Java Authentication with Office 365 Sharepoint

I have an application that I tested out with a self-created SharepointServer based on an Active Directory environment. For this I used the following code to authenticate with the Sharepoint server(which worked)

    public void authenticate() {     Authenticator.setDefault (new Authenticator() {         @Override             protected PasswordAuthentication getPasswordAuthentication() {       "Authenticated with user: " + user + " and password: " + password);                 return new PasswordAuthentication (user, password.toCharArray());             }     }); } 

Now however, they have given me access to an Office 365 environment with a Sharepoint site containing multiple files that have to be read through the API. They have given me a login and a password through which I can log on to the site and check to contents but I am not able to connect to this API (403 error). I have tried the


as a header but also without success. Is there a way I can get my java program authenticated with this online sevice?

What are the supported office UI fabric versions for each SPFx versions?

It is so confusing that some parts of office fabric will not work as expected with different SPFx versions.

I have created a SPFx solution for SharePoint 2019 on-Premise. Following things are not working as expected so far:

  • Multi check box
  • Dialog styles

Can anyone tell me what are the supported versions of office fabric UI for each SPFx frameworks starting from 1.4.0.

Customizing master pages in Office 365 Sharepoint

I want a lot of customization for my site. Hence I need to create Custom master page and custom Page Layouts for my team site. But I read a few articles which say it would not be a good practice to create Custom master page and page layouts Sharepoint online since microsoft might give updates and stuff will break. So what would be the recommended approach for customizing a site in Sharepoint online?

How to sync Birthday and Hire-date in Office 365 from local AD?

I am trying to build birthday and anniversary webpart in office 365. The issue is our local ad users are synced but the birthday and hire-date are not synced in office 365.

I was checking the issue and found that we were using Azure AD Connect and that is not supporting these columns. So I have created 2 custom attribute (birthdate & hiredate) in Azure directory. Then using directory extension attribute sync, I am mapping local ad column in azure ad.

Now I am stuck here. I don’t know how can I map these custom attribute with Office 365 columns. Can anyone provide any link how can I do these?

On premises SP 2016 with Office Online Server always open doc in browser regardless of config

I’m working on SP 2016 Enterprise on premises with the April release of Office Online Server.

That all works and documents open in the browser.

Now I want to exclude a single document library from that behavior. The document library has a custom content type and document template that uses smart parts – these don’t work in Office Online Server.


  1. set the document library setting ‘Opening Documents in the Browser’ setting to ‘Open in client application’ – no effect

  2. activated the site collection feature ‘Open Documents in Client Application by Default’ – no effect

The clients are Windows 7, IE 11 and Office 2010. Chrome exhibits the same behavior – documents always open in Online Server.

Any ideas?

How to secure your connection on public (office) wifi?

I just got an office at WeWork and I have some ‘coders’ on my left and my right and they are messing with my stuff from day one? I just have a Surface Pro, this is at a WeWork connecting to office wifi.. I have no idea exactly what they did.. but I found something called Solstice Client I do not think is pre-loaded on Windows nor do I believe I downloaded it, it seems like a screensharing app? Maybe they were able to put that on my pc.

What’s the best plan? Get a router that encrypts and connects to the office network and then I connect to that? What do I need?

Run a VPN after connecting to that? Is that necessary? Any links that give a good rundown?

Create calendar for an office 365 group

I am using SharePoint Online (modern) from Office 365. I have a publishing site.

I want to add a calendar web part, but there is no calendar for my SharePoint group:

“Something went wrong
We couldn’t find a mailbox for this recipient. Either they don’t have a mailbox or don’t have a license assigned.”

Is there a way to create such calendar, or some other solution for calendar sharing within team (we want to share holiday absences)?

What is a dashboard web part in SharePoint Online Office 365 intranet?

We are moving our intranet from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint Online Office 365 suite. Can someone please give me a good definition of what a ‘Dashboard’ web part is in this context?

We cannot seem to agree on how to explain this web part.

Or can anyone guide me where to find good simple definitions of new terminology being used in SharePoint Online?

Is there a good glossary for SharePoint Online?

Thanks. I will be very grateful.

Backup Sharepoint Office 365 Page

The sys admin at my organization set up a SharePoint site using Office 365. I’ve created a new Page with some documentation which I would like to back up somehow. I’ve looked around and I’ve been unable to find any clear way (that corresponds to what I’m seeing on my version of SharePoint) to export, back up, off-board or save offline.

How can I backup or export a page or site in SharePoint Office 365?