Google news site

Why are you selling this site?
Just do not have time to do anything with it

How is it monetized?
I have not monetized the site at all yet

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
I do not spend any time on it

What challenges are there with running this site?
I have not really done anything with the site so none

Getting SharePoint news using rest API in SharePoint Online

Is there any rest API available to get the recent updates or news related to a site in SharePoint Online.

I have found this post but it does not work for me as hitting the API’s only gives error or irrelevant XML data.

So, I wanted to know if there is any way to get the news of SharePoint site using rest API?

News not appearing in News-Webpart and Sites not appearing in Activity Webpart

Basically what the title says. I can add a news site in my SharePoint 2019 Server, but it will not appear in any of the webparts. It is shared as a news article, it is also readable by all users.

I already tried starting manual re-indexing. I also tried giving the users all kinds of additional permissions, but so far nothing worked.

I also noticed that I can not see the webpart options such as “news sources” for the news-webpart, that I have seen on various tutorials.

I can also not choose any lists from the list-webpart, but I am not sure if this is the same issue.

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News webpart layout breaks on resize while hidden

I have written a wrapper for native Sharepoint online News webparts which combines them into a tabbed layout. A result of this is that a number of the webparts are hidden most of the time. If the window is made smaller, the webparts rescale to fit the new dimensions but if the window is made larger again the hidden ones don’t rescale again.

Below is an image of the news webpart, properly scaled

enter image description here

And below is a picture of the problem occuring after a resize.

enter image description here

My initial thought was to fix this using css, but it doesn’t render all the content when it shows the compact layout.

Is there a way to force the webpart to resize? It doesn’t appear to respond to resizing of its parents and resizing the window is not allowed in most browsers.

Which layout is suitable for a live cryptocurrency news feed?

  • I am trying to build a live cryptocurrency news feed and this is a new domain + I am new to UX
    • I researched a bit and seem to find a few patterns on how these can be built.
    • Which layout would serve the purpose optimally?
    • I researched a few guys to see what layouts are there and this is what I found


enter image description here

  • Has a 2 pane layout with list details view
  • On the mobile, either the list or details are shown
  • So many buttons on top? Are those buttons really needed?
  • Monospaced font for news?
  • Like Dislike …buttons at the top seem to be sticky if you scroll the news on mobile? Is this required

2) enter image description here

  • Same 2 pane layout
  • Font seems far better
  • Right pane seems smaller than left one? What do you think should be the size? Should the user be able to change it?
  • Adds images to the news making things more interesting I guess
  • Has a READ FULL button at the bottom to take you the news site whereas Cryptopanic has KEPT the title clickable? What to do here?

3) Faws enter image description here

  • Instead of a 2 pane layout, uses an expandable list
  • No option to like dislike stuff, other 2 had them

4) enter image description here

  • Very different from the rest, shows a screen on right pane
  • Detail news opens in a chat popup sort of window
  • Has a question at the bottom of each news article saying what do you think with again way too many buttons

So based on these, here are my questions

  • 2 pane layout or expandable list
  • How big should each pane be? 50 50%, 75 25% customizable?
  • Should the links in the list on the left be clickable or should they merely show names? Cryptopanic has them clickable but rest merely show names
  • Are all those buttons needed? can it be cut down to Likes Dislikes Bullish and Bearish? Instead of adding a button for FUD or Shilling would a person not click Dislike?
    • Should the link the right detail be clickable (Cryptopanic) or should there be a button at the bottom saying Read Full (CoinSpectator)
    • Should the left section show anything about likes dislikes or does it only have time, title, website name and tags?
    • Should the tags on left be clickable?

Any suggestions are super appreciated