Can I register domain names with a unique extension in Ethereum Name System once and never pay for renewal?

Several months ago in an interview with Vitalik Buterin I heard that you can register a domain name in Ethereum Name System (ENS) once and hold it as long as you want without being dependent on a registrar. I then searched the ENS site a bit and found that they were offering .zil and .crypto domain registration for 25$ . Now they seem to offer only the registration of .eth domains which will be required to renew.

Can I register domain names with a unique extension (not .eth) in Ethereum Name System once and hold them as long as I want without paying for renewal? The extension is unique and not present in any extension lists offered by other traditional registrars.

Can I connect a domain name registered in Ethereum Name System to any hosting rather than uploading the website to IPFS? As in ENS it is required to "upload your website to IPFS" which is a "peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system" and the advantages of a distributed website storage and serving over centralized storage are unclear.

Can you use you once a day Lv1 Spell with Magic Initiate feat with a higher spell slot you have if you are a caster class? [duplicate]

Can you use you once a day Lv1 Spell with Magic Initiate feat with a higher spell slot you have if you are a caster class?

EX: If Wizard with Magic Initiate feat hand chose the Lv1 Chromatic Orb spell as their once a day, can they use that spell with allotted spell slots the wizards have. Can they use the spell with 3rd r 4th Lv slot?

How can I get greater coverage using Alarm and can it be cast more than once?

Alarm description says

Choose a door, a window, or an area within range that is no larger than a 20-foot cube… A mental alarm alerts you with a ping in your mind if you are within 1 mile of the warded area. (PHB 211)

If you can be over a mile away, a 20-foot cube is not a very large area. And if you are sleeping, a 20 foot cube only gives you 10 feet max on all sides (which isn’t enough warning if you are being attack by someone with 30ft movement speed, for example).

  • Can a Ranger or Druid cast this multiple times, or does casting a second alarm, cancel the first?
  • Is there any precedence for multiple casts of other, similar spells that could be applied?
  • Can a higher level NPC or PC increase the area of effect?

Does the Loadstone curse compound every use or only once?

The Loadstone description reads as follows (emphasis mine):

Curse. The stone is cursed, but its magical nature is hidden; detect magic doesn’t detect it. An identify spell reveals the stone’s true nature. If you use the Dash or Disengage action while the stone is on your person, its curse activates. Until the curse is broken with remove curse or similar magic, your speed is reduced by 5 feet, and your maximum load and maximum lift capacities are halved. You also become unwilling to part with the stone.

Unlike most cursed objects, this does not require any attunement. So just being on your person is enough. Since the character does not attune, there is a "trigger" to the curse. In this case, it is when the character uses the Dash or Disengage action. But Dash and Disengage are not one-time things like attunement. One or both can be done multiple times in a minute.

So does each trigger compound the curse, reduce speed and max capacities halved, or is the character cursed only the first time they perform that action and that’s it?

The spell doesn’t specify "the first time you…", it just says "it activates". But things can be activated repeatedly so that is not a disqualifier.

I could see a situation where, not knowing that the stone is the issue (since detect magic doesn’t show it as magical) a rogue keeps disengaging and dashing to get away from a foe until they are incapable of movement and are crushed by their own equipment.

Is a Spell-Refueling Ring useless for a Warlock once reaching level 7? [duplicate]

My Warlock just got a ring with the Artificer Infusion "Spell-Refueling Ring", this infusion states:

While wearing this ring, the creature can recover one expended spell slot as an action. The recovered slot can be of 3rd level or lower. Once used, the ring can’t be used again until the next dawn.

However, I am a Warlock which means that at 7th level, I literally do not have any 3rd level or lower spell slots. Does the ring thus become useless at this point and I should just give it to another party member?

How to properly replicate and archive at once

I have a 300GB database that is growing around 5GB a day. It stores time-based data, and as such, I currently have around 60 days of data. My main database server has a 450 GB NVMe, so I want to get a secondary server that has expandable cheap storage for old data.

The main server only really needs the last 15 days of data. So anything older than 15 days of data I want to move off to the secondary database which has slower but cheap storage. I think standard backup or archiving isn’t viable because I want to query the data at any given moment (maybe ~100 queries a day).

I want to kill two birds one stone here and I thought if I setup replication to the secondary server and then somehow indicate the cleanup stored procedure which delete records older than 15 days doesn’t propagate deletes to the slave.

Is this possible and recommended? If not, what is the best way to accomplish archived the data but to another server and allow querying. I suspect partitioning all of my tables but not all of my tables are time-based so I would need some way to move the time-based partitioned data over along with any FKs needed for it

PS: I won’t be relying on the secondary server as a backup but rather my main replication. I would then do offsite backups of the secondary server periodically

Method for playing an online text-based RPG that doesn’t require everyone to be online at once?

I am contemplating starting up a web-based text game for my D&D group to be played alongside our weekly sessions. The idea would be to play through events related to the main storyline, but not so involved that the outcomes would directly affect our current adventure.

I don’t want to require everyone to be online at once (or else this is just another session), so IRC and chatrooms are out. I am looking for a method that allows us to play at a slow pace but gives everyone a chance to respond to what the GM says before moving onward with the story or the combat.

The only idea that comes to mind is a forum-based game with heavy restrictions (e.g. each player must post a response or opt out of responding before the GM posts again). For combats I would post maps with the position of all the monsters and characters between each turn.

Does anyone have any experience running a game like this?

What’s the best way to run a web-based text RPG in such a way that not all players need to be online at the same time?

Can a creature activate multiple items at once with the same command word?

Say a creature owns multiple items with wording similar to this:

As an Action, you may speak the command word to […]

Say the creature has deliberately obtained such items, perhaps by creating them itself, to have the same command word.

Can this creature use one action to speak the shared command word and activate multiple items at once?

The purpose of this question is not to cheese my DM. I am writing a short story and like to keep my D&D fiction as close to rules-accurate as possible.

Can a Piercer attack more than once?

From the 1st Edition Monster Manual:

…and when a living creature passes beneath their position above they will drop upon it in order to kill and devour it.

After they drop, can they attack again, or do they just lie there waiting to get skewered? And how do they get up on the ceiling anyway? The picture in MMI doesn’t show any little legs, or a mouth for that matter either.

Can an Elder Oblex be subject to an AoE more than once?

The Elder Oblex has the Sulfurous Impersonation feature which lets it create an impersonation of a creature in another space. The feature goes on to state:

For all practical purposes, the simulacrum is the oblex, meaning the oblex occupies its space the simulacrum’s space simultaneously.

In the likely event that the Oblex has multiple simulacrums on a battlefield, what happens if 2 or more of them are subjected to an area of effect spell like fireball? Does the answer change for a wall spell like Blade Barrier?