Is it possible to make a row longer? I am trying to make our picture notification types look longer


We release notifications to our users to show them the risks of phishing scams. For our notifications, we put pictures in the “notification type” field to draw attention. To do so, we use a link to the photo. Does anyone have a workaround or a better way to make these pictures look larger?

[GET][NULLED] – Smart Notification – Mobile Push, FB Messenger, FB Notifications v8.4.82


[GET][NULLED] – Smart Notification – Mobile Push, FB Messenger, FB Notifications v8.4.82

SharePoint Calendar Approval Notification Sending to Incorrect Approvers

I have created a PTO calendar in SharePoint 2013 that has three separate work flows (Nintex) that activate if a condition is met. A notification should be sent to the appropriate approver on the workflow, however the notification is being sent to the approvers on all workflows. How can I stop the notification from going to all approvers and instead just go to the approver associated with the group?

More details: Workflow 1 begins when team “A” is selected – Approver John should receive notification for request. Workflow 2 begins when team “B” is selected – Approver Jane should receive notification for request. Workflow 3 begins when team “C” is selected – Approver Susie should receive notification for request. As of right now when an event is created on the calendar John, Jane and Susie are receiving the notification that approval is required.

WPF UI and Server/Client Object Changes Notification Oriented to CRUD Operations

I am working on Client/Server WPF application (MVVM, WCF, EntityFramework, UnitOfWork, Repositories, …) in all of my repositories i have a complex logics specially on Invoices, SaleOrders and son on. the application context very complex (multi-currency, multi-company, multi-user, …) i will take Invoice CRUD Operation as an example: the Invoice CRUD Operation have a complex logic:

  1. When The crud view opend should initialized with a default instance that have default values for all properties witch computed on server side.
  2. If the User Changed the Customer some calculation happened to compute other related properties some of other properties should be visible to the user and allowed to update it.
  3. Some Properties changes creates other entities (InvoiceLine, TaxLine, …)
  4. Some Calculation needs deep navigation properties so that should optimized by direct database queries at the server side. and many problems any guidance or help?

Reload Magento frontend notification messages

I’m adding items to basket in Magento through my external JavaScript widget. I’m also updating Minicart by calling reloadMiniCart() function in my widget:

    <script>     function reloadMiniCart() {     require([     'jquery', 'Magento_Customer/js/customer-data'], function($  , cd) {         cd.reload(['cart'], true);     });      }     </script> 

It works and Minicart is updating but I’m facing an issue that message You added XXX to your shopping cart. is showing AFTER I refresh a page. How should I refresh notification messages? Adding cd.reload('messages'); seems to not work

Common notification service for email and SMS

I have a notification service for sending email and sms notification.I have this interface for notification to

  1. get notification by notification id
  2. Send notification
public interface INotificationService {     Notification GetNotificationById(int id);     bool Notify(Notification notification);     IQueryable<Notification> GetNotificationByType();  } 

And my notification class

public class Notification {     public int Id { get; set; }     public string message { get; set; }     public string type { get; set; }     public string Status { get; set; }     public string From { get; set; }     public string To { get; set; } } 

Now my email service will implement the notification interface

class EmailNotification : INotificationService {     private readonly NotificationsRepository _notificationRepository;     private readonly ISmtpClient _smtpClient;      public EmailNotification(NotificationsRepository notificationRepository, ISmtpClient smtpClient)     {         _notificationRepository = notificationRepository;         _smtpClient = smtpClient;     }      public IQueryable<Notification> GetNotificationByType()     {         return _notificationRepository.GetNotificationByType(NotificationTypeEnum.Email);     }       public Notification GetNotificationById(int id)     {         return _notificationRepository.Get(id);     }      public bool Notify(Notification notification)     {         MailMessage mailMessage = new MailMessage();         mailMessage.From = new MailAddress(notification.From);         mailMessage.To.Add(notification.To);         mailMessage.Body = notification.NotificationMessage;         mailMessage.Subject = "subject";         return _smtpClient.Send(mailMessage);     } } 

I would like to know if this makes sense