY one) there comes the second sub-category where you can choose more criterias. It would be the best if you get the results LIVE. I’m searching for days and still can’t find anything. Hope it’s understandable and someone can help me. Thanks

WordPress Multistep Checkout Advice [closed]

I am after a bit of advice here from WordPress masters…

I am creating an ecommerce site where the products are subscription based. The subscriptions are sold on a yearly basis. However the products are not sent at regular intervals the products will be sent out on significant dates for that year.

For example pay for a subscription and they get sent a gift on their birthday, Christmas and fathers days.

How can I go about creating a system that allows me to sell the subscription as follows…

User Selects Plan -> directed to a new page where they enter details of recipient (name, address, birthday etc) -> directed to checkout page.

P.s I need all the recipients details to be saved to a CSV file to email over to my suppliers.

Recommendation: Multi-step VS One Page product Builder

I have a website where the user needs to fill in 4 steps:

  • 1.) Pick a box design
  • 2.) Pick a gift inside the box
  • 3.) Add message
  • 4.) Upload 4 photos

I’m currently using a multistep wizard, but conversion rate is low. People normally will not finish the whole steps.

I’m trying to make everything in one single column, to see if conversion rises.

My problem comes in the last step, where users can select from +30 gifts to put inside their boxes, so I’m thinking of:

  • A. A modal with the gift selection
  • B. A scroll-y with all of the gifts
  • C. Dropdowns (less info for gifts)

Which do you think will work best? Any recommendations for this step?

enter image description here

What is an ideal JavaScript framework / library for a multi-step stand-alone application form? [on hold]

We are an ASP.NET development team that will be starting on a new standalone project. Basically the project will be a large multi-step application form that will be similar to Turbo tax in the user interface as well as the “question” like steps. For instance, answers to some questions may auto fill some fields in later steps or completely remove or add later steps later in the application. Form fields won’t always be your standard text box or drop down, in some cases you’ll select tiles on a screen, etc.

Basically I’d like to know what framework would best suite our situation and current development team skill level. Please do not just answer with your favorite framework, I don’t want this to turn into a discussion board. Please include in your answer why that particular JavaScript framework would suit our situation with business reasons, etc.

Some information to consider:

As I said we are a .net team so something that plays well with the ASP.NET C# MVC server side language. We currently use ASP.NET MVC with JQuery for our applications Our team is not very familiar with JavaScript and are more comfortable writing server-side code. We’re looking at the following frameworks, VueJS, Angular, React, Blazor (don’t worry about it being in preview mode, this project may not start for another 18 months in which case Blazor will be at release mode). To be honest, I’m leaning towards Blazor simply because like I said most of our team isn’t familiar with JavaScript but they are very familiar with Razor. If someone can give me a good reason not to use Blazor and have an alternative that would also be an “acceptable” answer. Again, please give me strong business reasons why we would use a particular framework, I don’t want answers like, “Well everyone is moving towards React as its the most popular” type of answers. Also, if using our current ASP.NET MVC JQuery solution is the best option please let me know as well.


WordPress – Javascript + HTML5 Programming Multi-Step form not working

I found a wonderful tutorial that I was using as the foundation for my multi-step form. When I first copied and pasted it, everything was working fine. Then I ran into a code issue and could not figure out why an OnClick was not passing the .value to the function. I decided to start from scratch and reloaded the original code and if failed to pass the values as well. The original code was now not working. I copied the code into a W3Schools page and it worked fine. I copied it back to my WordPress page and it fails. Did I corrupt a library or something? I cleared cache on my browser and tried again. Same error… I went to another computer and the same error, not passing the values top the Function.

The initial code is at and the W3Schools page I tested it on , that works is I am so ready to scream. The exact code in both places and it works in one, but not mine. How do i fix mine? The code is breaking at the processPhase1 section.

Saving values of a multistep form into custom entity fields

I’m building a module that implement a multistep form based on a custom entity. The entity contains fields which are created by the install file.

I was able to create the steps and if I print the $ form_state[storage] array in the last step I can see all the values entered all along the form.

But when I submit the last step the entity is empty. This is what I have in the last_step_submit:

$  organisation = entity_ui_form_submit_build_entity('organisation',$  organisation, $  form, $  form_state); $  organisation->save(); drupal_set_message(t('The organisation: @name has been saved.', array('@name' => $  organisation->name))); $  form_state['redirect'] = 'admin/organisations'; 

I know that I’m missing something but really I can’t figure out what. I’m quite new in module developing and I’d appreciate any help.