Can a necromancer animate dead a creature with sentience that agreed before death to be animated?

If a necromancer was to make a deal with like 4 people before a fight that the necromancer could animate them if they die during the fight, and then those same 4 people were to die, would those 4 people be reanimated more friendly than most skeletons/zombies or would they just have the regular aggression?

If my necromancer dies, do my animated dead stay under my control?

From what I understand the undead created via animated dead are under my PC’s control indefinitely. So if I had commanded them to kill enemies of mine (insect things that were fighting our group so I commanded them to attack the bugs) would they follow that command after I die, or become uncontrolled and attack my party members too?

I had assumed that they became uncontrolled, and they attacked the party (which teleported away), but after looking while they were figuring out what to do next, I had re-read animated dead to figure out if that was correct.

The other thing that I was curious is do they stay under my control when brought back to life too?

If they do go uncontrolled after death, that would mean any necromancer PC would be a group wipe if they die.

I’ve been looking for an answer to this on the internet and the D&D books.

How would a necromancer fight a party of players? [on hold]

Minor spoilers to lost mines of phandelver ahead, but nothing important.

A bit of background: I am a first time DM and my players will soon finish the LMOP. I am looking into ideas what to do afterwards. During the adventure they killed Hamun Kost without ever actually talking to him or giving him any chance to talk or run(from my understanding this behaviour is called murderhobo?).

I’d like to have the players feel like their actions have some impact, because so far they were simply nicely following the storyline of the module and it seemed a bit boring because the outcome was so fixed. Now my idea is that Hamun kost wasn’t alone, but had a master nearby who sent him to this location to do some research. Now that he has been killed, his master is understandably angry and goes to investigate. During that he finds Phandalin and the party (now Level 5) as well. He asks around if anyone knew what had happened. He isn’t inheritly evil, but he looks for answers and maybe revenge/justice.

Now I don’t know how my characters will react. Maybe they bluff, maybe they try reasoning. But I want to make the master so strong that they can’t actually simply attack and kill him. That shouldn’t be the solution to everything. I want this master to be a wizard in the school of necromancy. Now I have myself never played a necromancer, so I don’t know how one would fight effectively. I imagine he will not walk into town with a bunch of zombies/skeletons if he plans on asking for information and is not looking for a fight. There is a necromancer NPC in volos guide to monsters, however even though he is CR 9, I am afraid he might loose a head on fight against a party of 5. I assume this because of the action economy as he has no legendary actions. He is also rather squishy with an ac of 12. Feel free to correct me here. The party has a circle of the moon druid, a barbarian and a cleric (turn undead) in meele, as well as a sorcerer and a ranger (all L5).

If the PCs decide to engage him, how would you make this necromancy master fight them if he is smart and plans on winning? I noticed that the one in volos guide to monsters doesn’t have any mobility spells like misty step to stay at distance. Would he first run and come back with a bunch of undead? Do I maybe need a necromancer of higher CR?

Would the Life Cleric’s Disciple of Life feature work with the Necromancer Wizard’s Grim Harvest feature?

The Life Domain cleric’s Disciple of Life feature (PHB, p. 60) says:

Also starting at 1st level, your healing spells are more effective. Whenever you use a spell of 1st level or higher to restore hit points to a creature, the creature regains additional hit points equal to 2 + the spell’s level.

The School of Necromancy wizard’s Grim Harvest feature (PHB, p. 118) says:

At 2nd level, you gain the ability to reap life energy from creatures you kill with your spells. Once per turn when you kill one or more creatures with a spell of 1st level or higher, you regain hit points equal to twice the spell’s level, or three times its level if the spell belongs to the School of Necromancy. You don’t gain this benefit for killing constructs or undead.

Would the Life Cleric’s Disciple of Life feature work with the Necromancer Wizard’s Grim Harvest feature?

For instance, if I’m due to get 8 HP from Grim Harvest for killing a mob with a level 4 Spirit Guardians spell, do I get an extra 6 HP thanks to Disciple of Life?

Does anyone have a good way to allow a Necromancer to summon more powerful undead at the cost of summoning less of them? [on hold]

I have a Necromancer that is starting to get a decent size army of undead going. It works great, he mainly uses his other spells to fill the support/buff/debuff role and uses the undead as his main source of damage. The only downside is it is starting to slow down combat.

Does anyone have any good homebrew/ house-rules they use to let the Necromancer summon stronger undead but less of them to keep combat flowing?

How can an Undead Necromancer make other Humanoids detect as Evil Undead?

I am planning an encounter in which a cabal of evil undead necromancers fortify inside an important building with some commoner hostages, disguising the commoners in the same clothes as them to dissuade random attacking and force negotiations.

This tactic could easily be defeated by spells such as detect evil or detect undead, so how (if they could) would the necromancers protect against such common spells? What kind of contingencies would they prepare for such tactics?

How can I be a necromancer blast-caster combination? (Clarified/continued)

I’m thinking spells that would help my battle field control, spells high power evocation, good necromancy spells and anything worthwhile for any wizard. Nothing has to be all of the above, just good options. I have Xtge, the Phb, acq. inc and the monster manual. Thank you to anyone who answers my question, and I recommend reading my original question for background.

How can I be a necromancer blast-caster combination?

I am very interested in playing a slightly tortured necromancer how used to be an elite mage in the military, but after horrible event after horrible event left her role to escape the harrowing warfare. While she was trained as a war mage, one of her tutor’s spotted her potential as a necromancer, so gave her one-to-one training in the school. I really like the concept of being an evoker/necromancer hybrid with a focus on damage output. Does anyone have any ideas? She is a variant human with the keen mind feat as it fits her character. I’m mostly looking for spells