Does Bitcoin Core v0.17.0 run on native wayland?

I’m trying to run bitcoin core v0.17.0 on Wayland on Fedora 29. When I run bitcoin-qt I receive

Warning: Ignoring XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland on Gnome. Use QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland to run on Wayland anyway.

Running with QT_WPA_PLATFORM=wayland yields

QSocketNotifier: Can only be used with threads started with QThread

Is there a configuration change that will allow bitcoin core v0.17.0 to run on native wayland? Or what is the best way to provide a bug report to the core devs regarding wayland issues?

Is it possible to create an application on a block chain without a native coin

Hello guys I’ve been pondering on some idea of creating a forex broker which will work on a block chain but i have some worries which I’m confused about…

  1. How can transactions go on in my broker if there is no coin to carry out mining activities what will the miners or validators earn as a reward of their services..

  2. Is it possible to use the blockchain only as a service of storage of information .. however this still brings us back to the first question what then will be the criteria to validate the information before storing in the blockchain…

  3. Is it possible to do run a block chain service in line with a fiat trading platform??

What is the difference between accessible, accessibilityLabel and accessibilityHint of Text component in react native?

What is the difference between accessible, accessibilityLabel and accessibilityHint of Text component in react native? The react native documentation is not enough to understand. Examples will be more appreciated.

Como impedir que uma aplicação React Native retorne ao clicar no BackButton usando React Navigation

Olá, estou criando uma aplicação em React Native, e para as navegações eu tenho trabalhado com o plugin React Navigation. A estrutura do meu projeto está assim:

import React from 'react'; import { View, Text, Button } from 'react-native'; import { FluidNavigator } from 'react-navigation-fluid-transitions';  // tela de splash export default SplashScreen extends React.Component {   componentDidMount = () =>      setTimeout(() => this.props.navigation.navigate('Login'), 500);    render = () =>      <View>     <Text>SplashScreen</Text>   </View>; }  // tela de login de usuario export default LoginScreen extends React.Component {   goToDashboard = () => this.props.navigation.navigate('Dashboard');   goToRegister = () => this.props.navigation.navigate('Register');   render = () =>     <View>       <Text>LoginScreen</Text>       <Button onPress={goToDashboard} title="Sign in" />       <Button onPress={goToRegister} title="Sign up" />     </View>   } }  // tela de registro de usuario export default RegisterScreen extends React.Component {   render = () => <View><Text>RegisterScreen</Text></View>; }  // tela de dashboard (após o usuário estar logado) export default DashboardScreen extends React.Component {   render = () => <View><Text>DashboardScreen</Text></View>; }  // navigator contendo as telas const Navigator = FluidNavigator({   Splash: { screen: SplashScreen },   Login: { screen: LoginScreen },   Register: { screen: RegisterScreen },   Dashboard: { screen: DashboardScreen } })  export default App extends React.Component {   render(){     return <View><Navigator/></View>   }       } 

Meu problema está nas navegações. Quando o usuário clica no botão voltar, ele vai para a tela anterior e isso me complica… eu preciso que a navegação seja na seguinte relação:

  • SplashScreen => LoginScreen
  • LoginScreen <=> RegisterScreen
  • LoginScreen => DashboardScreen
  • RegisterScreen => DashboardScreen

Eu até tentei resetar o index usando o NavigationActions mas isso atrapalha as animações que estão na tela (por causa do react-navigation-fluid-transitions).

Também tentei bloquear o evento do BackButton assim como em alguns tutoriais, só que se eu bloqueio ele na tela de Screen, ele passa a dar pau em todas as telas, impedindo que eu consiga voltar para a tela de Login na tela de Register e consequentemente para as outras telas que virão na aplicação.

O que eu preciso fazer para que eu impeça (dentro da tela que eu quero impedir) para que ela não possa voltar até ‘X’ tela?