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Food in luggage checked-in for the Netherlands

We’ll be travelling to the Schengen soon. Our first port of entry will be the Netherlands. My toddler is an extremely picky eater so I am wondering if I can cook food for him, vacuum seal it, and pack it in my checked-in luggage.

Are there any allowances or exceptions?

Our country of departure will be Pakistan, and there will be a short transit in Dubai since we’re flying emirates.


Can a resident of Netherlands sponsor a French Schengen visa application?

My girlfriend (Thailand) is planning to come to Europe for a short holiday. She is a student. I myself live in the Netherlands and have sufficient funds to be her sponsor in all expenses. The main destination/time spent of our trip will be in France, so we have to apply for the visa there. Except on the application they keep asking about the France resident that will act as sponsor. And it got me really confused whether I can still be her sponsor from abroad (even though I am still in a Schengen country). I would contact them myself but unfortunately it is Sunday. Anyone with the same experience?

Would another solution be to send her sufficient funds for her own bank statements? I can imagine they will want to see a stable income over the past few statements rather than 1 big amount right before the application.

Italy, Portugal, Netherlands in September end [on hold]

I will be traveling to Italy, Portugal and Netherlands in September end. I am spending 2 days in Rome, Amalfi, Venice, 4 days in dolomites, 2 days in Lisbon, Porto and finally, 4 days in Amsterdam.

  1. Is this good enough plan to see all the places?
  2. I decided to choose Amalfi instead of Cinque Terre. What would have been your choice?

3.Instead of Porto, I was thinking of going to Lagos for 2 days.Is that better?

  1. In netherlands, I was thinking of going to Amsterdam (3 days) and 12 hours day trip in Haarlem and Zaanse Schans.

Please give me any suggestion/advice that you feel needs to be added in my itinerary.