[ Politics ] Open Question : So did anyone else watch ‘President Trump-30 hours’ with George Stephanopoulos and laugh almost nonstop?

Trump was being pretty ridiculous the way he kept patting himself on the back and denying the truth (George tried to straighten him out on a few points). He also kept insisting he was treated unfairly and that the news was fake. He especially was upset about polling data. But at the same time he said such data didn’t matter. Oh. He repeatedly said Mueller said ‘No obstruction’ when the report specifically says ‘It does not exonerate him’ (From obstruction)

Refund options in case of a schedule change or rebooking of SQ22 (nonstop SIN-EWR)

Suppose I am on a longer vacation in Singapore and, being an aviation geek and curious to see New York, I am contemplating to experience the world‘s longest passenger flights, SQ22/SQ21 SIN—EWR—SIN for a couple of days in New York embedded into that longer Singapore vacation.

I would be able to get a great fare (albeit non-refundable) for exactly those dates which are actually the only ones that really make sense for my travel plans due to other planned activities in Singapore.

Just in case SQ decides to either

  • cancel the outbound flight to EWR on that day,
  • stop operating SQ22/21 altogether
  • re-book me onto another day‘s SQ22, or
  • re-book me onto any other connection (e.g. via SFO), which due to the unique routing of SQ22 necessarily take significantly longer

… would I be able to demand a refund although the ticket is otherwise non-refundable?

I am asking because in such a situation, the best outcome from my perspective would be to just stay in Singapore, instead of being re-routed, losing time in NY and missing the opportunity to experience this special flight.

Any advice on where such regulations could be found (with special regards to the Terms and Conditions of Singapore Airlines) would be appreciated.

[ Christmas ] Open Question : Why is Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” played non-stop in public?

For a few years now, every December, when I’m in shops, I am very likely to hear Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Happens nearly every day in December. I don’t hate the song, but just wondering why don’t stores play more sophisicated Christmas songs like “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas” or “Jingle Bell Rock”. You can be groovy and fun with Christmas songs without turning them into poppy chick flicks.