Magento2 : Error The “Is New” attribute value is empty. Set the attribute and try again

Getting error Magento2: Error The “Is New” attribute value is empty. Set the attribute and try again. when adding new product category

Warning: ltrim() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in /home/magentoiknoortec/public_html/vendor/magento/module-catalog/Model/Category/FileInfo.php on line 136

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Reducing time it takes for ‘new’ tag to disappear in Gmail upon viewing a tab

In Gmail, if I get a new email in one of the tabs (e.g. ‘Updates’), there will be a small tag that says ‘new’ next to it.

If I click the tab, and then click something else soon after, the ‘new’ tag remains. I have to stay open on that tab for a few seconds before the ‘new’ tag disappears.

Is there any way to make it so that the ‘new’ tag disappears as soon as I view the relevant tab?

Can you specify an accout to use with Google’s “.new” doc creation URL?

I am usually logged in to multiple Google accounts, and I have been using links like these to create sheets (docs, etc.) in the respective accounts:


There is now a fancy new way to create Google docs with .new:

  • Docs:,,
  • Forms:,
  • Sheets:,,
  • Sites:,,
  • Slides:,,

I’d like to use those shorter URLs, but I need to be able to specify an account. I’ve tried a few variations, but they haven’t worked:


So is there any way to use the .new shortcut URLs to create new Google docs, and specify which account to create them with?

What exactly happens on `new Foo` or `var foo = new Foo` in example languages

I am confused in thinking how to handle these basic situations:

new Foo var foo = new Foo var foo = { a: 1, b: 2 } 

This writing is in JavaScript but I’m wondering generally what happens across languages.

The reason I’m confused is because I want to have a function like this:

State.prototype.buildObject = function(object){   // build object } 

But the object is already built by the time it reaches this function!

state.buildObject(new Foo) state.buildObject({ a: 1, b: 2 }) 

So I can’t write a function to build those objects. This is more for a compiler and what a compiler would do, which is a place where you could actually hook in there and do the building. It takes your input source code, then outputs some sort of machine code instructions, lets say.

But what I’m wondering is where the “object” gets written to in memory, if it gets associated with a variable name only, or if it is its own thing in memory and the variable it is assigned to gets only a reference.

So for example:

new Foo 

I wonder happens here in C (a struct in C), in JavaScript, in Ruby, or any of them.

Then assigning it to a variable:

var foo = new Foo 

I wonder what exactly happens here. If the compiler builds the new Foo in some place in memory, then creates a new place in memory in the local scope to associate that built foo with the variable foo. Or if the variable’s slot gets the memory data directly. Basically I wonder what it looks like.

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Every full monthly subscriber gets ongoing access to ALL auto-approve lists as well as Blue Box Real Time Sync.

In the past, I sold lists individually, but this was not the most cost-effective solution for many of my customers.

I release new lists at least 3 times per month – sometimes more. That means I’m constantly refreshing and adding new URLs. If you bought these lists separately, you’d be spending well over $ 100 every month on average.

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Some customers still prefer to only purchase an occasional list for link building on markets that don’t have high competition, or to supplement their own link building efforts.  Others just want to trail the service without spending as much today or signing up for a subscription.

1 off lists are the way to go if this is what you need.  I do not strip out the top quality links, like contextual, dofollow, links that allow anchors etc… You still get the same quality of list that the full members get.

I do however release additional lists that are exclusive for full members that are not sold as 1 off lists.  If you buy 2 or more 1 off lists per month you will be spending the same or more on average then a full membership and getting half or less of the total targets and benefits.

1 off lists are also often severely limited in the number of copies sold, as all full members get all 1 off lists so in order to maintain quality I limit the number of 1 off list sales accordingly.


You will need Captcha solving to take advantage of these lists.  I recommend GSA Captcha Breaker, if you do not already have it.  It is a 1 time purchase and you can use it as much as you want.

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Let one of my current Blue Box sync users sum it up for me:

I bought a ‘new’ MacBook Pro from 3rd party. It came in a refurbished box, but they insist it was ‘new’ How do I know if this really is new or used?

When I received the MacBook, it was in a 2016 refurbished apple MacBook Pro box. (Even though the MacBook I received is a 2017 version). Are there any options that I have, to confirm whether this is a new or refurbished Mac. I saw online that I can ask apple to check the serial number and see if its ever been registered with someone else other than me. Will that work? Can I go to the apple store and ask them to verify it for me? Other than that, I received the MacBook exactly as I bought it, exact specs. I just thought that maybe they took the MacBook out of the original boxing and put it in a older box, but why would they do that, and why would they use an older box? Please help me out. Thanks, all answers appreciated. Just for reference, I bought this from Other World Computing.