How to convert NPDA to PDA?

I have been given this Nondeterministic pushdown automata and I need to convert it to deterministic pushdown automata, I have been stuck with this for a while now, I know that there cant be transitions where the pda doesnt read anything from the stack but i dont know how to solve this. NPDA

Thanks in advance!

Is it decidable for a NPDA to halt?

I know that it is decidable for an NPDA to accept a string $ w$ , i.e. a TM can receive as input the description of an NPDA along with a string and test if the NPDA accepts the string.

But are there languages where given an NPDA description as input, the TM may not halt, i.e. since the simulated NPDA also does not halt…

Converting an NPDA to a CFG

enter image description here

I have a question regarding conversion of NPDA to CFG. The above picture is from my lecture slides. I dont understand why they are saying 1 can be popped while transitioning from q0 to q1. It is in the first grammar production after the “or” symbol. Also, it would be great if someone explained how the conversion is working for this example in specific. Thanks!