Is a CO2 fire extinguisher safe to use indoors to represent offensive magic or breath weapons in LARP?

In short: my friend, who is also a LARP organizer, has come up with the idea of representing breath weapons and some kinds of offensive weapons (those that are represented by a “cone template” in many games) via a CO2 fire extinguisher.

CO2 is basically just compressed air. However, I have experience of using it for cleaning purposes, and I know that it becomes extremely cold. So, I cannot be sure about its safety.

So, is one safe to use indoors? If the answer is yes, what safety measures do I need?

What are the Costs of Offensive Drugs and Poisons?

What are the costs of offensive drugs and poisons in Cyberpunk 2020? That is, the various types of drugs and poison set out in the Friday Night Firefight section that can be delivered via airgun, dartgun, or squirtgun.

I can find effects but not rules. It is referenced under the Ammunition section in the Gear chapter, but different types are not priced differently (which clearly is not the intention.) If possible, I would prefer rules set out in the Core Rulebook.

What can I, as a user, do about offensive reviews in App Store?

While browsing iOS App Store, I happened upon an app review filled with an antisemitic rant. The review is older than a year, so, if the developer ever reads reviews, they already saw it, so I doubt me writing another review notifying the developer would have any effect. Anyway I don’t know whether developers can remove reviews they don’t like.

My main question is, can I, being a user and not a developer, somehow notify Apple to take down that review?

Solving a problem to the offensive security or Entretaiment industry

if you would create a new tool / software(not necessary for hacking related stuff), what would you do?

I am trying to create an application which it can be on whatever language / platform(iOS,Android,Desktop) , but before than coding. I would like to know how can I have great ideas to develop an application and make it usable for every computer and earn money with it?

I am interested in this areas

  • Offensive security
  • Entretaimen

How to play a character with a disability or mental disorder without being offensive?

Two character concepts I’ve had recently are as follows.

  1. Someone who has been permanently deafened by their master as a symbol of their subservience. (NPC)

  2. Someone who has had a significantly traumatic experience, and as a result, has PTSD. (PC with the haunted one background)

Both of these concepts require a nuanced approach. For example, I recognize that concept 1 would have trouble communicating verbally, and I don’t want to play this character with an off-the-cuff Hellen Keller impression.

How can I explore these and other character concepts in a way that would not be offensive to any affected parties?

building a server or buy a server for offensive security tasks (home lab)

I am trying to build a home lab server , but I am a bit overwheelm with the hardware. the scope is to host 30+ systems *nix , windows xp ,7,8,10,2k,server, vlans. I also want the hardware that I want to buy that could handle 30+ operating systems ,but it needs to be quiet because it is going to be in the living room. (snapshots are important). i am worried about the heat(I dont have a special room with air conditioning) , and easy and cheap to maintain.

software to use

  1. vmware esxi or promox
  2. if it’s possible to build a virtual NFS it is better.


  1. dell r7 noisy # second hand
    1. storage HDD or ssd
    2. ethernet cables
    3. route ?
    4. switch ?
    5. legos for the rack


1200 USD

Is it offensive to use ‘Saigon’ instead of ‘Ho Chi Minh City’?

I’ve heard some people talking about Saigon instead of Ho Chi Minh City. Besides the fact that those people usually were French (I’m French myself as well) I was wondering if that could be considered offensive by the Vietnamese people. As Saigon is the old name, they might feel a bit weird if someone was reminiscing about the “good old days” when Vietnam was a French colony.