Do Illithid tadpoles have a specific name?

So Illithids trigger ceremorphosis by inserting a tadpole into a subdued creature (lovely), but do the tadpoles have a name other than tadpoles?

As far as I can see my 5th edition books only use the word tadpoles, which makes me think they don’t have a specific name, but I am curious in case anyone else is aware of anything from previous editions or elsewhere (or has found something in the 5e content that I have just missed).

Confusing domain name extensions

There are similar domain name extensions, which are really confusing (at least to me) such as these:

.gift and .gifts

.game and .games

.football and .futbol

This means, in the future, extensions like .coms .nets .orgs may be available.

What are the criteria used to allow these new domain name extensions and who is regulating this ?

Is there a name for the class of distance functions that are compatible with k-d trees?

The typical nearest neighbor search implementation for k-d trees prunes branches when the distance between the target and the pivot along the current axis exceeds the smallest distance found so far. This is correct (doesn’t wrongly prune any points) for any Minkowski distance. Is there a broader class of well-known distance functions that are compatible? Formally, I think the necessary and sufficient condition is just

$ $ d(x,y) \ge |x_i – y_i| $ $

for $ x, y \in \mathbb{R}^n$ , $ 1 \le i \le n$ .

IP doesn’t change to the domain name

I am facing this problem for quite a long time. When I enter the IP address of my website it take me to the website but the IP address doesn’t change to the Domain Name. I am hosting my website on a Virtual Machine on Google Cloud. I am using the Google Cloud service as a hosting service for my website. Can someone help me in solving this problem?

X.509 – How Is Certificate Chain of Trust “Subject Name”-“Issuer Name” Match Comparison Made?

I keep reading that in an X.509 certificate chain of trust that the "Issuer Name" in a certificate that has been signed by the Issuer must "match" the "Subject Name" of the Issuer’s certificate. Exactly how is this match determined? Do all of the RDNs (Relative Distinguished Names) have to match between both the Subject Name and Issuer Name or is the match determined solely by the RDNs that are present in the Issuer certificate’s Subject Name, or is some other match algorithm at work?

Applied $\pi$-calculus: Name binding and if clauses

Assume in the applied pi-calculus we have the following process: $ $ (\nu n)\overline{c} \langle n \rangle.0 | (\nu n) (c(y).(\text{if n=y then P else Q}))$ $ where $ P$ and $ Q$ are further processes.

I know that the following reduction semantic holds for the applied $ \pi$ -calculus (from wikipedia): $ $ \overline{x}\langle z \rangle.P | x(y).Q \rightarrow P | Q[z/y]$ $ where $ Q[z/y]$ denotes the process $ Q$ in which the free name $ z$ has been ”substituted” for the free occurrences of $ y$ . If a free occurrence of $ y$ occurs in a location where $ z$ would not be free, alpha-conversion may be required.

Do I understand correctly, that in the above example, because $ n$ is already used and thus not free, we would need to rename and thus the reduction would be like so: $ $ (\nu n’) (\nu n) (c(y).(\text{if n=n’ then P else Q}))$ $

While on the other hand, in the following process: $ $ (\nu n)\overline{c} \langle n \rangle.0 | c(y).(\text{if n = y then P else Q}))$ $ because $ n$ is not bound, we can simply perform the transaction like so: $ $ (\nu n) (\text{if n = n then P else Q})$ $ (and thus those two processes are also semantically different)?

What is the name of this post apocalyptic setting?

There is a post apocalyptic setting that I’ve always wanted to play/GM and finally found a group for but I can not find the system anymore.

Here is what I remember.


Scene Based

Free online PDF

Modern and slightly beyond tech but more about salvage then inventing.

I think they used slightly modified stats, 4 core stats with one begin something like "Gutz"

Low magic. Whatever caused the apocalyptic caused a rift that allowed magic. But mostly it was like mind reading psychic type with some healing ect.

Many classes revolved around access to items/equipment that would be rare. Medic might have a small makeshift lab. Mechanic might have a small workshop with some tools. Occult leader would have their followers and maybe a base. Mob leader might have a base. Bike gang leader might have a small group of NPC bikers.

UTL_FILE direcotry name changes oracle 19c

I’ve scripts where UTL_FILE.FOPEN is used and the parameter passing for directory is an absolute path i.e., /asr/file/path and the corresponding oracle directory name as ASR_ABC but after up-gradation to oracle 19c the parameter is expected to be direcotry name ASR_ABC instead of absolute path /asr/file/path.

If I pass an absolute path I get error as Invalid path.

Do I have to change all the files from absolute path to directory name? or is there any work around which can be done from database to avoid changes in all files?

Is it bad if I told a scam caller my birthday, name, and address?

I got a scam call today telling me that I had multiple warrants out for my arrest, and that if I hung up then I would get arrested. At this point it being a scam crossed my mind, but I had just woken up and was very scared and confused. It transferred to a woman who said that she was an officer with the police and that if I did not answer her question then I would be arrested (in hindsight of course this doesn’t make sense). I told them my name, address, and date of birth. They tried to get the last three digits of my social security number but I didn’t tell her that. After I told her my date of birth she said that I wasn’t the person they were looking for and she hung up. I realized that I had just been scammed, and that they had taken advantage of me being incredibly scared. What can they do with the information I gave them?

Need help remembering the name of an adventure (Shadowrun)

I played and later GMed this adventure sometime between 2000 to 2003 and we were playing a hybrid of Shadowrun 2 and Shadowrun 3 (not all the 3rd ed books were out yet).

The adventure focused around a simsense star (or similar celebrity) the players have to protect.

I think in the start the players had to fake a kidnapping (for publicity) and someone else actually tries a real kidnapping at the same time (can’t remember if this was real or added by the GM).

Later in the adventure she is kidnapped by an insect shaman(?) and was/is to be used as a host for an insect spirit queen. The players are kitted up by the megacorp who wanted the star back and they enter and fight their way through the hive. The megacorp bugged all the gear the players borrows with simsense recording gear and in the epilogue the star dies and the megacorp turns the player’s hive fight into a simsense film.