SharePoint custom edit form button javascript onclick set fields value

I’m fairly new to developing and I have a custom form that I made using SharePoint designer 2010 – I need to start my workflow on the click of the button, but I’m not using a site based workflow, so my code for the start button doesn’t work. My alternative is to have onclick set fields value (I have a hidden text field called start workflow) to yes.

For now this is what I have

<input name="StartWorkflow" type="button" value="Start Workflow" onclick=””/>  

This is what I’ve found – but I don’t believe its correct to go in my onclick event.

I’m finding information relative to things outside of SharePoint so it’s confusing to put two and two together – I did find this information

var siteUrl = '/sites/MySiteCollection';  function updateListItem() {      var clientContext = new SP.ClientContext(siteUrl);     var oList = clientContext.get_web().get_lists().getByTitle('Announcements');      this.oListItem = oList.getItemById(3);      oListItem.set_item('Title', 'My Updated Title');      oListItem.update();      clientContext.executeQueryAsync(Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQuerySucceeded), Function.createDelegate(this, this.onQueryFailed)); }  function onQuerySucceeded() {      alert('Item updated!'); }  function onQueryFailed(sender, args) {      alert('Request failed. ' + args.get_message() + '\n' + args.get_stackTrace()); } 

Also does anyone know how to create a onclick= redirect to..”www..etc”

unwanted border onclick react js

i am creating spfx webpart using react js ,onclick in document card component i am getting unwanted border, itried removing it but not working i had applied border-radius on docuemnt card style , but still getting square border.

if i remove onlcick this border goes

enter image description here

                const cardStyles: IDocumentCardStyles  = {                   root: [                     {                       display: 'inline-block', marginRight: 20, borderRadius: 25,  marginBottom: 20,width: 90,                  backgroundColor:"#fbce07", outline:'none',borderWidth:0,borderStyle:'none',border:0,borderColor:'white',textAlign: "center" ,color:"white",                 selectors: {                   ':hover': {                     backgroundColor:'#ff9933' ,outline:'none',borderColor:'white',borderRadius: 25                    },                  }                     }                   ]                 };                    return(                     <DocumentCard styles={cardStyles} onClick={() =>this.ShowGrid(items.Template)}>                     <DocumentCardTitle   title={items.Template} />                     <DocumentCardImage styles={cardStyles1}  height={100}imageFit={ImageFit.cover}  imageSrc={items.ImageLink ? items.ImageLink["Url"] : ''} />                     </DocumentCard>); 

how to get on SPFX React onclick funccion

I must use on click event. How could I click and fire a javascript function after Cloick Event. Please tell me how could I call this click function. Here is my sample of code:

     </td>       </tr>       <tr>       <td colspan="3" style="padding-left:93px; "><input type="image" onClick={this.Toggle} src="$  {require<string>('../toolbox/image/plusv1.png')}" id="plus" alt="PlusImage" style="width:60px; height:60px;" /></td>       </tr>         </table>        </div>       </div>   </div>`; 

No reconoce evento onclick en boton dentro de tabla

Tengo el siguiente codigo jquery en el que cargo una tabla con todos los articulos y en cada fila un boton eliminar. Pero no logro detectar el click para jeecutar una funcion ajax. No entiendo porque no reconoce el button por name..Alguna sugerencia?

$  (document).ready(function() {  listar(); cargarcombos(); var nombreBusqueda; $  ("input[name=eli]").click(function(){ alert("s"); }); }); function listar(){      tipofiltro="todos"; 	 $  .ajax({ 	               type: "POST",             url: "/includes/php/filtroP.php",             data: { "tf": tipofiltro},              dataType: "json",             error: function(){                 alert("error petición ajax");             },             success: function(data){            content=data;                for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {                            var newRow =                     "<tr>" +                     "<td>" + data[i].idproducto + "</td>" +                     "<td>" + data[i].nombre + "</td>" +                     "<td>" + data[i].marca + "</td>" +                     "<td>" + data[i].detalle + "</td>" +                     "<td>" + data[i].precio + "</td>" + "<td>"+            " <a  class='btn btn-warning' href='index.php?controller=articulo&action=editar&id="+data[i].idproducto+"'>Editar</a>"+             "<input type='button' name='eli' value='Eliminar' class='btn btn-danger' id="+data[i].idproducto+"/></td>"+                                        "</tr>";                 $  (newRow).appendTo("#resultado tbody");                                                           }                      }   });  };

Tambien probe con:

  $  ("input[name=eli]").on("click",function(){      alert("s");    }); 

Llamar a objeto desde funcion onclick javascript?

Realizo una pequeña practica e intento llamar a un objeto desde onclcik en un botón, puedo llamar a la función directamente pero quería hacerlo llamando al objeto para practicar, pero me da error. He revisado mi sintaxis y no encuentro error (al parecer) entonces quisiera saber si tengo algo mal o esto no es posible? Este es mi código.

Codigo en html del input

 <button onclick = ";"class = "Aceptar" id = "aceptar">Listo</button>  
 var Usuario = new Auto();  
 class Auto {   function total(){     alert('hola'); }  }   

El error que me aparece es: SyntaxError: fields are not currently supported

y que Auto no está definido.

Is it possible to pass a parameter to image onclick event in c# MVC?

I need to pass a param to the image onclick event. I know how to do it using a script and the controller, but I would like to know if it can be done directly in the view ? I’ve searched the SO and tried some examples but nothing worked so far.

@{string test = "kkkk";} <img onclick="alert('' + @test + '')" /> <img onclick="alert(@test)" />  @{string test = "alert('kkkk')";} <img onclick="alert(@test)" /> 

Custom Button with Onclick , Hide Onclick Event

I’ve created a Custom Button . I hook it up with a Grid . And I’ve made custom code for the On-click event .

The Code bellow is simplified for easier understanding .

Everything works, if I click the Button the Message is shown . But since I am running a lot more code here . I would like to hide if possible all events for this button . Is that possible even if I am actually using TcxButton as my Parent Class ?

unit cxGridButton;  interface  uses   System.SysUtils, System.Classes, Vcl.Controls, Vcl.StdCtrls, cxButtons,   cxGridDBTableView, Dialogs;  type   TcxGridButton = class(TcxButton)   private     FGridView : TcxGridDBTableView;    protected     { Protected declarations }   public     { Public declarations }      procedure Click; override;   published     property DBGridView : TcxGridDBTableView read FGridView write FGridView;   end;  procedure Register;  implementation  procedure TcxGridButton.Click; begin   inherited; // call the inherited Click method.    ShowMessage('AHA'); end;  procedure Register; begin   RegisterComponents('James', [TcxGridButton]); end;  end. 

¿Porqué no me funciona onclick?

Este es el código, quiero que al clickear en ¿Quieres reservar? se muestre el div “calendario_reserva”, pero algo falla:


<input type="checkbox" id="activar_reserva" onclick="activar_reserva();"> <label>¿Quieres reservar?</label>  <div class="" id="calendario_reserva"> AQUI UN CALENDARIO PARA SELECCIONAR LA FECHA. </div>  <br/> <button type="submit" name="action" value="contestar" class="form-control fondo2 color1" style="margin-top:10px;">Enviar</button>  </form> 


activar_reserva();  function activar_reserva(){     if(document.getElementById('activar_reserva').checked){          document.getElementById('calendario_reserva').style.display = "unset";      }else{          document.getElementById('calendario_reserva').style.display = "none";      } }

onclick на теге

Необходимо посадить событие с помощью атрибута onclick на тег <p>. Объясните пожалуйста почему в данном случае функция не вызывается?

function close() {    console.log('click'); }
<p onclick="close()">Клик</p>

Определение аргументов onclick в createElement

Я изучаю react и сейчас пытаюсь решить проблему, но не знаю как это сделать, я сделал функцию которая открывает giftbox, сделал функцию которая запускает конфити, отдельно они работают друг от друга, а сделать чтобы при открытии ящика выветало конфети не получается, не могу понять как определить событие для onclick, чтобы оно запустило функцию emit()

// отрисовка ящика var cGiftBox = function (_a) {   var wasOpen = _a.wasOpen,open =,dispatch = _a.dispatch;   return React.createElement("div", { className: "floor" },   React.createElement("div", { className: "box" },   open ?   React.createElement("button", { className: "heart-gift", }, "hello") :   React.createElement(React.Fragment, null),      React.createElement("div", { className: open ?     'lid open' :     wasOpen ?     'lid close' :     'lid', onClick: function (e) {return dispatch(toggleBox());} },    React.createElement("div", { className: "qcube" }, open ? '!' : '?'),   React.createElement("div", { className: "face ltop" }),   React.createElement("div", { className: "face lleft" }),   React.createElement("div", { className: "face lright" })),   React.createElement("div", { className: "face top" }),   React.createElement("div", { className: "face left" }),   React.createElement("div", { className: "face right" }) )); };  // запуск конфети function emit() {   var container = document.getElementById("confetti-container");   var containerRect = container.getBoundingClientRect();   var containerData = {     x: containerRect.left,     y:,     height: containerRect.right - containerRect.left,     width: containerRect.bottom - };