Dnd 5e question. Combination of green flame blade and the tiefling feature “flames of the nine hells”

I’m playing an eldritch knight, and I’m looking to optimize the damage of green flame blade. The feature “flames of the nine hells” states that “You deal 1d4 fire damage when hit by a melee attack and shed 30 feet of bright light after casting a fire spell, you can reroll 1s on spell fire damage rolls” would both the 1d4 fire damage and the re-roll 1’s on fire damage trigger when using green flame blade? Or is this meant for spells of level 1 and higher?

If Tiamat is killed in the Nine Hells, does she die permanently?

The entry on devils (p. 68) in the Monster Manual states the following:

“Devils that die in the Nine Hells are destroyed forever – a fate that even Asmodeus fears.”

This makes it clear that not even archdevils or gods are exempt from this rule, and even a god that dies in the Nine Hells has no chance of coming back. My question is, does this apply to Tiamat as well? Though she was not originally a devil, and is technically a dragon god, she once ruled Avernus. This gave her the title of at least Archfiend, and an old article (“Leomund’s Tiny Hut: Rearranging and Redefining the Mighty Dragon” by Lenard Lakofka) says that she was an Archdevil.

It’s possible that being given this role technically made her a devil. Something similar happened to Zariel, who was previously a solar, but was definitely turned into a devil when she declared her loyalty to Asmodeus and given rule of Avernus. Still, while Zariel’s stat blocks describes her as a devil, Tiamat’s only describes her as a fiend.

There’s also this quote from the newest adventure “Descent Into Avernus” (p. 126) which suggests this permanent death rule may apply to others outside of devils as well.

Mahadi doesn’t believe in taking unnecessary risks, particularly in the Nine Hells where he can be permanently slain.

Mahadi is not a devil, but a rakshasa, which makes it curious that he can permanently die here.

I realize that as a DM, I can decide which way to go, but I’d like to know which conclusion should be considered canonical. I don’t know if there’s anything in Forgotten Realms lore that I’ve missed that supports one argument more than the other.

Is this homebrew item, Necklace of Nine Lives, balanced?

I originally got part of this idea from the chat from user GcL then fleshed it out a bit and created it as a magic item. I’m not sure if it’s balanced though against other Legendary items as it could potentially be quite powerful.

Necklace of Nine Lives

Wondrous Item, legendary (requires attunement)

This necklace has nine catlike tokens hanging from the chain. While attuned, if the wearer were to die for any reason other than old age, they can instead choose to expend a charge from the necklace to have the stored resurrection spell cast on them from the necklace.

Once a charge is used, one of the feline tokens becomes cracked and tarnished. Anyone can cast a resurrection spell on the necklace to restore one of the tokens and store the spell in it. Once a resurrection spell is cast into the necklace it cannot have another one cast into it for 7d6 days.

When found the necklace has 1d10-1 spells stored in it. To determine which spells are stored, the DM can choose or roll percentile dice for each spell and consult the following table.

\begin{array}{l|l} \text{Roll}& \text{Spell} \ \hline \text{01 – 10}&\text{Reincarnate} \ \text{11 – 50}&\text{Revivify} \ \text{51 – 80}&\text{Raise Dead} \ \text{81 – 99}&\text{Resurrection} \ \text{100}&\text{True Resurrection} \ \end{array}

Who goes to the Nine Hells?

The Nine Hells (or Baator) is the Lawful Evil outer plane, and the home plane of devils. It is a plane of eternal punishment for the wicked.

Which souls go there in the afterlife?

I can think that the answer may or may not include some/all of the following:

  • Mortals who have made devilish deals to give up their soul
  • Lawful Evil mortals who have made no devilish deal
  • Evil (but not Lawful) mortals who have made no devilish deal

I’m looking for what the answer is in 5e – but if there isn’t sufficient detail in that edition materials from earlier editions which are not directly contradicted in 5e would provide good basis for an answer.

What is the complete lifecycle of souls in the Nine Hells?

The Descent into Avernus adventure provides more information about what happens to souls in the Nine Hells/Baator than was previously available (soul coins and their uses, in particular).

It’s also made it clear that I really don’t understand the paths that souls in the Hells can follow, and thus don’t feel able to convey the moral/logistical implications of any particular action relating to souls to players.

I’m looking for a complete picture of the soul lifecycle in the Hells (and I’m not expecting it to be linear). I could ask a bunch of smaller questions, but that wouldn’t actually help me understand the lifecycle as a whole so I can reason about it in unusual situations.

Answers should probably include:

  • States such as: being a living lawful evil mortal who hasn’t made a devilish pact, being a living mortal who has sold their soul, being a lemure, being in the River Styx, being tortured to draw out soul energy, being a higher rank devil, being trapped in a soul coin
  • Transitions such as: dying, being forged into a soul coin, being utterly annihilated, being freed from a soul coin, being promoted, being demoted
  • How the states and transitions relate to each other

5e materials & designer statements should take precedence, but materials from earlier editions are welcome in answers.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Did you know for sure you were gay or straight when you were nine years old”?

I was reading today’s headlines on Google News and came across this: ‘I want to be brave like you’: 9-year-old boy asks Pete Buttigieg to help him tell the world he’s gay. I don’t think I was definitely attracted to girls until I was almost twelve years old. Do kids figure that out sooner these days?

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Is there any terrain option that would fit Avernus/the Nine Hells for the ranger’s Natural Explorer feature?

I’m reading through Descent into Avernus and my vision of it is a Mad Max-esque world. Red, desolate, almost like a desert but not classified as one. The mountains there have no vegetation… just more rocks.

For Ranger’s Natural Explorer, and I play Adventurer’s League so Rules as Written, would any terrain work in this environment? I feel like the most accurate description would be Tundra. But the closest option is Desert.

Averaging cells that have both blanks and numbers for values that are in non continous columns with nine columns in between them

I need help averaging cells that contain numbers ranging from -1200 to 1200 approximately, or blank values only. I will be averaging them by groupings of 100 increments ie. -1200 to -1100, -1100 to-1000 etc…the cells are contained in 16 columns that are non-continuous or adjacent. There are 9 columns between each column that contains values to be averaged. My attempts either give me a divide by zero error or when I attempt to resolve blanks with if statements and ” ” I get text cannot be coerced into numbers. I read a solution that involves frequency and index functions that looks like this


but have not been able to get it to work for my application it was an Excel solution and my issue is in Google Sheets so? https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kwGbFd88cgifQRK_ZqsahQt1aDLzMTnmxHKs7mML5jA/edit?usp=sharing So (C4:C67, D4:D64, J4:J:67, K4:K67, Q4:Q:67, R4:R67) I would like to have an average value of all numbers say from -200 to -300 and for it to be entered in the destinations (b:120,b:137)

Are there any other ways to travel between the layers of the Nine Hells besides the River Styx?

I’m planning on creating an adventure where the party become trapped in Nessus, the 9th layer of the Nine Hells, and must make their way through the layers of the Nine Hells up to Avernus, the 1st layer, from which they can find a portal and finally escape.

So far, all I have found regarding travelling between layers is this (DMG, pg. 64):

To reach the deepest layer of the Nine Hells, one must descend through all eight of the layers above it, in order. The most expeditious means of doing so is the River Styx, which plunges ever deeper as it flows from one layer to the next. Only the most courageous adventurers can withstand the torment and horror of that journey.


No planar portals connect directly to the lower layers of the Nine Hells, by Asmodeus’s orders. As such, the first layer of Avernus is the arrival point for visitors to the plane.

The River Styx, then, seems to connect all of the layers, but I didn’t want the party to just sail all the way out, going past all the layers without really experiencing and surviving each one, so I’d rather not use the River Styx if at all possible.

Are there any other ways to travel from one layer of the Nine Hells to another, ideally in descending order (i.e. 9th to 1st)?

This will be for D&D 5e, but information from any previous editions is welcome. If the Hells differs between editions, then assume Forgotten Realms (although information from other settings won’t be rejected for not being Forgotten Realms). I also consider the party’s level or what I plan on putting in each layer of the Hells for the party to deal with are outside the scope of the question, although I will note that none of them will have access to plane shift or similar.

As an example of the sort of thing I’m looking for, Wikipedia’s page on Baator says this about Cania:

Many things lie hidden under the ice of Cania: vast lost cities, frozen armies of creatures. The primary portal to access Nessus is through a gaping hole guarded by 9,999 gelugons. At the bottom of the dizzyingly deep pit is an icy body of water and 1,001 fathoms deep in that is a silvery portal to Malsheem.

However, there are no sources that I can see for this paragraph, so I don’t know if any of this is true. But it at least implies that there are portals connecting one layer to another…