Need help to optimize this code and make it more compact

Need help to optimize this code and make it more compact

cat  echo "***Pulling disk states from all frames***" for i in $  (cat HPE_FRAMES_IP); do ssh Reports@$  i showsys | awk '{print $  2","$  5}' ; ssh Reports@$  i showpd -degraded -failed | awk '{print $  1","$  2","$  3","$  5}' ; done | grep -v "MiB" | grep -v "total" | egrep -B3 "failed|degraded" | sed 's/---Name/\n---Name/g'| sed 's/-//g' > Failed_Degraded.csv echo "***csv2htl***" ./ > Failed_Degraded.html sed '/<table>/r table_width.txt' Failed_Degraded.html > output-1.html cat table_format.txt output-1.html > output.html echo "***sending email***" mutt -e 'set content_type="text/html"' my email -s "HPE Failed/Degarded Disks"< output.html`enter code here` 

Transactional replication through VPN, do I need to encrypt connection?

New to security.

We are planning to setup SQL Server transactional replication over a VPN to Azure over the internet. Source server is inside our datacentre and the target will be a managed instance in Azure.

Initially we thought that VPN should provide enough security to pass data through the internet, but now our Security team wants to encrypt the connection between SQL Servers also. Is it really needed or are we being paranoid and is that redundant?


Visa rejection, Need sponsorship )Singapore)

my husband visited Singapore on a tourist visa so many times in the last two-three years before 2018. last time he visited on 25th February 2018, but due to some urgency, he had to come back to India on 3rd March so he came back to india and on 16th march he again went to Singapore but at the airport the ICA refused to give him entry that time and the authority officers took him in a room and they said he has to sit there for two-three hours then after 2-3 hours the ICA officers came and said you need a local sponsor whenever you come back, they only said this and without disclosing any other reason they sent him back to India. he did not get any stamp (ban stamp etc) on his passport. now after one year he got a local sponsor (his friend) and he applied for his visa on 16-17th march 2019 but his visa got rejected by asked some queries by ICA. then he fulfills the requirements asked by ICA and he sent everything by email as per ICA inquiry but his application again got rejected after 1 week. now I want to know what is the reason behind this? is he got blacklisted or any other reason? ICA did not give him any stamp any ban stamp etc and they did not disclose any reason why they refused him to enter in Singapore. please tell me how we can get rid of this problem? please reply as soon as possible THANKS.

Need help with xubuntu

A few days ago I was using my computer perfectly fine, but now it’s acting up. The computer boots up fine and loads the login screen with almost the options. I can still log in and I can still see my wallpaper, but my panel and icons are all missing. I try to right click and use keyboard commands bit I get nothing. I’m still able to access the TTY consoles, but I don’t know what to do in them. I tried using the live cd to reinstall but that gets an error and tries to open a live session. The session opens but the panel and icons are gone from that too. Please help.

Do i still need to cancel my existing visa which is expiring before my flight?

I have an existing Schengen visa given by Netherlands and expires on April 27, 2019. I am applying again for a visa going to france, my flight schedule is on April 29-may 6 2019. Do I still need to process the cancellation of my existing visa where in fact it is expiring before my flight. Some said existing visa should be cancelled before you can apply for new visa.