What is the point of Bestial Mutagen?

The Bestial Mutagen gives you a penalty to AC and Ref, but also unarmed attacks, and an item bonus to these. The bonus to attack is 1 higher than what you could get on a level-apropirate weapon, which is nice, but the damage is really lacking after about level 4, more than offsetting the attack advantage:

  • level 4 (4.5 vs 7 damage)
    • Bestial Mutagen: 1d8, or 1d6 agile
    • Weapon with Striking rune: 2d6 or 2d4 agile
  • level 12 (5.5 vs 10.5 damage)
    • Bestial Mutagen: 1d10, or 1d8 agile
    • Weapon with Striking rune: 3d6 or 3d4 agile

Based on this Mutagenists are better off just using weapons, but Bestial Mutagen is supposed to be their signature ability. As Pathfinder 2 is one of the best balanced games I have ever seen, I am pretty sure I am missing something, but what?

Does Revivifying Mutagen and Perpetual Infusions break the HP economy?

Revivifying Mutagen is a level 2 alchemist feat that allows you to metabolize the power of a mutagen you’re under and regain HP based on the level of the mutagen in question. It takes an action. Perpetual infusions (if you are either a lvl 7+ mutagenicist or a lvl 8+ alchemist who has taken Perpetual Breadth for a mutagen) allows you to create (relatively low-level, quickly-expiring) mutagens for free, all day long, at a cost of an action per. Drinking the thing also isn’t high-cost. It seems, then, that with that combination, you could rapidly heal yourself back to full from whatever level of damage at no resource cost. What I’ve seen elsewhere in the game suggests that healing is generally a daily or at best hourly resource. Is there something I’m missing here that makes this combination less cheesy than it appears?

Of particular interest because Revivifying Mutagen is only a level 2 feat, and is thus available to basically anyone via the Alchemist archetype for 2 feats (Alchemist Dedication and Basic Concoction). Two feats isn’t nothing, certainly, but if the result is that the party alchemist can rapidly heal everyone up to max after every fight for effectively no cost….

Can an Order of the Mutant Blood Hunter benefit from multiple instances of the same Mutagen at once?

The Order of the Mutant archetype of the Blood Hunter class has the ability to use mutagens to increase ability scores.

The rule for using mutagens reads in part:

As a bonus action you can consume a single mutagen, and the effects and side effects last until you finish a short or long rest, unless otherwise specified. While one or more mutagens are affecting you, you can use an action to focus and flush the toxins from your system, ending the effects and side effects of all mutagens.

So a Blood Hunter can clearly have more than one mutagen in effect at the same time, but could the Blood Hunter have the same mutagen in effect simultaneously?

Specifically, could a Blood Hunter use two instances of the Potency mutagen to increase her strength score to 26? I’m not sure if the rules for combining spells applies since the ability isn’t a spell (or even described as being magic).