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A/B/n Testing All at Once, Or In Succession

If I want to A/B test a button color, but for 5 colors, how do I do it?

Do I equally split traffic to all 5 button colors for 5 weeks

Or… do I run split traffic between red button vs blue button the first week, then after finding that red works better, run the red button vs yellow button the following week, and so on?

Both options seem like they would work, but I’m not sure which me

AWS ELB kills RabbitMQ service in AWS ECS once in a few minutues because of failed health check

I’m running RabbitMQ Docker image (rabbitmq:3-management) in AWS ECS. It’s working fine with no issues.

Then I added a bit more complexity and created a service with the same RabbitMQ but now connected to AWS Network Load Balancer (my ultimate goal is to create a RabbitMQ cluster, so I need a few instances behind load balancer). Target group is configured with port 5672 and uses the same port for health checks. Interval between health checks is 30 sec (it’s max available). Threshold is 5. In configuration of service in ECS Health check grace period is 120 sec. Should be enough to start service. What happens is that when I run service after a few minutes it gets killed and restarted:

service Rabbit-master (instance i-xxx) (port 5672) is unhealthy in target-group Rabbit-cluster-target-group due to (reason Health checks failed) 

‘A few minutes’ means 2 or 5 or 9… It varies. It doesn’t happen on a start but after a while. Also I see that RabbitMQ works fine (in logs and in management panel). So it’s exactly ELB which causes its restart. Not that first RabbitMQ died and then ELB restarted it, no.

So my question is what I’m doing wrong and how I can achieve stable work of RabbitMQ in ECS in pair with ELB? Is the idea to use port 5672 for helth checks wrong? But which port then to use? 15672?

Sorry if I provided not enough details. I desribed those which seemed to me relevant. If you need anything more I will be happy to elaborate. Thanks!

Can I transfer SEVIS Information for F1 US Visa, if I have already paid once for a J1 US visa before?

I applied for an F1 US visa sometime back, for which, the biometric information has already been submitted; the interview is also coming up soon. I had previously visited the US for a summer as a J1 summer intern, which had involved paying a SEVIS fee, and thus has a corresponding SEVIS ID. When applying for my F1 visa, I used my old SEVIS ID (from the DS-2019 corresponding to the old J1 visa) by mistake, and the application showed no error. I was wondering which of the following needs to be done by me now:

  1. Request transfer from old SEVIS ID (DS-2019) to new SEVIS ID (I-20)
  2. Pay SEVIS fee for the new SEVIS ID and request the information to be updated in my visa application
  3. Cancel the previous application and start a new application after paying the SEVIS fee

Any help in this regard will be deeply appreciated!

Updating multiple price lists at once? (publisher)

I have to change 2 seperate price lists, one that has pricing with product images and one that doesn’t have pricing but has product images, these prices have to match the master pricelist which is just SKU’s and prices

Is there any software that could do the example below?:

Master Pricelist:

SKU: 01010101 Price: $ 20

Pricelist with Images:

Find SKU: 01010101 then find the ‘$ ‘ symbol that’s on the same line as the SKU and change it to match $ 20.

It seems like it should be possible but as they’re both publisher files i don’t know how to achieve it.

Would Appreciate any help!

Can a Hydra make multiple opportunity attacks at once?

A normal creature only has one reaction that may be used as a single attack of opportunity. A Hydra, though, has one of these reactions per head.

My question would be: may several reactions be combined in reaction to the same action and thus allowing several attacks of opportunity at once?

Scenario: Fighter A attacks Hydra with five heads and then tries to leave, thus provoking an opportunity attack. Now, as a reaction to this, may the Hydra attack Fighter A only once or up to five times?

Google Sheets: Issue with finding the averages of multiple rows at once

I am currently tasked with hundreds of rows of data for a project. I need to take the average of each row, but there are way too many rows for me to do by each individual row. Is there any way to take the average of each of these rows all at once? I really do not want to spend hours doing this tedious calculations.

I attached a picture to give you an idea of what I’m asking for.


xrandr once configured, it resets after new reboot, keep restarting INVERTED

There is an HP notebook Pavillion DV6 4gb ram, 15 inch monitor single, HDMI and VGA connections, processor AMD A6. Successfully installed this Ubuntu 19 release. But, after a reset, it keep running monitor display 180 degrees rotated. Then , I use xrandr with NORMAL option, and it works only in my session: xrandr –output LDVS –rotate normal After a reboot, in a new session, the monitor appears INVERTED again. By the other hand, after adjusting monitor screen intensity with keypad buttons, after a reboot the screen appears with TOTAL light adjustment, again. How can I permanently set my config options.? Thanks in advance.