Is there a limit on the number of Proficiency Swaps as part of Customizing Your Origin in Tasha’s?

Tasha’s has a section on replacing proficiencies granted by race in the section on customizing your origin and provides the example of swapping elven proficiency with a longbow for a tool proficiency. Does that mean you could swap all 4 weapon proficiencies from Elven Weapon Training for any 4 weapons or 4 tool proficiencies instead?

What is an ‘appropriate number’ of ‘significant foes’ for the purposes of Never Conquered, Never Feared?

So, I’m giving the players in my campaign a free Story Feat because I think they’re cool from a hand-curated list of choices that they and I feel are appropriate to their characters backgrounds and their motivations.

One of my players has chosen the feat ‘Never Conquered, Never Feared’ from the AP War of the Crown, which states as its goal:

You must individually slay an appropriate number of significant foes in succession, without retreating or withdrawing from a fight.

I’m trying to figure out exactly how to interpret this and would welcome some other peoples’ opinions. Looking at the rules for story feats an ‘Appropriate Number’ of foes is defined as:

These are either creatures whose individual CRs add up to 20, or creatures whose individual CRs add up to 5 times your character level, whichever is greater.

But these rules also define a ‘Challenging Foe’ as:

This is a foe or group of foes with a total CR of 10 or a CR of 3 plus your character level, whichever is higher.

However, the feat’s wording does not state ‘Challenging Foes’ but ‘significant foes’, so can I assume the definition of a Challenging Foe does not apply?

Also, would I be correct in assuming that ‘individually slay’ means ‘by yourself, with no help’?

WordPress Sub Category Archive, Show Extra Empty Page Number in Pagination

This my code for sub category archive page:

                        <?php $  my_query = new WP_Query( array( 'posts_per_page' => 12, 'post_type' => 'post', 'paged' => get_query_var( 'paged' ), 'post_status' => 'publish', 'category__and' => array( 2 ) ) ); ?>                                 <?php if ($  my_query->have_posts()) : ?>                         <?php while ($  my_query->have_posts()) : $  my_query->the_post(); ?>                          //Contents Here//                          <?php endwhile; ?><?php endif; ?>                                            <?php wp_reset_postdata(); ?> 

Now I have 1 empty extra page number in pagination of my archive page.

For example I have only 3 pages of contents by I can See a number 4 link in pagination numbers who open’s an empty page without any posts in there.

Can you help me please?

How can we find the powers of a complex number?

this is the complex number im dealing with zb=(1/7)* (Cos[pi/3]+iSin[pi/3])

I need to represent for the first 10 powers in the plane. I also need to label the points with "z to the power n(n is the power for which i elevate zb)

I need to label the axes, i need to do all this in mathematica

My questions 1.How can I represent a complex number in mathematica 2.How can I represent for the first 10 powers the plane. 3.How can I label each point on the graph to the corresponding power?

my professor gave me a hint to use the callout[] command in mathematica. thank you!

How to increase a number of daily links and LPM with global site lists?

i have a question.
Is there any way to increase a number of daily links that GSA SER creates from global site lists? I use lists from and they are great. But usually i have only about 200-300 verified links per day and LPM is 0,81. I do not set any limits on daily links in settings:
All filtering options are unchecked:
I connected dropbox folders to GSA SER:
Identified – Contextual_URLs
Submitted – Top_Tier_URLs
Failed – Verified_URLs
Checked Identified, Submitted and Failed and Use URLs from global site lists if enabled:
I run GSA SER on Windows VPS with 4 core and 8 GB RAM at 40 threads with rotating dedicated proxies from (40 threads proxy package), 1 catcha-ll e-mail from and Xevil for captcha recognition.
For some reason GSA SER runs mostly at 7-10 threads instead of 40 in settings:
CPU and RAM are not higher than 50%.
I decided to check how it will change the situation and directly uploaded target URLs into the project (Import target URLs – From site lists – Identified, Submitted and Failed). GSA speeds up to 40 threads, LPM is still low:
In total its a big number of targeted URLs (713K URLs), but i still have about 200-300 daily links from uploading targeted URLs.
Sometimes i see message “No targets to post to (no search engines chosen, no url extraction chosen, no scheduled posting)” in my projects:
At the same time dropbox folders with site lists are updating every few hours.
If i click “Show URls – Show remaining target URLs”, it usually shows 0 URLs, or 8-10 URLs.
Is it possible to solve this problem? Am i doing something wrong?
Thank you!

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