Can post name be same as category name?

I have an old website written in static HTML pages. Now I want to rebuild a new website via WordPress. And make sure all SEO I have done with the old site will be transferred to the new site.

So I want to migrate the URLs from left(old site) to the right one(new site) as below:

URL1(Product home page): ->(Unchanged)

URL2(Product order page): ->

Then I want to use /%category%/%postname%/ as the permalink. Now the problem is, for URL1, the “product1” will be a post name. However, for URL2, the “product1” will be a category name. So can the post name same as the category name? Or is this a good practice to do the task?

Is there a name for the class of algorithms that are the most efficient for a particular task?

This would be analogous to the Kolmogorov Complexity of a string, except in this case, I’m interested in the algorithm that solves a given problem using the least number of steps.

We would therefore have to be able to show that any other algorithm is of the same order of complexity as the algorithm in question.

I’m asking because I’m working on a paper that makes use of this concept, and I was surprised when I realized that I’m not aware of any name for this concept, though I’ll concede I’m risking embarrassment if there is such a name, that I’m simply unaware of.

Use any combination of cloudflare Name Servers

I have a quick question and hope this is the right place.

every Cloudflare account gets one pair of nameservers assigned, which can be used for all domains in the account.

As cloudflare is an anycast network, would it be possible to just use any nameserver pair and not the one assigned to an account?

According to cloudflare any nameservers will respond to a resolve request, so this should theoretically work without any performance downtime, correct?

Thank you!

Unlawful use of bulk data information client name holder arguments [closed]

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Can the name of a private lake (owned by somebody else) legally be used in a domain name? [closed]

I am using a private lake subdivision name as my domain name. The lake’s name is not trademarked. It is run by a property owner’s association. I have no links to the POA. I don’t mention them at all. It is just for use of service providers inside and outside of the lake. The POA’s domain is just the initials of the lake followed by POA.

I just received a Cease and Desist letter form them. Can they tell me I can’t use the name of the lake in my domain or do you think it’s a scare tactic?

What is the maths name for a set which contains the Domain and Codomain of a function?

Im interested in this so that I can name a type parameter in a program I’m writing.

There is function that that has three parameters.

D, Domain

C, Codomain

X, where D is a subset of X and C is a subset of X

What is the special name for X, if there is one at all?

This is interesting from a program security prespective as by setting X we can constrain information to only flow within X.

Maybe I should be using category theory names here instead? If so what would these names be?