What is the history of the offline networked mapping tool called Gametable?

Gametable was designed as a networked virtual table top for role playing use. It was comparable to tools such as MapTool, Roll20, Battlegrounds, and others. It’s popularity lay in the utter simplicity of use, virtually no learning curve, and decent if simple tool set.

But after the early 2010’s it fell out of popularity and practically disappeared from search results and reviews.

Thus, what is the history of the offline networked mapping tool called Gametable, as described in the Gametable tutorial link below?


Accessing applications on local LAN / WI-FI networked Computers or Laptops

We have implemented XAMPP 3.2.2 (Control panel version) and application like vtiger application successfully on a local PC (SERVE) running on Windows 10 latest updated version as on 01-Jan-2019

After configuration the XAMPP system, server and application (vtiger) is running perfectly. Now need to deploy this on our LAN connected with same wi-fi router and all Laptop / PC are joined in same home group “OFFICE121”

Now the 192.168.1.xxx (dynamic IP of the SERVE pc) is being used to access the APACHE httpd which is working fine on all networked PCs. But application like vtiger is not accessible on 192.168.1.xxx/vtiger from networked PCs.

Based on various answers in Stackflow, we have checked the Firewall and exception to http and port 80 is OK. config file of apache is also having LISTEN 80 that makes it free to open from localhost or 192.168.1.xxx, but in reality this is not happening.

a) When we browse in other PCs http://192.168.1.xxx or http://SERVE then the XAMPP dashboard page opens up perfectly. b) But as soon as we try http://192.168.1.xxx/vtiger or http://SERVE/vtiger then the web address suddenly changes to http://localhost/vtiger and do not resolves to anything on networked PCs

Request super users and experts to help us in this small issue. Regards & thanks