A PC in Curse of Strahd is cursed by Mother Night and eats a dream pastry. What happens?

A PC in Curse of Strahd has the opportunity to be cursed by Mother Night, at which point they are

On the other hand, a PC who eats a dream pastry

As luck would have it, one of the PCs in my current CoS campaign has been cursed, although he has not yet slept. He is also the only PC to have previously eaten a dream pastry. If he realizes the effects of the curse and decides to counteract it with a dream pastry, what would happen?

How effectively can a trancing Elf serve night watch?

Experienced DM, new to 5e. Dealing with a party that includes two Elves. Party did not establish a night watch. Dice dictated an overnight raid of the party’s provisions. Seems fair to give the Elves a chance of hearing the activity, although being situated 50′ away, it would not be great. However, having two of them should boost the math a little.

What is fair to do here, given 5e rules?

Can a Night Hag catch souls without Nightmare Haunting?

Every night hag possesses a Soul Bag which is described as follows (cf. MM, p.178).

Soul Bag: When an evil humanoid dies as a result of a night hag’s Nightmare Haunting, the hag catches the soul in this black sack made of stitched flesh. A soul bag can hold only one evil soul at a time, and only the night hag who crafted the bag can catch a soul with it. Crafting a soul bag takes 7 days and a humanoid sacrifice (whose flesh is used to make the bag).

I was wondering if a night hag can capture evil souls only through their Nightmare Haunting or if they know how to do so when any evil character dies in front of them for whatever reason.

Does the Detect good and evil spell see through a Night Hag’s etheralness? [5e]

The system is 5e.

I’m in a weird spot with my campaign, where my party is taking on a night hag. They are lvl 5 adventurers. They have no access to see invisibility currently since the only spellcaster is a cleric and a healing focused warlock. We left off last week with the hag disappearing and they cast detect good and evil. I elected to end the session there because the session was already 3 hours in (which is about how long our sessions go) and also because I wasn’t sure how to rule this. I would think that detect good and evil works for this, at least that’s the way I’m leaning but some clarification on the same would be much appreciated.

If the daughter of a night hag avoids her mother long enough can she delay becoming one too?

The daughters of other hags all seem to fully turn into them automatically once 13, except with night hags according to lore. With them it’s said that there must be 13 rituals done on their daughters or the transformation doesn’t occur.

So for campaign purposes I have to ask: does this mean that it’s possible for a daughter of a night hag to be encountered who is older than 13 and thus far been able to evade their mother and being converted? Can it be delayed with them from the usual mandatory age?

And as an aside, if it is possible and such one is encountered, would they be a regular human e.g. stats wise or would there be differences? And would spells used by a party that could detect and reveal a hag also detect them?

WordPress night mode does not work for video [closed]

I am using this js for night mode. Everything works fine but uploaded video is inverted too. How can I fix it and uploaded video does not inverted into night mode or certain div?

jQuery(document).ready(function($  ){ var sheet = window.document.styleSheets[0];  var begin_enabled = false;  if(night_mode.auto_set == true) {     var start_hour = parseInt(night_mode.start_time.substring(0,2));     var start_minute = parseInt(night_mode.start_time.substring(3,5));     var end_hour = parseInt(night_mode.end_time.substring(0,2));     var end_minute = parseInt(night_mode.end_time.substring(3,5));     var d = new Date();     var current_hour = parseInt(d.getHours());     var current_minute = parseInt(d.getMinutes());     if( start_hour == end_hour ) {         begin_enabled = (current_hour == start_hour && start_minute < current_minute && end_minute > current_minute);     } else if (start_hour < end_hour) {         begin_enabled = ((start_hour == current_hour && start_minute <= current_minute) || (end_hour == current_hour && end_minute >= current_minute) || (start_hour < current_hour && end_hour > current_hour));     } else {         begin_enabled = ((start_hour == current_hour && start_minute <= current_minute) || (end_hour == current_hour && end_minute >= current_minute) || (start_hour < current_hour || end_hour > current_hour));     } }  var cookie_val = wpCookies.get('night-mode-enabled', '/'); if( null != cookie_val && 'enabled' == cookie_val ) {     begin_enabled = true; } else if( null != cookie_val && 'disabled' == cookie_val ) {     begin_enabled = false; }  if(begin_enabled == true) {         sheet.insertRule("html, video, img {-webkit-filter: invert(1) hue-rotate(180deg);filter: invert(1) hue-rotate(180deg);}", sheet.cssRules.length);         $  ('#night_mode_checkbox').prop('checked', true);         wpCookies.set('night-mode-enabled', 'enabled', 60, '/' ); } else {     wpCookies.set('night-mode-enabled', 'disabled', 60, '/' ); }  $  ( '#night_mode_checkbox' ).change(function(){     console.log('changed');     if(document.getElementById('night_mode_checkbox').checked){         sheet.insertRule('html, video, img {-webkit-filter: invert(1) hue-rotate(180deg);filter: invert(1) hue-rotate(180deg);}', sheet.cssRules.length);         wpCookies.set('night-mode-enabled', 'enabled', 60, '/' );     }     else{         sheet.insertRule('html, video, img{-webkit-filter: invert(0) hue-rotate(0deg);filter: invert(0) hue-rotate(0deg);}', sheet.cssRules.length);         wpCookies.set('night-mode-enabled', 'disabled', 60, '/' );     } }); 


Why does Night Hag have greater skill proficiencies than what they should be?

The Night Hag has the following skill proficiencies:

Deception: 7, Insight: 6, Perception: 6, Stealth: 6

Challenge 5 means +3 proficiency bonus, so if we add the appropriate modifier, we should get the following:

Deception (CHA +3): 6, Insight (WIS +2): 5, Perception (WIS +2): 5, Stealth (DEX +2): 5

The actual values are all exactly 1 above the expected values, and I checked the entire SRD, it’s the only monster with this particuliarity (I took the possible expertise into account to make this claim). All the other monsters skills proficiencies are either correct or been errata’ed.

Also, the Night Hag (Coven Variant) has the values I’d expect.

Furthermore, the Night Hag has already been through a round of errata, so I just don’t get why those values are 1 point above the expected value without any text justifying it.

Does anyone have a clue? Is it an error? If yes, how should I report it?

Can you chain Night Caller whistlers?

You, a 13th-level wizard, go to a graveyard and blow your Night Caller. Then you cast Awaken Undead on the zombie, and one week later have it blow on the Night Caller and order the new zombie to obey you.

Can you just keep going with this over the course of a year like some unholy pyramid scheme to let you have more zombies than Animate Dead would allow?