Netflix logout does not revoke secure netflix ids

I am learning about microservice security and I wanted to see if Netflix really logs me out. While logged into Netflix, I opened and in inspector viewed headers I am sending.

After copying the headers, I logged out -> opened Postman and issued the same request with the copied headers. The result – I could see my account information so the tokens were not revoked.

Is it a standard to keep auth tokens hanging?

Doesn’t it make user of the site more prone to attack?

pProblem with playing the film in Netflix. Html 5

I have this problem with Netflix. please help me to solve. in German.

Fehler F7355 Auf Computern sehen Sie neben dem Fehlercode F7355 häufig auch die folgende Meldung:

Hoppla, da ist was schiefgelaufen … Netflix-Videoplayer nicht verfügbar Leider sind bei der Wiedergabe von Netflix in Ihrem Browser Probleme aufgetreten. Bitte stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie die offizielle Version von Firefox verwenden. Dies deutet meist auf ein Problem mit Ihrem Browser hin. Die Verwendung von nicht unterstützten Browsern kann zu Problemen mit dem Player führen, den Netflix zur Wiedergabe von Titeln verwendet. Befolgen Sie die Lösungsschritte unten, um das Problem zu beheben.


American Factory – how to watch on Netflix

So I've been constantly seeing this trailer of a new Netflix documentary – American Factory and I would like to watch it, but unfortunately it's not on my Netflix, which means I have to switch libraries, does anyone know which library it is? Also, my friend said Surfshark works fine with Netflix, but that was like 4 months ago, maybe some of you have tried it recently? I'm considering buying their subscription so would be good to be sure before I commit. I know ExpressVPN and NordVPN…

American Factory – how to watch on Netflix

Why is my gf seeing a localhost self signed certificate when going to netflix?

Recently my gf told me she was receiving errors when trying to go to netflix. I took a look and the certificate is super wierd saying it is self signed. Why could this be happening? She only uses the computer on our home wifi. She does not know how to self sign certificates so there is no way she did that herself either. I can’t for the life of me figure out the reason that is showing up and I’m concerned because that is a pretty bizarre thing to see… I don’t know if she has been MITM but I don’t see how that is possible when she is trying to access netflix through our home network. Our home network is a 15 character password. What are some reason’s this could be happening and what can I do to investigate this?

See below screen shot.

enter image description here

Method to create Netflix accounts

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Method to create Netflix accounts

2 different ids for apple music and netflix, can’t update

I have 2 different ids working on my phone, the old one have subscription of 50Gb cloud data + netflix and the new one have apple music, please note both netflix and apple music are family subscirptions from my account hence 5 other members also have some data in their account, and i don’t want to get rid of anything from my account (Downloaded songs from apple music). Please help

netflix vps

any one proivde vps work with netflix .I will setup proxy …. | Read the rest of