Email Encryption Recommendations (Egress, O365 and Forcepoint) [on hold]

Could somebody provide some positives / drawbacks of the email encryption approaches for the three platforms mentioned. I have been researching this in depth, however, I am conscious that a lot of the reports im reading have a certain element of bias in their findings (e.g. most information seems to derive from one of the mentioned companies). I am very interested to hear the opinions of users on this site.

Sharepoint Online (O365) – Only search Document Title and Names

If i search for a document name in the Document Library, it returns a list of files that contain the search word, but not the document with the correct title.

I want to change the search in Sharepoint so that only document titles and names are searched.

I already found the managed properties -> Contents and the field “mappings to crawled properties” (i hope i translated it correct)

crawled properties

Now someone here mentioned too look out for “Basic:10(Text)”

I only need search to find document titles

What do i need to change here without breaking everything?

I hope you can help me a bit 🙂

Be able to view old version (revision) of Word, Excel, Visio Online document on O365

When you want to view a document Online, for example Word Document, the Url of the document is :

The GUID is the UniqueID of the document in SharePoint.

It would be very interesting to select an older version of the document to view using a syntax like underneath (for the revision 1 of a document) as when you want to download a specific revision of a document?

For Downloading the revision 1 of MyDocument.docx the syntax is :

For viewing this underneath URL could be great:

Connect O365 group to SharePoint Online team site

In the past I’ve created some O365 groups (some with over 200 members).

I would like to create SharePoint Online team sites and connect to groups I’ve already made.

Is that possibile? It seems that creating sites from SharePoint Online Admin Center I’ve the only option to create a new site and at the same time a new O365 group.

Any suggestion on how can I connect a team site to an already created O365 group?