Is the End-To-End Encryption (E2EE) of Joplin (notes app) secure enough for public Git repo?

Because recommends Joplin I am switching my notes to it. I add the text files to Git, and wonder if I can also use a public Repo and/or a cloud hosted Git server?

I will paste sensitive info like API tokens and passwords into the notes.

I enabled About End-To-End Encryption (E2EE)🔗 / docs with very strong pass (in local KeePassXC) and file synchronisation to a Git repo.

Encrypted data is encoded to ASCII because encryption/decryption functions in React Native can only deal with strings. So for compatibility with all the apps we need to use the lowest common denominator.

Too complicated for me.

Interface examples for handling “page notes” and highlighted text comments?

I’m working on a collections-based interface (think Pinterest or Dropbox), and we’re implementing a feature that allows users to add Notes/Comments to various elements (folders/boards, files/pages, highlighted text, etc…).

These “notes” would be accessible either via an icon (say, a small Post-It note with the total count), or a sliding tray somewhere (there could be multiple notes for a specific item). Additionally, they’ll need to access any notes they’ve added to specific text they’ve highlighted on a page. Should this be included in the standard Notes, or be treated differently? Not sure…

I’m having a hard time finding inspiration for this, and would love to see examples of Notes being handled really, really well.

Does anyone have any screenshots they could share of existing apps? Or any thoughts on how we should be handling this? I’m a bit stuck here and could use some inspiration 🙂

Thank you so much!


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Find Notes in Time Machine

So, I haven’t found a question asked for this particular issue.

I am trying to find Notes from an old computer on Time Machine backups, but the typical location in Containers or Group Containers doesn’t exist in my Time Machine backups (as in, none of my Library folders have a subfolder called Containers or Group Containers). The backups are from Feb/Mar 2019, so I’m guessing that I was using one of the most recent iOSs.

I have checked my old iCloud profile and am not finding anything. I’m on a new user profile, so I’m wondering if that could be an issue? Or is it possible that I didn’t back up the Notes on Time Machine? Could they have been left on the old computer and erased when I wiped it?

Is it possible to display the Notes from a diary event in Google Calendar?

I’m trying to set up a calendar for my sports club and then embed the calendar in Google Sites. I’m going to default it to the Agenda view, but when the user opens it up, I’d like them to see the When, Where and Notes, so I can include who is leading the event, or more information (a link to an external website etc).

If this isn’t possible, am I able to get a mouse over hover tip to display with the Notes?