Retrieving the evaluation result of an Initialization Cell in a notebook `nb1` from another notebook `nb2`

I have a very long code in a notebook nb1 in which all the initialization cells are tagged. I have another notebook nb2 where I want to evaluate the initialization cells in nb1 and get the results in nb2 by using CellTags.

I tried the following code, which does something but I cannot see the results in nb2.

myButton[tag_] :=  Button["Evaluate " <> tag,  NotebookEvaluate[ "C:\Users\ttemel\Desktop\World_Bank_projects\WB_Contract_2\\ Extension_to_1st_contract_27oct19\IOdatabase_oecd\database_IOtables_\ SA_NO_UK_2000_2015_run_1.m", EvaluationElements -> {"Tags" -> {tag}}], Method -> "Queued"]; Grid[{Map[myButton, {"SectorIOMarketChains", "DensityPlot"}]}] CellPrint[ ExpressionCell[Defer[Print["SectorIOMarketChains"]], "Input",  CellTags -> {"SectorIOMarketChains"}, ShowCellTags -> True]] CellPrint[ ExpressionCell[Defer[Print["DensityPlot"]], "Input",  CellTags -> {"DensityPlot"}, ShowCellTags -> True]] 

Why does not this code give me the results in nb2?