Filipino citizen married to US citizen, Filipino has US Green Card, traveling to UK- is UK visa needed?

I’m a Filipino citizen and my husband is a US citizen. I have US Green Cards (Permanent Resident visa)

We have a 15 month old baby girl who is a US Citizen.

We are wanting to visit for holiday in the UK in June. Can you please advise what the UK will require visa of me given these circumstances

When is the $SPUrl Token Prefix Needed?

I have been doing some research and testing and found that the $ SPUrl tokens (e.g. ~site and ~sitecollection) can be used in various scenarios to reference the root of the current site or web. However, I cannot seem to find information on when the $ SPUrl prefix is required to reference these tokens.

For example, I know that when using a token like this in a CssRegistration control, we must use a syntax like so:

<SharePoint:CssRegistration ID="CssRegistration1" Name="<% $  SPUrl:~sitecollection/Style Library/custom.css %>" runat="server" /> 

However, I have also seen examples of using these tokens with a ScriptLink control that utilize the token with no $ SPUrl prefix (and no <% %> tags) as follows:

<SharePoint:ScriptLink Language="javascript" Name="~sitecollection/SiteScripts/custom.js" runat="server" Localizable="false" /> 

Can someone explain why the <% %> tags and $ SPUrl prefix are required in some situations but not others when using these tokens?

Website Redesign and ongoing graphic design work + advice needed

I run a high traffic graphic design related web 2.0+ website. It's in desperate need of a redesign, and re-coding html/css and redoing 100's of icons and related graphics. Obviously a multi step / phased process that starts with innovative concept designs. All told I'm certainly willing to pay $ 1000+ for all the work.

I'm looking for top notch designers and / or advice on the best way to pick someone. Should I start with a site design contest? Pay a few of good designers to do…

Website Redesign and ongoing graphic design work + advice needed

Write a function that takes a list of strings an prints them, one per line, in a rectangular frame. slight change needed

Write a function that takes a list of strings an prints them, one per line, in a rectangular frame. For example the list [“Hello”, “World”, “in”, “a”, “frame”] gets printed as:

  • Hello *
  • World *
  • in *
  • a *
  • frame *



enter code heredef frame(words): enter code here size = len(max(words, key=len)) print(‘*’ * (size + 4)) for word in words: print(‘* {:<{}} ‘.format(word, size)) print(‘‘ * (size + 4)) frame(p.split(” “))

can anyone explain to me this step ‘* {:<{}} *’.format(word, size), and is there any substitution code for it?

Native UK English Copywriter Needed


I need more copywriters for the time being,
I prefer writers from the UK, but I may accept from the US (it will depend)

please PM me your rates / turnaround time / email address and if you have a website / sample articles online i can check.

I'm offering regular work at $ 2 per 100 words, unless your rates are higher and you can demonstrate why I should be paying more.

Thank you

The expectation of partition times needed separate two elements in a set

I met a problem which can be formulated as set partition.

Given a set $ S=\{s_1,s_2,…,s_n\}$ having $ n$ elements, I want to separate two elements, say $ s_1,s_2$ , in $ S$ by repeatedly using set partition operations. Each set partition operation randomly partitions a set, say $ A$ , into two non-empty subsets, $ B$ and $ C$ , such that $ A=B\cup C$ and $ B\cap C=\emptyset$ . I want to calculate or approximate the expectation of partition time, $ E(n)$ , to separate $ s_1$ and $ s_2$ .

Let see two simple cases:

(1) $ n=2$ :

In this case, $ S=\{s_1,s_2\}$ . The only feasible partition will separate $ S=\{s_1,s_2\}$ as $ \{s_1\}$ and $ \{s_2\}$ . So, $ E(2) = 1$ .

(2) $ n=3$ :

In this case, $ S=\{s_1,s_2,s_3\}$ . There are two situations:

(a) if the first partition is $ \{s_1\},\{s_2,s_3\}$ or $ \{s_2\},\{s_1,s_3\}$ , then 1 partition is ok!

(b) if the first partition is $ \{s_1,s_2\},\{s_3\}$ , then I need a second partition making $ \{s_1,s_2\}$ into $ \{s_1\},\{s_2\}$ . So the partition time is 2.

The possibility of situation (a) is 2/3 and situation (b) 1/3. So the $ E(3)=1*(2/3)+2*(1/3)=4/3$ .

I tried using recursive formula but it seems to be a non-closed form. I also wonder whether or not $ E(n)$ can be approximated by some other continuous functions?

What is needed to keep parent menu element active while browsing subpages (Bartik Theme)

Let’s say we have 2 sections with pages like this structure:

/section1 * /section1/page1-1 ** /section1/page1-1/page1-1-1 ** /section1/page1-1/page1-1-2 ** /section1/page1-2 ** /section1/page1-3 **  /section2 * /section2/page2-1 ** /section2/page2-2 ** 
  • = Link in main menu / ** = Link in custom menu (sidebar)

and so on.

The main menu of Bartik theme is not supporting sub-links, so I created custom menus, which are visible to each section (content type pages) in the sidebar.

Now I want to have the main navigation element of section1 root (/section1) be always having css-class “active” if any subpage of section1 is being browsed.

Any tips? I’m new to Drupal and don’t want to mess up my installation.