Good name for european sextoy business

Why are you selling this site?
No time or focus to work with that

How is it monetized?
There is software which makes automatically sales for you.

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
Its ready made

What challenges are there with running this site?
You just need to find audience for marketing it. Thats all.

New business name and website – old site has 200+ backlinks – What to do?

For legal reasons I had to change my business name, and get a new site name and address (very long story).

I had to forward my old domain to this new one, but the old domain has like 200+ back-links, and the new site has zero. How does this impact SEO and what do I do in a situation like this? Do I start from scratch, or is there a way to capitalize on those back-links on the old domain name?

How Google recognises Brand name? And ignores attested keywords?

Hi community,

Our company name got attested with our industry keyword over the years; which also primary keyword of our homepage and all of our industry competitors. Best example is… Moz turns to Moz SEO for fraction of the audience or users. Again this is an example. Now if Google thinks "Moz" is only the company name, does it ignores the word "seo" completely? Or Google gives negative score for employing "seo" after "Moz" across all pages? Does the "seo" word will be considered or ignored in this case? How Google recognises the company name?


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Name an application to stream audio (from files and/or mic) from pc to multiple android devices

I was working on a project to make mini radio for kids. We will be in a place with no service so streaming audio over internet is not an option. So I brought 3 routers and connected them together and I want to stream audio from my pc over the wifi network. in short I need the receivers to type an IP in the application to receive my stream.

p.s. I found a great app called soundwire, it does stream audio from an app on pc over the LAN to android devices; however, it can stream to only one device. I need to stream to more than 35 devices.

Display a custom attribute below product name in the front-end Magento

I need to display a custom attribute bellow the product name and I don’t know how can I call this attribute.

I am editing the file /app/design/frontend/templatemela/MAG100219_1/template/catalog/product/view.phtml But how can I call this attribute in php? I tried calling a string echo with the name I put in the attribute, but it didn’t work.

Code is as below:

<div class="page-title product-title">  <h1><?php echo $  _helper->productAttribute($  _product, $  _product->getName(), 'name') ?></h1> </div>  <div class="codigoinmetro">  <h2><?php echo $  _helper->productAttribute($  _product, $  _product->getName(), 'registroinmetro') ?></h2> </div> 

¿Por qué no obtengo el ID o el name de un Dinamic Select en php?

Me presenta un error de Advertencia: Índice indefinido: files_addresses en mi archivo php, qué variable existe en mi html y una dinámica seleccionada. También tengo una función en javascript llamada sobre el cambio. Pruebe varios métodos para capturar la identificación por medio de. un método de clase $ _get y no lo captura, esta parte está en mi html. Tema de Tesis Seleccione


class mostrar_anexos{      var $  tesis;     function anexos_mostrar(){         include 'conexion.php';          $  anexo=$  _REQUEST["archivos_anexos"];              if(!isset($  _SESSION)){              session_start();          }          $  cedula= $  _SESSION['usuario'];          for ($  i=0;$  i<count($  anexo);$  i++)          {          echo "<br> Anexos " . $  i . ": " . $  anexo[$  i];          }           $  consulta="select count(*) as cantidad from where *** ='$  cedula '";         $  getResults=$  conn->prepare($  consulta);         $  getResults->execute();         $  result=$  getResults->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_BOTH);         $  result=(int)$  result;           if ($  result >=   1){             $  anexo_tutor="select *from ***** where usuarios_anexos = UPPER('tutor')";             $  getResults=$  conn->prepare($  anexo_tutor);             $  getResults->execute();             $  result_tutor=$  getResults->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_BOTH);             $  list_anexo="<tr>";              foreach($  result_tutor as $  row){                 $  usuario=$  row['usuarios_anexos'];                 $  archivo=$  row['nombres_archivos_anexos'];                 $  id_ane=$  row['id_anexo'];                  $  list_anexo.="<td>$  usuario</td>";                 $  list_anexo.="<td><a >$  archivo</a></td>";                 $  list_anexo.="<td><a href='./conexion/AUTO_LLENADO_ANEXO.php?id_anexo=$  id_ane'> Descargar </a></td>";                 $  list_anexo.="<tr>";             }          }         return $  list_anexo;     }  } $  object_anexos= new mostrar_anexos;      echo $  object_anexos->anexos_mostrar(); 

Esta parte es mi java script la cual estoy haciendo cambios mediantes varios select dinámicos

    $  (document).ready(function(){         $  .ajax({             type: 'POST',             url: 'conexion/seleccionar_carrera.php',             data: {'peticion': 'carrera_periodo_lectivo'}         }).done(function(lista_carrera){     $  ('#ug_carrera').html(lista_carrera)         }) .fail(function(){         alert('Hubo un error al cargar las listas_rep')     })     $  ('#ug_carrera').on('change',function(){         var id=$  ('#ug_carrera').val()         $  .ajax({             type: 'POST',             url: 'conexion/seleccionar_periodo_lectivo.php',             data: {'id': id}         }).done(function(lista_lectivo){             $  ('#ug_lectivo').html(lista_lectivo)         }).fail(function(){             alert('Hubo un error al cargar las listas_rep')         })      })     $  ('#ug_lectivo').on('change',function(){         var id=$  ('#ug_lectivo').val()         $  .ajax({             type: 'POST',             url: 'conexion/seleccionar_tutor.php',             data: {'id': id}             }).done(function(lista_lectivo){         $  ('#anexos_usuarios').html(lista_lectivo)         }).fail(function(){         alert('Hubo un error en cargar los tipos de usuarios')         })         })     $  ('#anexos_usuarios').on('change',function(){         var name=$  ('#anexos_usuarios').val()         $  .ajax({             type: 'POST',             url: 'conexion/seleccionar_tema_tesis.php',             data: {'name': name}             }).done(function(lista_lectivo){             $  ('#archivos_anexos').html(lista_lectivo)         }).fail(function(){             alert('Hubo un error en cargar los tipos de usuarios')         })         })     }) 

JsonSubTypes atributo name basado en enum

Tengo el siguiente código:

@JsonTypeInfo(         use = JsonTypeInfo.Id.NAME,         property = "operator",         visible = true) @JsonSubTypes({         @JsonSubTypes.Type(value = LogicalCondition.class, name = "AND"),         @JsonSubTypes.Type(value = ComparisonCondition.class, name = "IS_DESCENDANT") }) 

¿Como configurar el parámetro name, de la notación JsonSubTypes.Type, para que sea una de las opciones de la clase Operators, metodo enum?

public abstract class Operators {     public enum LogicalOperators {         AND, OR     } } 

Value cannot be null. Parameter name: fileOrServerOrConnection

I have a web part for Project Server 2013 that was developed by a colleague that’s no longer in the company, and I need to support it. When I try to add the web part to a page I get the following error:

error from SharePoint

Deploying it from Visual Studio is successful because I can see the web part added using Get-SPSolution in the Powershell, but no errors show in the VS output window, and there was nothing in the Event Viewer.

I searched the entire code for the string “fileOrServerOrConnection”, but I found nothing.

I have to admit I’m completely at a loss here because I have no idea how to investigate this problem.

Any suggestions at all? I don’t expect a full answer to the problem, but at least some help on how to proceed the investigation would be very much appreciatted.

A service principal with the name User Details Custom API for SPFx

I am consuming an Azure API app in a SharePoint Online react app. I am following this article. But when I try to approve the app permissions on the API management page (SharePoint admin centre).

I get the following error

[HTTP]:400 - Bad Request [CorrelationId]:d3dfb69e-402d-7000-64e6-ba81277edcf1 [Version]: - A service principal with the name helloworld-webpart could not be found. The webpart does

The code in the package solution is

{   "$  schema": "",   "solution": {     "name": "helloworld-client-side-solution",     "id": "acd09ed8-ebcd-4477-a763-ec8544f9175f",     "version": "",     "includeClientSideAssets": true,     "skipFeatureDeployment": true,         "webApiPermissionRequests": [           {             "resource": "mywebserice",             "scope": "user_impersonation"           },           {             "resource": "Windows Azure Active Directory",             "scope": "User.Read"           }         ]   },   "paths": {     "zippedPackage": "solution/helloworld.sppkg"   } } 

On the web part i have added the following code

this.context.aadHttpClientFactory       .getClient('85540847a-e29a-4843-9154-cf80513f7d92')       .then((client: AadHttpClient): void => {         client           .get('', AadHttpClient.configurations.v1)           .then((response: HttpClientResponse): Promise<JSON> => {             return response.json();           })           .then((responseJSON: JSON): void => {             //Display the JSON in a table             var claimsTable = this.domElement.getElementsByClassName("azFuncClaimsTable")[0];             for (var key in responseJSON) {               var trElement = document.createElement("tr");               trElement.innerHTML = `<td class="$  {styles.azFuncCell}">$  {key}</td><td class="$  {styles.azFuncCell}">$  {responseJSON[key]}</td>`;               claimsTable.appendChild(trElement);             }           });       });   } 

When i run gulp serve on the webpart appears but no data appears. Can someone confirm if the GUID in the .getclient method is the applicationID of the Azure API.

In the console log i get the following error Now I get another error.

**AADSTS50001: The application named guid was not found in the tenant named 466e8469-189a-4f64-8657-f97984c5306b3a.  This can happen if the application has not been installed by the administrator of the tenant or consented to by any user in the tenant.  You might have sent your authentication request to the wrong tenant.** 

I tried to change the setting under

App Services-> App-> Authetication/Authorization-> Manage application-> settings-> Properties 

But when I changed Multitenant to “Yes”. I get the following error

Failed to update App ID URI application property. Error detail: The App ID URI is not available. The App ID URI must be from a verified domain within your organization’s directory.

I did try to add another domain under Azure active directory -> custom domains. It said the domain needs to be verified but will be done only after 72 hours.