I need to get product collection by filter multiple category ids in magento 2

I need to get product collection by filter multiple category ids.

Here is my code:

$  cat_id = [2,3,5]; $  productcollection = $  objectmanager->create('\Magento\Catalog\Model\ResourceModel\Product\CollectionFactory'); $  categoryProducts = $  productcollection->addAttributeToSelect('*')->addAttributeToSort('position', 'ASC')->addCategoriesFilter(['in' => $  cat_id])->addAttributeToFilter('color', array('in',$  colorvalues)); 

But this code is not working.

What’s the best approach when you need to work off two branches that still have pending PR requests?

Let’s say I have branch-1 (branched off master (major update)) and branch-2 (also branched off master (minor update)).

What is the best approach to do when I need to create another branch, e.g. branch-3 and I need to continue the work from both branches while their PRs are still pending?

And what do I do once both the PRs have been approved?

Need Website Traffic


I need traffic for my News Website. I need 300-500 visitors per day. My website has Tech related articles.

I need traffic that improve my website Alexa rank too.

Traffic from Social Media and Google ads would be good. I don't want to increase my website bounce rate too.

My website does have Google ads running, so traffic has to be Google Ad's safe.

The targeted country would be US, UK, India.

Please send me the best price you can offer for 300-500 visitors for 1 month….

Need Website Traffic

Why do we need to chain the blocks (creating blockchain) in a permissioned blockchain?

The main question is:

What does “chaining block” mean in a permissioned blockchain? OR in any blockchain network in which creating a new block does NOT need consuming resources/energy ? (even in the case of proof-of-stake)

Does “chaining blocks” (creating blockchain) WITHOUT consuming resources (in the case of PoW, this resource is electricity) make sense? where, re-calculating all hash values does NOT have any considerable cost and it takes few seconds.

In other words, Why do we need to chain the blocks (creating blockchain) in a permissioned blockchain network (such as Hyperledger whose consensus mechanism is PBFT)?

What does really mean chaining blocks without consuming resource/energy? where re-calculating all hash values and as a result replacing all blocks can be done EASILY and RAPIDLY.

The thing can make transactions history immutable in Bitcoin, is a PoW with enough difficulty and not only using blockchain data structure. Otherwise, only chaining blocks based on ex. a PBFT consensus (or even based on proof-of-stake) can be interpreted as a fallacy.

What is the role of blockchain (chained blocks) in a permissioned network? where if one is able to change one block, then he could change the whole of chain as well, by re-calculating all previous hash values, since there is NO difficulty to calculate hashes.

Note: I tried to bring up my question in several different forms to be more clear. In the case, you think some additional explanation is need, please let me know.

Need SEO help to drive traffic on Travel Website!

Hello Guys,

Recently i am working on a travel startup website. It has 25 Indian cities to promote (currently 15) and services it provides is itinerary planning and Guide booking.

I have created some links using these techniques:

Profile linking (50), classified ads (20), business listing (20), startup submission (10), Blogging (30 post), Blog commenting (20), Q&A (5) and Social media optimization and sharing

Things i am still need to do with website – Title & Meta tags…

Need SEO help to drive traffic on Travel Website!


10 computers and they all need to get on the cloud. I like them with all the chit in the screen and no boxes on the floor. I have an IT guy but he picks shittty arse computers to me.
For 750/ computer, what should I get?
Provide a link from Amazon (where we buy everything just about) please
I want them to be fast, fast , fast. We have killer good internet now (100 mbps down and 20 up) so that should not be an issue. I know we probably can get a good one for less than 750 but we use them…


If i want to create a website about photos, what programming skills do i need?

I want to create a website to publish my photos, and I already have the server and domain name. What would be se best solution to store and use the photos in different galleries on the website ? Should i use a database, or put them in different folders ? Or something else ? I want it to be easy to use once running, and i want to make the galleries as automatic as possible ( not having to call every photos in the code). I have basic knowledge in HTML, CSS, SQL and PHP. Thanks in advance