Secure Access to Office365

In our environment untrusted laptops are used. Users share laptops amoung family members and don’t login to the OS. How can we define secure access to Office365 (sharepoint-online and outlook online) in this environment? So the cloud service must enforce secure identification I think and caching credentials at the laptop alone should not give access. Please help. Jan

Need help with enable TLS in Postfix for SMTP Relay connector to Office365

Need help with enable TLS in Postfix for SMTP Relay connector to Office365

I am new to TLS.

I`ve successfully configured my Postfix SMTP Relay to relay emails to my internal Application by using office365 connector on 25 port.

Due to Security concerns need to relay SMTP to port 587 TLS.

PLS any one help me to how to configure TLS in Postfix SMTP Relay from scratch?

POST request for Office365 using REST API

I want to POST method request for Office365 using REST API. For example, Feed/Post, Post/Reply, and Post/Like.

Request Header:

Accept : application/json; odata=verbose

Content-Type: application/json; odata=verbose

Method: POST

ContentLength: content.Length

CookieContainer: cookieContainer

Request content about Feed/Post

"restCreationData":  {   "__metadata":{         "type":"SP.Social.SocialRestPostCreationData"       },   "ID":null,   "creationData":{         "__metadata":{           "type":"SP.Social.SocialPostCreationData"         },         "ContentText":"This post was published using REST.",          "UpdateStatusText":false   } } 

But I get 403 status error.

Can anyone tell me How to post method request for Office365.

Remove office365 Group connection from Site Collection

Has anyone successfully found a way to remove an Office365 group connection from a connected Site Collection. the site was created as a blank team site and connected in the UI to a new group using the settings option.

I cant seem to find any powershell or UI that gives me the option, the only thing I can see is all the extra site properties added in SharePoint Designer.

I want to save the site collection as a template and reuse it but it carries its Group connection when I recreate it.

Or maybe is there a way to simply associate the site with a different group after it has been created?


Shared onedrive folder with office365 group but office365 user can’t see folder in “shared with me” option

I have created a group in office365 and added member in that group and then I created a folder in OneDrive and after that, I am sharing that folder with the office365 group which I just created.

But when I log in to OneDrive with the user which is already available into that group and navigate to “shared with me” option, but I am unable to see that shared folder there.

I am doing the above task using Microsoft graph API.

Please help me to find the above solution.

Office365 and Outlook Email Signature Formatting

Hoping this is the right venue to ask this. If not, please feel free to point me in the right direction. That said…

I’m trying to create a nicely formatted signature block for a client who uses Office365 for their company email. I’ve formatted the block using basic html and then viewed it in a web browser. (Nothing fancy, just some text and a company logo. No CSS styles and local style attributes on all DIVs) I then select the block in the browser, copy it to the clip board and then paste it into Outlook.

It appears to strip out any padding I had on the DIVs and also seems to be ignoring or stripping out the formatting on hyperlinks and email addresses. Also, all P tags appear to not have any spacing between them. Had to resort to BR tags to get space between them.

Anyone have some direct experience with this or have knowledge of documentation on what it’s doing to my code?

Office365 and SPF

After an incident, I have a question which answer’s I cannot find. I cannot provide the real headers as they come from a client.

Let’s consider a company which uses an Office365 tenant as mail server. Its domain is, and mail addresses are Employees thus all have a account. The company has published the default Office365 SPF : ‘v=spf1 -all’ The company does not have either a DKIM published nor a DMARC policy.

Would it be possible to connect with a random outlook account ( to or with protocol SMTP, and then craft an email using ?

The SPF would pass as the mail is sent from the right servers. The question is more about Microsoft performing access control on emails sent through their SMTP servers.

This question would probably exist for other companies managing mails for you that also host public-accessible emails.

Thank you all.