Does the re-use of HTML email newsletter content for blog posts have SEO (or other) repercusions?

I am (in parallel) building both a newsletter subscriber list (using Mailchimp) and also a blog website (using WordPress). I want to be as efficient as possible with the use of my content / copy. I would like to send out newsletters to subscribers first and then re-use the content for time delayed blog postings. Using a WordPress plugin such as ‘postie’ I can easily send an email directly to my website that is then entered into my blog post stream automatically. If I prepare the styling of my email appropriately in Mailchimp, the posting should look like native content on my website.

However, my current understanding is that robust HTML emails tend to use A LOT of tables to force the email client to render the email correctly. Also, they tend to use A LOT of inline CSS and the like. If I simply insert this into my blog stream the website HTML is going to get ‘ugly’ and likely slow to load.

But, does this actually matter? Will webcrawlers & search engines have a tantrum?

If I need to avoid this scenario, should I search for a solution (hopefully not manual re-coding) that creates two versions of the HTML: one for newsletter use; one for blog stream insertion?

I really want to avoid the manual effort of having to create two versions of the HTML content from scratch each time.

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts, advice and suggestions you can offer.

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Are “Thank You for Unsubscribing to our Newsletter” emails necessary?

I am about to disable the “Send a Thank You for Unsubscribing to our Newsletter” message for some of our clients as I think it’s superfluous and unnecessary.

My suggestion was to have an Unsubscribe link that links to a “Thank You for Unsubscribing” message on their website and to leave it at that.

What is the best practice here?

Newsletter subscribtion HTML CSS JS

I am working with Blogger and I am a beginner. I want to add this newsletter subscription to my website:
But I can only add the HTML and CSS code, not JS. And after I have done that, when I enter an email address and press enter, it refreshes the page. Do I have to change something in the HTML/CSS/JS text? Thank you very much in advance.

Move Newsletter from checkout review to payments

Right now the subscribe to newsletter is in the review sction of the onepage checkout of our Magento 1.9. But we wanna move it to the payments section.

I have found this code:

<checkout_onepage_review>     <reference name="">         <block type="mailchimp/checkout_subscribe" name="mailchimp.subscribe"                template="ebizmarts/mailchimp/checkout/subscribe.phtml"/>     </reference> </checkout_onepage_review> <checkout_onepage_success>     <reference name="content">         <block type="mailchimp/checkout_success_groups" name="mailchimp.checkout.success"                template="ebizmarts/mailchimp/checkout/success/groups.phtml">             <block type="mailchimp/group_types" name="" template="ebizmarts/mailchimp/group/types.phtml"/>         </block>     </reference> </checkout_onepage_success> 

But how can I modify it so the newsletter checkbox is moved to the payments section?

No aparecen las imágenes en mi plantilla de newsletter al enviar el correo

comunidad de Stack Overflow. Tengo un pequeño problema.

Tengo una plantilla en HTML con marcadores, estos marcadores los sustituyo por información pertinente de a quien va dirigido el correo.

Al enviar el correo, sí me respeta el diseño de la plantilla, pero las imágenes no me aparecen. ¿Cuál puede ser el problema? Trabajo en ASP.NET.

introducir la descripción de la imagen aquíintroducir la descripción de la imagen aquí

[GET][NULLED] – Mailster – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress v2.3.18


[GET][NULLED] – Mailster – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress v2.3.18