VPS near IOWA?


I’m trying to find a reliable VPS provider in or near IOWA if anyone has any recommendations?

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Bundle Product Price is Not Updating On Product Page – near to add to cart button. When Selecting Options

I have created a bundle product with 2 options.

One option is a dropdown menu (required).

The 2nd option is a checkbox (required).

When I select my options the price in the right column is not updated.

Once added to cart the price reflected is correct.

Magento version is 2.2.7

Any ideas?

(I have overrides luma theme)

A vertex transitive graph has a near perfect/ matching missing an independent set of vertices

Consider a power of cycle graph $ C_n^k$ , represented as a Cayley graph with generating set $ \{1,2,\ldots, k,n-k,\ldots,n-1\}$ on the Group $ \mathbb{Z}_n$ . Supposing I remove an independent set of vertices of the form $ \{i,i+k+1,\ldots,\lfloor\frac{n}{k+1}\rfloor+i\}$ or a single vertex. Then, is it possible to obtain a perfect/ near perfect matching when I remove the independent set of vertices always? If not, then is it possible in case the graph is an even power of cycle?

I hope yes, as we can pair the vertices between any two independent sets of the above form or between the indpendent set and the single vertex to get a maximal matching which is near perfect(in case the order of induced subgraph is odd) or perfect(in case the order of the induced subgraph is even). Any counterexamples? Also, can we generalize this, if true, to any vertex transitive graph, that is, does there exist an indpendent set(non-singleton) of vertices, such that removing that set induces a perfect/near-perfect matching? Thanks beforehand.

Traveling to Italy from USA with Italian Passport near Expiration

Traveling to Italy from the US with an Italian passport that will have less than 3 months left before expiration upon arrival in Italy and will also have a valid US Green Card with no expiration impending. I will return to US before six weeks before Italian Passport Expires.

a) will I have issues with departure from the US and entry into Italy ?

b) will I have issues with departure from Italy and re-entry into US ?

…just trying to figure out whether it is worth trying to renew passport before I leave for Italy

Thanks Rosa

Visiting Salmon Glacier, near Stewart, British Columbia (Canada)/Hyder, Alaska (USA)

Near the southernmost point of the British Columbia, Canada/Alaska, USA border is a beautiful glacier named Salmon Glacier. Apparently this glacier can be visited using a gravel road from the town of Stewart, BC, via Hyder, Alaska.

Have any of you driven this route? Can it be done in a sedan? I have driven fairly rough roads in my car before (e.g. Gap Road between the centre and west blocks of Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park in Alberta/Saskatchewan) and not had any problems. But this territory is a lot more remote and it would be more difficult to get help.

The route is interesting because one has to first enter the U.S., then drive back to Canada. No border stations are encountered until one crosses again on the way back, between Hyder and Stewart. (The US has no posts at all on this part of the border.)

Compass needle deflected when near off smartphone

It puzzles me that a compass needle is deflected when I bring it near (~ 2 cm above the screen) my turned off Android smartphone, which can only mean there is still a electric current inside it. Surprisingly, the deflection is the same with the phone turned on. What may be the reason behind it?

I could yet not verify whether the same happens with other mobile phones.

#1064 – You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MariaDB server version for the right syntax to use near

Gente me ajuda!!!

To tentando importar um arquivo sql do bd no phpmyadmin e ta dando esse erro: #1064 – Você tem um erro de sintaxe no seu SQL próximo a ” ‘

o que eu faço pra resolver esse problemaaaaa