How do you express the probability of outcomes for the next state in Markov chain (given some state)?

How do you express the probability of outcomes for the next state in Markov chain (given some state)?

This is an expected value, i.e. suppose 5 states, then if one starts at state 4, then the “outcomes” from this are:

$ $ \sum_{k=1}^5 x_k \mathbb{P}(f_1=k|f_0=4)$ $

However, I have troubles, regarding, how is this expressed using the $ \mathbb{E}(…)$ syntax?

There is a 4-second sound and the next 8 seconds are lost and repeated

I have 1 video. I want every 4 seconds to have a sound and 8 seconds to lose the sound again and again to the end of the video. and no audio sound errors go right with the video

For example: There is a 30-second video, the first 4 seconds are negative, 4 – 12 seconds are no sound, 12-16 is negative, 16-24 is not negative, so the video ends

Please help me finish it thank you

Use calculation to provide the next Friday based on submission date

I will have our users input “today’s” date on a form, and I want the next field to auto-populate to the next Friday:

So if the submission date is 9/25/2017, the calculated field would be 9/29/2017.
Or if the submission date is 9/29/2017, the calculated field would be 9/29/2017.

Is there a way to use the default date in a date field, or a calculation field to make this happen?

[BETA TESTERS] SEO Content Machine NEXT – OSX + Windows

SEO Content Machine works on both OSX and Windows.

Looking for OSX users to try out SCM NEXT and provide bug reports and feature suggestions.

  • If you are existing user, you can use existing login
  • If you are a new user PM me for an account login, -or- complete that form for access.

Email me info – a t – seo content or PM me here to get into contact with…

[BETA TESTERS] SEO Content Machine NEXT – OSX + Windows

Office Web Apps Server wroks unstability。 when the service is free about half an hour, the next request can not work。

the request /op/embed.aspx?url cannot render the document totally,just like the picture bellow:  the request to service

in firfox,I can see the %paramaters% in document should be rendered by service are missing。

and,this problem happened at the first time after a free time,when i reload the page ,everything goes ok。

Disable Next button to prevent order placement based on shipping address information in Magento 2

We need to disable Next button on the shipping page to prevent fraud orders to certain addresses like carry forwarders and out of country. Are there any open source or paid extensions to disable order placement or disable Next button based on restricted addresses data lookup from a custom table?

What is the right place if this has to be done in a custom module and approach, without any product attributes and customer group data, since customer(s) can create new account each time they order?


Design for skip vs next when next requires waiting

I have an app that serves users content which requires them to say whats on the screen. They can move on to the next piece of content only after some period of time depending on the length of the content (usually 5-10 seconds but it can be as long as a minute)

They are also given the option to skip to the next piece of content, the difference being when they click next we save that as being said and when they click skip its basically ignored that they even saw it. We later provide them with statistics on how much they said and other users (who loaded the content) can see how many people used their content.

I showed this to someone and they said its too ambiguous and not obvious what the difference is. I have a help icon that explains the screen at the top, but based on their usage I could tell many people would never bother to click on it. (I suggested maybe we could put a countdown to when Next becomes enabled but they thought that it still wouldn’t be intuitive what it was counting down to)

I thought about removing the skip button and only putting in the next button. I would then judge whether it is a ‘skip’ or ‘next’ behind the scenes based on how much time was spent on it.

However, the reservation I have with this method is that it is hiding how it works from the user which can mean that they can be confused when they look at their statistics and it seems to be way off (one option to fix this is to have next to the statistic a button saying “My stat is not accurate” or something like that)

Is there a better way of doing this?

This is a basic mockup of the screen (its for mobile)


How do you make the Watch/Play Next channel appear on the home screen?

According to the developer documentation, the Android TV device has a Watch Next channel (labeled as Play Next) that should appear as the second channel on the device.

The Watch Next channel is the second row that appears in the home screen, after the apps row. The system creates and maintains this channel. Your app can add programs to the Watch Next channel: programs that the user marked as interesting, stopped watching in the middle, or that are related to the content the user is watching (like the next episode in a series or next season of a show).

As a developer, I have added programs to this channel and I can query this channel in code to see that there is content from multiple apps in the database that backs this channel.

My question is, as a user, how do you make this channel actually appear on the home screen? According to the documentation, the system maintains this channel and determines when to show it. If there’s content in the channel, why doesn’t it show up?

I’ve gone to the Customize Channel option at the bottom of the Android TV home screen and I’ve enabled the Play Next channel and I’ve turned all of the apps on for it, but it still doesn’t show up. I’ve tried watching content from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Google Play Movies, STARZ, HBO, and also in the app I’m working on, but nothing shows.

Does anybody know of any specific conditions that need to be met for this channel to show or is this channel just not available on certain devices or under certain conditions? I’ve tested on the Jetstream 4K, ADT-2 dev unit, and Nvidia Shield. A friend with the ADT-2 also can’t get the channel to show up, but another friend with a Shield did get it to show up. Just seems like I’m missing something.