Office Online Server with 2 certificats

I have 2 URL of the same web application (extended)

Intranet :

Extranet :

When i setup Office Online Server i use the internal and external parametre but i have an issue with the certificat because i have 2 differents certificat (one for inernal url and one for external url), is there a way i can do an extended OWA ? or put 2 certificat ?


How to NOT require sign in every time a file is opened in office desktop from Sharepoint?

We have a conference room computer that is shared by everyone in the office. Whenever someone opens a powerpoint file in desktop mode, powerpoint asks the user to sign in every time. Then we end up with 2-3 people logged into powerpoint at the same time, when the next person goes to login powerpoint just freezes and we have to sign out all other users, re open the file, sign in and it works fine.

(I just used powerpoint as an example, this happens with all office applications)

I know there is a way for a user to sign into sharepoint and if they have a license that allows for desktop applications. The desktop application will not ask the user to sign in because the credentials are already in sharepoint. I have not figured out how to set this up properly. I would greatly appreciate any tips! Thanks for your time.

Add sender to my postfix out of office mails which are sent with an empty sender

The RFCs say that out of office mails and other MDNs should be sent with an empty sender. Since Exchange 2010 (or 2007?), that is what it is done.

The problem is that at least Gmail and Hotmail refuse those mails:

status=bounced (host[] said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (in reply to MAIL FROM command))

Internet says that we can’t add a sender to those out of office mails in Exchange 2010. There are transport rules but they can’t add “From” attribute in header, and email rewriting but… Its like asking me to write a big book in chinese while I just want to have a “cool” chinese character on my arm.

My luck is that my exchange sends mail via a postfix server (Internet -> Postfix -> Exchange) and that we can add sender to mails with postfix.

What I understand is that I can replace things like “*” to a single static mail address, always the same, that I can choose like “” but what I would like to do is add the real sender mail address to the “from”. And I would like to do this only if it is a “automatic reply” kind of mail.

How could I add a “from” value to my out of office mails so that gmail and other external mail servers accept my MDNs please?

NB: out of office works internally, the logs says it goes out of Exchange 2010 to go to Postfix (without any sender), that Postfix sends it out to the sender without any sender and the destinator bounces it back with the error ” status=bounced (host[] said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (in reply to MAIL FROM command))”

MS Office: Retrieve documents saved to “User Templates”

Sometimes, seemingly at random, when I go to save a Word document I’m working on, the Save As defaults to User Templates instead of Docs. Sometimes I don’t notice it’s done that and I just hit Save. Now I can’t find those docs.

I found them once a while ago, but I don’t recall how, and I need some of those docs for clients. How do I locate them?

Microsoft Office For Mac Standard 2011-XiSO + update 14.1.3

Microsoft Office For Mac 2011 14.1.3
Microsoft has just released two new updates for their popular Office >for Mac suite. The Office 2011 14.1.3 update provides numerous >enhancements and bug fixes.
Among the bugs fixed in Office 11 Update 14.1.3 are an issue with >documents not opening in some browsers, contact images not >displaying correctly in…

Microsoft Office For Mac Standard 2011-XiSO + update 14.1.3

Office Web Apps Server wroks unstability。 when the service is free about half an hour, the next request can not work。

the request /op/embed.aspx?url cannot render the document totally,just like the picture bellow:  the request to service

in firfox,I can see the %paramaters% in document should be rendered by service are missing。

and,this problem happened at the first time after a free time,when i reload the page ,everything goes ok。

Can you redirect e-mail without the sender receiving auto-replies using Office 365?

We use Office 365 for our companies e-mail, and have a shared mailbox for support enquiries ( from external users. We need e-mails sent to that inbox to end up with a small group of internal users, so I added a rule to redirect them:

rule setup

This works great except that if any of the internal users being redirected to has an auto-reply set up (e.g. out of office) then the external user see’s it! This is obviously not ideal, so I tried using a forwarding rule instead:

rule setup 2

And while the internal users do get the e-mails, and the external users don’t get the auto-replies, the e-mails now appear to be from the support address rather than the original sender (which makes sense as they were forwarded).

Is there any way to configure it so we get the behaviour of the redirect without the senders getting the auto-replies?

Excel documents are opening in Read only mode and cannot be edited with office 365 pro plus and IE11

I am running Windows server 2012 with SharePoint 2010 and the users with running windows 10 and Office 2013,

So recently i upgrade them all to office 365 Pro Plus

Since then, i can not edit in Excel through IE11

Yes i am getting Pop up message ( Read Only or Edit ) so whenever i choose edit the Excel open in Read Only Mode ..

Before the upgrade it was working fine..

So please can anyone give me a best solution ?

I have tried Many Methods Like

1- Click File > Options > Trust Center > Protect View, uncheck all Enable Protected View settings to disable Protect View temporarily, save the setting and restart Word to open this document.

2- HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office.0\Common\Identity\EnableADAL –> D-WORD=0

I still have Office 15 in the register ( Is this have any related issue with office 16 )

office 365 sharepoint wiki page library not available

I am pretty new to Office 365, but I have a business premium licence which includes also Sharepoint.

I created a new site, based on a topic communication template, where I would like to add a new page as Wiki Page Library, where I can put documents and knowledge based related to that site.

However I do not know how? It should be possible to add it as a new app according the following article from Microsoft support: Create and edit a wiki

But my issue is that I do not see any Wiki Page Library when clicking on Add an app. And I do not think it is a permission issue as I am a global administrator of Office 365.

I’ve spent hours on Google trying to find solution, looking into different options in admin section of Office 365 and Sharepoint, but I am not able to find Wiki Page Library…

Any advice?