Using the adapter design pattern for a news application microservice

I am currently developing the backend for a news application, which fetches news from various aggregators (e.g. Feedly). I thought this qualified as a good use case for the adapter design pattern, so here’s what I did:

I created a configuration file that houses all the relevant information about each aggregator, including its adapter

return [     'news-api' => [         'url' => '',         'api-key' => env('NEWS_API_KEY'),         'name' => 'News API',         'adapter' => 'NewsApiAdapter'     ],     'feedly' => [         'url' => '',         'api-key' => env('FEEDLY_API_KEY'),         'name' => 'Feedly',         'adapter' => 'FeedlyApiAdapter'     ], ]; 

I created an interface that each adapter must implement

interface NewsInterface {     public function fetchNews() : array; } 

And then I put it all together and used it like so

public function handle() {     foreach ($  this->config as $  config) {         $  adapterClassName = 'App\Adapters\' . $  config['adapter'];         $  adapterClass = new          $  adapterClassName($  this->client);         $  adapterClass->fetchNews();     } } 

Now, my questions are as follows:

  1. Is this a good use case for the adapter design pattern?
  2. Does my current implementation effectively employ the adapter design pattern?
  3. Is there another design paradigm that is better suited to solve this problem?

Finding news sites to write for

So I recently started a business writing news articles and I have had some success. What I'm struggling with is finding the right kind of clients to pitch to. Basically I need to find small to medium sized news sites which are in need of news content on a daily basis.

My successes rate from cold pitching is good (around 10%) but I struggle to find the right kind of sites to pitch to. I know they're out their because I find them occasionally using google news but there is no "search by size"…

Finding news sites to write for

Google News Approved Website

Why are you selling this site?
Was developed to sell

How is it monetized?

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
Depends on how much effort you want to put in

What challenges are there with running this site?

Creating content

Please PM with any questions.

Which types of keywords will work for Manufacturing industries news online portal web

I have an online portal website( the machine maker ) for manufacturing industries news and success stories. For the SEO need to shortlist keywords and i m getting confused with the keywords because do not want to highly competitive keywords for my website.
Please suggest me keywords for my website (the machine maker). visit and suggest me.

how many times can I use a specific keyword in whole of my news site [on hold]

My site is wordpress , I use Yoast plugin and my site is a news site. we have events that are acquire frequently everyday.

When I use a specific keyword, yoast says: “You’ve used this focus keyword 2 times before. It’s probably a good idea to read about why you should not use your focus keyword more than once.”

I can’t use synonym keyword the specific keyword are searched what I have to do with this warning?

If I have not use a good keyword base on this wrong keyword the whole of post goes wrong, title , first paragraph , image alt and …

I appreciate you if guide me