Are “print” links needed on a website?

What do you think, does a website for a general audience need a “print” link or will the users know how to print the page for themselves (using the browser controls)?

Some background:

  • It’s not a content-heavy website, so printing won’t be a primary usecase.
  • The design has a quite heavy background that can make people stop and think before printing the page, therefore having the print option may also give the right signal to the customers that the page can be printed properly.

Remap ctrl AND use ctrl-tab to switch apps: double tab needed

I’m using gnome-tweak to remap ctrl (switching ctrl and alt). I then use the system settings to map ctrl-tab to app swtching.

When I did this first, it worked. As expected

But since upgrade and reboot, this now requires a double tab press before the switcher comes up. I.e. on the first ctrl-tab the tab seems to go into the application, and only when I got tab again, the app switcher comes up.

The two changes work fine independently, but when I combine them, the strange behaviour occurs.

Any ideas? Any other ways of switching keys outside of gnome-tweak?


Video files from a DVD needed admin rights

One night a few months ago I was trying to watch some porn that I had on a DVD. The DVD has several video files on it. The video files are from multiple sources. They are also all pretty old (probably 4+ years).

I didn’t copy the files onto my hard drive but instead just ran them from the DVD.

Every file that I opened needed admin rights in order to play (I had to type the sudo password into the GUI). I did not have the patience at the time to find a workaround so I typed in the password. I am pretty sure that I was using VLC media player.

When watching the videos in Windows (a long time ago), nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

I read on this forum that this command is a sanity check for malware:

sudo dpkg --verify 

When I ran that, I got this:

??5?????? c /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

??5?????? c /etc/xdg/user-dirs.defaults

??5?????? /usr/share/gnome-mahjongg/themes/postmodern.svg

The first one on that list I think is from when I changed settings so that Ubuntu would not require a password when booting and/or at the lock screen. I am not sure what those other 2 results are.

How can I further mitigate problems that I might have created?

The computer that this happened on isn’t a computer that I use a lot. But, I haven’t noticed any new issues after granting the admin rights. However, pretty much since the time that I installed Ubuntu (about 14 months ago), updates regularly fail but seem to eventually work. My internet connection is pretty good and Linux Mint updates don’t have any problems even though I download them very very soon after release.

I suppose I could repeat the process if there is some way to then observe what it does “live.”

What skills are needed for Web Developer without a college degree? [on hold]

I am a Computer Science major in his freshman year, and I was wanting to know what specific web development skills and languages I should learn to get a job in web development, and what employers are looking for. I work in the dental prosthetics business right now, and am trying to get into a job that is closer to my desired career, software engineering/developing.

CSS/HTML codder needed

I am a programmer myself but am mostly backend, so i need someone with good CSS/HTML (and preferably JS) knowledge to help me out on small things on frontend.

This is an ongoing work, i will have many of these.

right now i need my tables to have sticky header AND have overflow-x: scroll. I am able to achieve any one of those but not both together

payment by paypal, per job

PM me ONLY please, i would mot likely not read this thread anymore.