Replacement pattern for one value of a multivalue field in views

Rewriting the results of a views field, I wonder if there is a way to use a replacement pattern for the first, second and third value of a multivalue field.

In my case, as example:

I have tried to use this rewritten tags field: [field_tagging:0] [field_tagging:1] [field_tagging:2]

However, this is not rewritten/recognized as replacement patterns.

The result I need, is that in the views field has three tag links, which have a rewritten path (in this case it also uses !1 for the contextual value in the URL)

Layout – enlarge multi-value fields using designer

I changed an Edit Form in Sharepoint (included a script editor web part) to enlarge multi value fields list boxes (they were to small in width) and it worked (inserted code snippet).

However, if i create a new edit form using sharepoint designer (to set control mode to “Display” in some columns) these multi-value fields are back to small and not enlarged (width) and i donĀ“t know how to do it… sorry not a guru in javascript/html/sharepoint…

Alternate approach to be considered : set control mode to “Display” directly in sharepoint without using designer.

thanks a lot for your help Nuno

import multi-value from csv into entity reference field from a field collection

I posted this question at but I have not got any replies yet. Below is the summary:

I have a simple csv file with 3 columns: NID|Key|List; where NID is the node id and Key was the unique value used to add field collections to the respective node. “List” is a multi-value field separated by “;”.

Example (csv file): NID,Key,List 1,2,text1;text2;text3 1,3,text4;text4 2,123,text1 ... 

Field collection has an entity reference field to a taxonomy plus other fields.

Field Collections: Field1: text; Field2: Term Reference; Field3: Entity Reference; <-- importer/tamper not working! ... 

The field collection fields were mapped correctly, except for the field that was an entity reference to a taxonomy. I configured Feeds Tamper with the Field Collection Feeds module but the entity reference list was not imported.

Does anyone has experience (suggestions) importing a multi-value field from a csv file into an entity reference field within a field collection?

Is there a simpler way to input into a multivalue field in Access?

I have a database for the items which are kept in our office. I want to attach tags to those items so that the database can be easily searched – e.g. if I want to know how many staplers and hole punches we have, I can filter by the “Stationery” tag.

To do this, I have a multivalue lookup field called “Tags” in my Item table, with a list of all the tags that an item could be categorised by (it could be more than one.) Currently to input data, in either a form or a datasheet, I need to click on the drop-down menu and click on each tag I want to add. I want data entry to be as smooth and easy as possible, and all doable using the keyboard – but when I try to type in a tag, it doesn’t let me. I can only click. For hundreds of items, this is too cumbersome.

Is there a solution, shortcut, or way to enter in values into a multivalue field just by using the keyboard, or with fewer steps?

Using Views for a custom table with multi-value fields

I have a custom table with two columns – the primary is simply entity IDs (nids), and then there is a data column, but it it can be a multi-value (from 1 to anything).

How can I structure the MySQL table and create a view that will blend a list of entities (nodes in my case) with data from the custom table without losing their multi-value character (probably using relationship)? Basically I need to achieve that next to a node with a given field I can also show data (separated by commas or otherwise) from the multi-value column from my custom table.

There is some excellent help about doing this with single-value columns at Using views with a custom table/schema but I guess it is a bit more tricky with multi-values.

Migrate into Multi-value Checkbox from CSV

I’m running into a bit of an issue using Migrate API. I thought I had a fairly simple use-case, but am unable to actually find an example for this particular instance.

I have a CSV I’m importing, utilizing the migrate_source_csv module. My migration was working just fine, but now I need to add a field_dealer_type field. This field is a multivalue checkbox. In the CSV, it’s represented in a single dealer_type column, separated by commas (I’ve also tried other delimiters with no success).

A couple example rows of my CSV would look like:

id,name,city,dealer_type 1,Sample Location,Cool City,"trucks,motorcycles" 2,Another Location,Second City,trucks 

The CSV is well-formatted, wrapping the dealer_type column in quotes when necessary.

However, I’m not able to get these to import properly into my nodes. I’ve verified the values through the CSV are valid options in the field definition as well (trucks, motorcycles).

I’ve started with the explode plugin, as other examples use that as well, but I know I’m missing a follow-up processing. I’ve seen example using Taxonomy and entity_generate, but that doesn’t fit my use-case. I also have the migrate_plus module installed, for clarity.

langcode: en status: true dependencies: {  } id: dealers_csv class: null field_plugin_method: null cck_plugin_method: null migration_tags: null migration_group: default label: 'Import Dealers' source:   plugin: csv   path: sites/default/files/dealer_locations.csv   delimiter: ','   enclosure: '"'   header_row_count: 1   keys:     - id   column_names:     -       id: 'Unique Id'     -       name: 'Dealer Name'     -       city: City     -       dealer_type: 'Dealer Type' process:   title: name   type:     plugin: default_value     default_value: dealer_location   field_dealer_name: name   field_dealer_city: city   field_dealer_type:     plugin: explode     limit: 2     delimeter: ','     source: dealer_type destination:   plugin: 'entity:node'  

How to convert multi-value answers into single column in Google Forms’ response sheet?

I have a Google form that asks for Name and up to 3 Score. The data is dumped into a sheet like this

enter image description here

But that data is not very convenient. I want to have the data like this…

enter image description here

Can I do that by adding a new sheet to the workbook, and some kind of LOOKUP formula? Or can I change the settings on the FORM to write up to 3 rows per submit?

Display multi-value entity reference field in node edit form as draggable?

Is there a way to display a multi-value entity reference field as a draggable widget in a node edit form? I’m looking for the exact same behavior that a multi-value image field has by default. I would like a way for the content editor to easily reorder the referenced entities after they have been added via an autocomplete field. I really thought this was core functionality.

Thanks for your help.

I have found this module, but the UI is pretty bad and I really want the same UI that an image field has.

Clear multi-value lookup via Jquery SP 2013

I am trying to clear a multi value lookup field using javascript when an item is re-edited.

I have tried all the following combinations without success

$  ("input[id^='Test'").removeAttr(); $  ("input[id^='Test']").val(null); $  ("input[id^='Test']").val([]); $  ("input[id^='Test']").val(''); $  ("input[Title='Test']").val(''); $  ("select[title='Test']").val('');  $  ("input[id$  ='Test'").removeAttr(); $  ("input[id$  ='Test']").val(null); $  ("input[id$  ='Test']").val([]); $  ("input[id$  ='Test']").val(''); 

I have had limited success with the following:

var value = $  ("input[id$  ='Test']").val(); var regex = /\|t/g; var value = value.replace(regex, ';#'); var vars = value.split(';#'); for (var i = 0; i < vars.length; i++) {         $  ("[id^='Test'] option[value='"+vars[i]+"']").remove();      i++     } 

In this last one, it does clear all the values from the display box, but does not seem to change the underlying data as all the selected items still appear on the list after the close of the edit form.

The following link seems to be relevant – Clear Multiselect Lookup the only difference is that I don’t want a button to initiate the Clear.

The other reference I found was:–removal-multi-lookup.aspx

How can I clear the selected options using Jquery? Is there another easy way of doing this?