How to deal with this fundamental problem with the advice: “Don’t trust obscure PHP libraries that nobody uses!”?

Frequently, I’d say in virtually every case, there is only one PHP library for any particular problem. (I don’t count obsolete, abandoned, trash ones.)

Therefore, it’s never a “choice” by me to use it. I have to either use it or nothing.

For this simple reason, the sound-sounding safety advice to “not use obscure libraries not promoted or used by lots of people and major corporations” is rarely applicable, because there just aren’t any alternatives to pick from!

And this is for PHP — one of the most popular/biggest/most used current programming languages on the planet. Imagine if I were using some far less popular language; I’d never find a library to do anything!

It seems like this advice only works in theory. In reality, there’s very little, if any, choice between libraries and even languages unless you are going to do everything on your own, from scratch. (Or possibly if you can pay money, which I cannot, and thus I’ve never even considered any potentially existing paid alternatives.)

The reason I ask this question is that I’m always given it as one of the main tips for how to stay secure and not get malware through compromised/evil PHP libraries. However, when there’s just one thing to pick, for example “MailMimeParser”, which nearly always seems to be the case (with any “alternatives” having major show-stoppers such as being dead or just not working as advertised), what else can I do?


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abuse nobody

hi guys

I currently have this abuse of apache from users nobody

top – 22:56:48 up 7:44, 1 user, load average: 38.86, 32.33, 29.86
… | Read the rest of

Nobody seeing my follows

I have just noticed that nobody can see when I follow them as they aren't notified of it. It's been like this for 4 days now. People can see my tweets etc and I'm searchable but follow notifications aren't created.

I was following and unfollowing people a bit so maybe the cause.

What is this and how long will it last?