what can actually awake a naturally sleeping creature by RAW?

I had a table discussion about how to handle waking up naturally sleeping creatures. I looked here and found this really good [answer][1] but I feel it is not RAW. I will explain what I mean here and will mark answered the one that will address my concern. thank you.

  1. natural sleep is considered unconscious by XGE p.77

    While a creature sleeps, it is subjected to the unconscious condition

    and as suggested in DMG p.248

    if a character is in a state such as sleep, that lacks consciousness, you can say the character is unconscious.

  2. Unconscious condition states that you incapacitated and you are unaware of your surroundings in the Conditions description of PHB p.292

  3. Incapacitated PHB p.290 states you can’t take actions or reactions

  4. Wisdom (perception) is defined in PHB p.178 by this

    Your Wisdom (Perception) check lets you spot, hear, or otherwise detect the presence of something. It measures your general awareness of your surroundings and the keenness of your senses.

This in itself by the rule means you can’t make a perception check while sleeping (incapacitated) and your passive perception does not work (unaware of your surroundings where perception measures your awareness of it) Now, XGE p.77 adds that you can break the unconscious condition by waking up the sleeping creature through

  1. Sudden loud noise (continual loud noise, like trying to sleep next to a large waterfall, won’t stop you from sleeping nor wake you up)
  2. someone uses an action to shake or slap you
  3. someone speaks at normal volume while the environment is silent (not even crickets sounds) and the passive perception of the sleeping creature is 15 or more
  4. someone whispers (so, speech at low volume but you can adjudicate it as you which since this is not written, as long as the someone says he is whispering) within 10′ of the sleeping creature who has a passive perception of 20
  5. the sleeping creature takes any damage

As the previous answer I linked above suggests, the discussion goes about being able to perceive any sound. The rule as written specifies that only speech or whisper with each their condition would wake up a sleeping creature and that the creature is still unconscious and unaware of its surroundings so can’t use a passive perception skill other than the exception marked by the said rule. Which also would mean that only damaging spells can wake a sleeping creature as PHB of.204 under Targets state the following

Unless a spell has a perceptible effect, a creature might not know it was targeted by a spell at all. An effect like crackling lightning is obvious, but a more subtle effect, such as an attempt to read a creature’s thoughts, typically goes unnoticed, unless a spell says otherwise.

since you are unaware of your surroundings and perception is its measure which allows you to be aware of perceptible things/effects, you can’t ever perceive it. Thus someone casting cure light wounds on you in an environment that is not silent and you don’t have a passive perception of 20 (since the spell is touch and thus within 10′) won’t wake you up.

(emphasis mine for clarity in the argument)

thanks for reading and clarifying what is RAW and if, though a fair ruling of the situation, the linked answer would be RAI. [1]: Perception While Sleeping

What happens to the caster of the Meld into Stone spell when the spell ends naturally?

The 3rd-level spell Meld into Stone has a duration of 8 hours.

But what happens at the end of the 8 hours if the target does not (or can not) leave willingly?

Here are some relevant details:

  • The spell is listed of having a Range of “Touch” but is not clear if you touch a subject on whom to cast the spell or the caster touches the stone to enter. Since the description always uses the pronoun of “you”, not “The target”, I will assume it is the caster.
  • The spell doesn’t require concentration. So in theory it is designed for a caster to use it for a long rest inside of a pillar for safety.

Per the spell description:

You can use your movement to leave the stone where you entered it, which ends the spell. You otherwise can’t move.

[…] a change in its shape (to the extent that you no longer fit within it) expels you […] The stone’s complete destruction (or transmutation into a different substance) expels you…

As stated, a character could take a long rest and over sleep. Or a character is suffering from a previous entanglement and is rendered unconscious (not dead, not 0 hp, just unconscious), restrained ,or paralyzed.

There doesn’t seem to be an ejection when the spell ends clause, nor a “you become part of the stone” statement.

If you cast meld into stone and are in the stone at the end of the spell duration, do you just stay trapped forever?

How can an undead companion naturally recover Hit Points? [duplicate]

Here is the background. So, I am playing in a campaign where I have a homebrew spell with allows me a Zombie-like companion (basically a Zombie with additional HPs).

If I cast the spell every 8 hours for 8 days, I get to keep it as a permanent companion. However, I’m trying to work out how I can restore or increase its HPs, so that it doesn’t die (lol) on me.

Would a Zombie companion (un)naturally recover HPs each day?

This is not a question about “healing” an undead creature such as a zombie.

What happens if a race that naturally has claws picks a class that gives them

Okay let’s take cat folk for example they have an alternate racial trait called cats claws which give a 1d4 claw attack. Then take a look at abyssal bloodline bloodrager and I just realized how awkward that is to say. Anyways the bloodrager gives a a claw attack that deals 1d6 for medium creatures from the get go. So that begs the question which source of claws wins? Granted these are just examples that I noticed first there’s probably other ones out there that I’m not aware of.

How am I supposed to know what abilities familiars have naturally?

This seems to be a weird issue, the method of creating Familiars in Pathfinder 2e seems freeform at first but then when you get to the specifics of it, it seems you must know the exact stats of creatures that the games doesn’t provide. Below is the entry from the core rulebook that is causing the issue

PF2E Core Rulebook pg. 218: Each day, you channel your magic into two abilities, which can be either familiar or master abilities. If your familiar is an animal that naturally has one of these abilities (for instance, an owl has a fly Speed), you must select that ability. Your familiar can’t be an animal that naturally has more familiar abilities than your daily maximum familiar abilities.

Even the example given of the owl doesn’t appear in either the core rulebook or beastiary (as far as I can tell). So while I can naturally infer that all flying creatures will have a fly speed I can’t infer the stats of what everything else would have naturally. Do owls also have darkvision? Would cats have a climb speed? etc.

the users trust their system administrators. However, this trust does not expand naturally across domain boundaries

Why doesn’t that expand across domain boundaries?

For example, many components of a distributed system that reside within a single domain can often be trusted by users that operate within that same domain. In such cases, system administration may have tested and certified applications, and may have taken special measures to ensure that such components cannot be tampered with. In essence, the users trust their system administrators. However, this trust does not expand naturally across domain boundaries.

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When does a duration spell end naturally? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

  • Do effects with the duration of one minute end at the beginning or the end of your turn? 1 answer

If you’ve cast a spell with a duration of, let’s say 1 minute, when does the spell stop after that minute?

Is it at the end of the caster’s 10th turn? Or is at the start of their 11th turn? Or is it something else?

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