Navigating through magical darkness

This issue came up when the party’s warlock cast Hunger of Hadar upon some enemies. She argued that because they were within magical darkness, and blinded, that they should not be able to immediately run out of the spells area of effect without having to make some form of a check to know where they were going.

What are the rules for moving when you can’t see? Should an enemy be able to just walk out of magical darkness, or should there be a check that needs to be made? Visual below:

A grid map of a Warlock who has cast Hunger of Hadar on two enemies

Should they just be allowed to run towards her, or at least be able to escape? Or should they have to bumble around in the dark in order to try to get out, with ENEMY 1 potentially walking away from the Warlock in difficult terrain, thus being trapped in the spell for another round?

In the meantime, for less wise enemies, we would roll a d8 and they would walk in the direction that they rolled. Until I find more definitive ruling, we were thinking about the enemy having to make a survival check/wisdom saving throw opposed to the Warlock’s spell save DC, and imposing the d8 random movement if they fail.

“File not found.” appears often while navigating wp-admin

I’ve been experiencing this issue with this specific website quite often. I moved it from a staging domain to the production domain and since it’s been doing this. It did not do this on the staging domain (same server).

  1. I did a find and replace on the database to ensure that the staging domain was replaced with the production domain.
  2. I have flushed the permalinks.
  3. I have increased PHP memory for this site

I can’t point to a specific plugin. I’ve used these plugin before on many sites. Everything is up to date. I have not found a pattern to when it appears. If I click between the Posts, Media and Page tabs often enough it eventually happens. I also happens when interacting with the plugins section of the site.

After it has happened a refresh of the page brings it back.

Here are examples: enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

“An error occurred when navigating to:” error occurs randomly approximately every third time certain users try to access particular documents

At my company, certain users, when trying to access documents via links outside of our SharePoint environment, are getting an error saying “An error occurred when navigating to:…”. This error is happening for the users irregularly. If they get the error and then click the link again, the error goes away and they get access to the document. I am not an expert in SharePoint, but would this imply that one of our content servers in our load balance is not working properly while the others ARE working? Can anyone tell me how I could go about solving this issue? Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated!

macOS: Navigating between desktops using keyboard shortcuts

I’ve just moved to Mac from Linux. There I used to have a fixed number of desktops running full-screen apps. I’ve managed to configure it on Mac, but yet can not find the way to assign shortcuts to switch between them. For ex. to use Command + 1 to go to the first full-screen desktop.

Several years ago I’ve been using some app to do so, but I can not find it now. Any ideas on how to do it?

Navigating two charts on one screen

I want to display two charts on one page and have similar chart navigation and examination experience as iOS Apple Health app does. The issue is that Apple Heath has only one chart on the page but with two charts it becomes confusing how to properly use date navigation controls.

Option 1

Have one date navigation control that controls two charts and when a user scrolls horizontally one of the charts – dates in the control change accordingly. Pros: More space is left for charts, one control reduces the clutter. Cons: While scrolling one chart it might get confusing why the other one scrolls.

Option 2

Have two independent date navigation controls. Pros: Separate controls make scrolling and control of individual charts less confusing. Cons: Less space is left for charts, more cluttered UI.

Option 3

Have one date navigation control and tabs that switch the chart. Pros: One chart at a time with one date navigation. Cons: Other chart is hidden, difficult to compare two charts.

Different options of chart display

How to restrict navigating to other page from a customer magento page

I am working on a module that implements two factor authentication. I have created an observer to the event customer_login , so just after when the customer has logged in, they are directed to a custom page for the two factor authentication,if authentication is successful he is directed to the home page. But the problem is when the customer is in the custom page, he could change the url and get to the home page(ie. without completing the two factor authentication process). How do I restrict the customer from navigating to other pages without completing the two factor authentication?

Navigating the image

In PS, I'm zooming in on .jpg's I've made of b/w negatives, and removing dust spots with the spot healing brush. Obviously, I need to go over the entire image without missing any areas.
I think I remember once learning a method of navigating the enlarged image block by block, without missing any, perhaps using a keyboard shortcut of some kind.
Does this ring a bell with anyone?