Learning in depth of webdsign to near professional level, need advice.

I've been running a small web hosting business for years, mostly as a hobby. When my full time work took hold of my life lets say about 3 years ago, I stopped any study I had on HTML, CSS.

So now with that being said, I still do know some of the raw basics, but with all the information out there I'm a little overwhelmed.

  • So to start off I'm going to state my hardships, to give people and idea where I stand. Being a single father of 2 working full time has added a lot of stress…

Learning in depth of webdsign to near professional level, need advice.

Does a Lich need spell books to relearn all spells after rejuvenating?

If someone takes the phylactery of a Lich, and carries it off, and then someone else “kills” the Lich, it reappears near the phylactery. But if the Lich is basically a wizard, then wouldn’t it have to relearn all the spells? In that case, if the spell books weren’t around (the phylactery wasn’t in the lair after all), then what powers does the rejuvenated Lich have? Would it then have to go back to the lair for the books? When a Lich travels, it must at least carry a copy of the books, right? Those books would be left behind with the newly destroyed Lich, I would imagine. Just trying to think through how all this might play out.

Does user need to keep updated with the certificates locally when using TLS with smtp?

HOWTO: Install/Configure msmtp and mutt on ubuntu

I got GTS CA 1O1 as the common name instead of Google Internet Authority G2. What is the difference between the two.

So GTS CA 1O1 refers to the one listed here https://pki.goog/?

I see GTS CA 1O1 valid until Dec 15, 2021. So by Dec 15, 2021, I should regenerate the local crt file by openssl x509 -inform DER -in GTS1O1.crt -outform PEM -out gmail-smtp.crt

$   msmtp --serverinfo --tls=on --tls-starttls=off --host=smtp.gmail.com SMTP server at smtp.gmail.com ([]), port 465:     smtp.gmail.com ESMTP a10sm3703146oic.46 - gsmtp TLS session parameters:     (TLS1.3)-(ECDHE-X25519)-(RSA-PSS-RSAE-SHA256)-(AES-256-GCM) TLS certificate information:     Owner:         Common Name: smtp.gmail.com         Organization: Google LLC         Locality: Mountain View         State or Province: California         Country: US     Issuer:         Common Name: GTS CA 1O1         Organization: Google Trust Services         Country: US     Validity:         Activation time: Tue Nov  5 15:45:23 2019         Expiration time: Tue Jan 28 15:45:23 2020     Fingerprints:         SHA256: 50:E7:13:03:7B:A8:D8:28:3C:D2:66:AC:58:E3:76:6D:BB:DB:E2:9D:B6:8F:54:38:10:BC:A5:93:67:25:7D:4D         SHA1 (deprecated): F4:D9:49:8F:FA:F0:06:D1:B8:D7:AE:A8:56:A3:36:B4:FB:76:3E:32 Capabilities:     SIZE 35882577:         Maximum message size is 35882577 bytes = 34.22 MiB     PIPELINING:         Support for command grouping for faster transmission     AUTH:         Supported authentication methods:         PLAIN LOGIN OAUTHBEARER  

Do you need to cast spells every day you are working on a construct?

Crafting magic items takes one day for every 1,000 gold pieces of its value and spells have to be cast every day. Although it takes one day for every 1,000 gold pieces to craft a construct as well, I can find no mention that you have to cast the required spells every day.

Can I nonetheless assume that spells have to be cast every day to craft a construct?

Need help converting template to mobile browser template.

I need little help converting this attached template file to a template which can be used in mobile browsers also.

All I need is 2 things,
1. proper font sizes so users need not zoom to read on mobiles,
If its possible, font adjusts automatically on laptop screens and does not appears too large.
What font size settings should I use?

2. and the design stretches from left to right automatically so that I can make use of available space.
I do not want the webpage to go beyond horizontal…

Need help converting template to mobile browser template.

Who would I need to hire for this? Website that supports upload feature & google docs integration?

I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask these questions so feel free to remove this if it violates any guidelines. I’ve got no experience in web design/development or anything so I’m a bit lost here.

I want to build a website that has an upload feature where people can upload docs and those docs could be uploaded instantaneously into a platform like google docs that allows annotations. Of course, I want it to look pretty as well.

So for this, do I have to hire a separate web designer & developer and if not them who else could do something like this?

Thanks for any answers!

Is it possible to encrypt portions of a file for upload so that one does not need to encrypt the entire file first?

Normally, to upload an encrypted file I would first encrypt the entire file, then upload the encrypted file. However, for large files this is not that easy as I need a external hard drive to hold the encrypted file. I am wondering if it is possible to perhaps encrypt a large file, say of 500 GB size, bit by bit, and to send the bit by bit encrypted information to an upload stream to say, Google Drive? Thanks.

How big/little of an opening does a boggle need to use its Dimensional Rift ability?

I’m creating a giant wasp hive in the boughs of a tree in the Feywild, and it happens to have a boggle in it.

The upper sections of the hive have smaller, narrow, rigid, doorway-type openings everywhere that the boggle can use for dimension shifts.

My concern is about the bottom two sections of the hive. The doorway-type openings throughout the bottom two sections are ten or twenty feet square on those levels (so, 15’x20′ or 20’x20′ or whatever).

I’m concerned that these openings might be too big for the Boggle’s dimensional rifts. How large/small of an opening does a boggle need to use this ability?