systemctl Service that runs an executable that never returns

I’m having some trouble figuring out how the services work on CentOS. Right now I have the following service file:

[Unit] Description=SelfTester  [Service] Type=simple ExecStart=/usr/bin/selftester  [Install] 

This will launch a script that calls an executable that will never return:


The executable never returns. When I launch the service, it runs for a while but then exits due to timeout:

Job for selftester.service failed because a timeout was exceeded. See "systemctl status selftester.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details. 

Thanks inadvance

Ford never produced the X Nucleon for what reason? [on hold]

When digital technology did not exist, but humans are also a source of information and protecting non-digital devices is also a form of infosec, or not?

To go back in late 50s, that time Ford went or rather wanted to produce the nucleon, a pretty nice car droven by an nuclear engine(the mass heated by a uranium reactor in the back of the car. , according the Ford Nucleon was never produced because that time it was not possible to create a reactor that small, what would be the risks if it was ever released on the wide market?

How could one protect the reactor enough so an accident can be prevented, in a situation where a driver of that car to transmit people from point A to point B?


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How to handle a player who asks me never ending questions about roleplay things

Recently I started up a new game. I recruited players, got them to make characters, and was ready to have some fun with them.

One of the players keeps asking questions. They ask about every detail of their character, they ask about other roleplay systems, they ask about other characters they’re generating, they ask about games and movies they’re playing, they ask questions about the rules. It’s a long, never ending barrage.

I regret inviting them into the game now, because it’s such a drain being asked endless questions. I’ve told them to ask questions in the public discord or online, they agree, but they immediately go back to asking me more questions, in private messages on discord when they get some new idea. There’s a certain amount of, politeness in helping them with their character and understanding the world, but their sheer volume of questions is getting tiring.

It’s made worse by the fact that English isn’t their first language, and often their questions are vague and confusing and not easy to answer.

We’re involved in another game, and I need to remain reasonably polite, so saying “Go away and shut up.” isn’t a good option. What’s a reasonably polite way to stem the tide of questions?

The game we are playing is Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition, so there are many knobs to tweak and play with on characters.

How could a scammer get my card details if I’ve never used it

Today I had about $ 600US spread across 20 transactions taken from my debit card over the past three days (I notified my bank said they will give me a new card and will refund me)

This particular account I only use to transfer money in and out of to get bonus savings interest; I have never used it to make purchases online, the card has always been left in a draw and never been taken out of the house.

Given I have never entered the card details anywhere to make a transaction, and neither has the previous versions of the card ever been used, how could this have happened? I have never stored the card details anywhere.

Its unlikely the scammer could have enumerated card details (start from 0000-...-0000; 01/01 for expiry date and 000 for cvv and increment) as they would have also needed to get my billing address correct.

Never finishing…

I’ve noticed this on several addons, but most recently (just moments ago) on Link Extractor.

I was just doing a quick search to learn the addon…first time using it.  As is the case many times, it’ll almost finish…..but won’t.  It will just sit there forever until I go to the task manager and stop the process.

Any ideas? 

[Image: DvQu4Rg.jpg]

What would be an ideal European trip for someone who has never been? [on hold]

Ok so I’m planning my senior trip in Europe. It’s just me, my mom and my grandmother who are going, possibly my other grandmother. My maternal grandmother lived in many exotic places like Japan and Beirut growing up and has traveled to other places like Fiji, Barbados and Jerusalem, so she’s the travel “genius”. But she hasn’t traveled in Europe. So I need some tips and tricks from experts to help me make the right decision. I’ll likely ask more questions on here later on but for now I need help with location.

Here’s my idea.
I want to go to France first. I want to spend a little over a week there, maybe less maybe more, then take a train to possibly Switzerland. Is that a good duo or is there another country that works best? I also have Netherlands, Germany, Italy and England on my list so if any of those you think work better then just let me know. The reason I picked Switzerland is because while France seems very…elegant? Prestigious? Sophisticated? Switzerland seems very colorful and earthy! With a bit of quirkiness in there.

Also do you recommend trains? I looked it up and it said the train ride from France to Switzerland is 4 hours which to me doesn’t seem that bad but what do you guys think? Are other forms of transportation better?

MacBook Pro equipped with 16 GB RAM, never uses more than 8 GB

I have an early 2015 MacBook Pro equipped with 16 GB RAM. The computer however appears to be never using more than 8 GB. This is a screenshot of htop with the computer under heavy load (Large postgres GIST index building):

htop screenshot

Mac system params look good:

enter image description here

I’d appreciate if anyone has a clue as to what is going on. I am running macOS Mojave, but the problem exists ever since I bought the computer.