Why certain sites don’t send newsletters to “anonymous” mail addresses?

I use an “anonymous” mail address (cock.li provider in my case). I have found that mainstream news sites in particular don’t send their newsletters to such an addresses. It looks like the domains blacklisted.

What is the reason? I can understand that they don’t want you writing comments from anonymous mail addresses, but passive reading of a newsletter is also prohibited?

Why this behavior? Why this behavior only with traditional mainstream news?

These newsletters usually have a lot of advertising and tracking, why they don’t wish to deliver them to “anonymous” addresses?

How to configure simplenews to send HTML newsletters by email?

I’m using Drupal 8, simplenews module, and would like to send newsletters monthly in HTML format. The problem is that i tried to configure mimemail, htmlmail, and swiftmailer, all to HTML format, but with no success. The testing email is always plain text.

Does anybody have a simple setup guides to make sending HTML newsletters work?


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Libidia sign on for more free normal health newsletters..