iTunes does not play non-Apple Music songs which were synchronized with iCloud Music Library on Windows

I’m facing the following scenario: I live in a country where a certain album from a band I like isn’t available on most (if not all) streaming services. I own a physical copy of the album, and I have imported it to my computer and storage clouds.

When evaluating Apple Music, I noticed that on the Mac I’m able to upload songs to the cloud (iCloud Music Library). I thought “this is it, Apple Music is going to be great!”.

However, on my Windows PC, while I’m able to download the songs, I’m not able to play them using iTunes specifically. Every other music player works just fine for the same file iTunes should have no issues reproducing. The songs show up on the library, together with all other musics and playlists I have access, but then when I click the play button over the song, iTunes just get stuck on 0:00. If I try to play another song, then it will play it just fine, as long as it is not a song downloaded from iCloud Music Library.

So why iCloud Music Library exists, if the player doesn’t allow me to play it? Or is this a bug? I noticed that the first song of the album is playing just fine, but all the other songs are not.

I’ve checked the iTunes folder permissions for the current user, and I have full access to it.

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Alpha index in IOS music?

We have two iPads, and one MacBook Pro (MBP) with two users. All four are on the same Apple ID. The iPads are similar models on the same IOS, 12.1.1 (16C50) but different memory sizes. One has cell/GPS. The two MBP users have the same iTunes library path (not sharing separate libraries). The iPads are synced with different playlists and albums, although most of the albums are on both.

When we set them to the album view, why does one of them have an A-Z quick index down the right edge and the other doesn’t?

In the settings for Music, there is nothing to explain this. If there are settings within the Music app, I can’t find anything to open them.

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Music on Apple Watch without iPhone

I’m still working toward my goal of being able to leave my phone in a locker while I work out. Despite the gains of WatchOS 5, it appears that my only real option for music without my phone being nearby is Apple Music (the service) or moving audio files to the watch manually with Apple Music (the app). Googling reveals a lot of articles from the Series 3 release saying that this should be possible now, but very few developers seem to have latched onto this (certainly not Spotify or Pandora).

Am I reading the situation correctly, or am I missing other options for listening to music?

Side notes:

  • Having sprung for the cellular data I’m genuinely surprised by how little you can do with it. Seems a bit of a waste honestly.

  • Having to sync to the phone with Apple Music is especially frustrating since I don’t use it, hate that clicking Play on my headphones so often defaults to it, and was delighted to be able to finally delete it. Sigh.

Ipod Classic 160g not showing music after sync with Rythmbox running Ubuntu 18.04

I have an Ipod classic, running Ubuntu 18.04. I have formatted the Ipod, synced it in Rythmbox and can see the playlist and can play the playlist in Rythmbox, but when unplugging it, there is no music indicated on the ipod. I have tried all 3 ways of formatting. Clearly it stores the music, but does not recognize it there.

Is it possible to redirect data (music) from aux over bluetooth?

I am currently on a project, where I try to send music over bluetooth to a microcontroller. My thing is I would like to redirect the data which is on the aux port and send it directly. So that I wouldn’t have to write an app where I play the music and could instead use the normal music player.

So the plan would be just to pair my telephone with the microcontroller and when music is played on the telephone it is directly transfered to the microcontroller.

My question, is this possible? If so how? (AFAIK normal bluetooth speaker are doing the same)

If this is possible could someone explain, where I can start? Would be awesome.

Thanks in advance. Dimfred

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