a way to segment & use nofollow sites & links ?

i know that you can select just dofollow platforms, or mostly dofollow platforms in the engine selection when you start a project.
uncheck engines that do nofollow links 
& i know there is a tick box under
that you can select only dofollow links if you want,
but if you were to do both or one of these, & only post to dofollow sites, is there a way to select all of the nofollow sites that are left ?
i.e. use all the dofollow sites for main part of project, build dofollow tiers to etc, & use the nofollow sites that are left as a seperate project linking to same money site but just used to mask/diversify the link profile etc .
because i have built tiers (this is one example)
contextual – select platforms that use mostly dofollow when starting project)
contextual – select platforms that use mostly dofollow when starting project)
tier 3 (everything else etc)
and you end up sometimes getting
tier 1 dofollow
tier 2 nofollow
tier 3 dofollow
so you lose the dofollow from the 2 bottom tiers because a nofollow link has slipped in to tier 2.
i dont tick the box under
that you can select only dofollow links if you want, 
& at start of project
uncheck engines that do nofollow links>also uncheck engines that create both dofollow & nofollow links
but if i did all these, is there a way to select everything that is not being used in these projects because they are nofollow links ?

How Does A Changed Nofollow to Dofollow Link Affect SEO?

I have been having this thought pondering on my mind so I decided to ask the community. The question is: A link that was already rel=nofollow and then crawled by Google, and later changes to dofollow or have the rel=nofollow removed, how does this affect Google’s ranking?:

  1. Does it possess the same power as having the dofollow originally?
  2. Does Google sees this as trying to manipulate and not favor it?
  3. Does it possess power but not up to when it is given originally?

Redirecting affiliate link: is it okay to add nofollow and noreferrer only to the affiliate link and not the pretty link?

I run a WordPress website and normally use the plugin Thirsty Affiliates to redirect/cloak my affiliate links with a prettier link. WordPress adds the noreferrer and noopener attributes to the pretty link automatically, and then I manually add nofollow to the pretty link.

However, I am experimenting with a content editor (Thrive Architect) which has given me issues with easily adding noopener and noreferrer to my pretty link (I figured out a workaround but it’s a pain in the butt).

I was wondering if it is even necessary to add these attributes to the pretty link or whether it needs to be added to the affiliate link instead?

If I leave them off the pretty link, I believe I can get Thirsty Affiliates to add these attributes to the affiliate link on the redirect.

One other question: is noreferrer even worth adding if I do not mind that my affiliate programs know where the traffic is coming from? or is there some security benefit?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

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More Nofollow sites

When I first purchased GSA in 2017, I noticed there were more dofollow sites (around 80% up). But nowadays there are far more nofollow sites (around 60% up). Does anyone else experience the same thing? I always use the same setting back then and now too.