Where can you find Swords Secret online?

I was reading the Lore Warden (PRG:AG) archetype (careful, there is another Lore Warden archetype for fighter) and one of its features is the swords secret, but I cant find any of them online.

Swords Secret

A lore warden learns specialized techniques that help her to quickly analyze and defeat her foes. At 3rd level, a lore warden gains one swords secret, and she gains an additional swords secret for every 4 fighter levels gained after 3rd. Except where noted, a lore warden cannot select the same swords secret more than once.

I wasnt able to find this listed on d20pfsrd, nythys, or with a google search.

Site Development – Online Adventure Sports


I am starting up development of a website to promote and sell adventure sports related services. I have purchased a domain for it.

I have taken bookme.co.nz as a baseline for development of this site. I am new to website development and content management.

I seek advice on how to initiate development. I was initially of the opinion that a custom made site would do good considering the purpose at hand. But with so many different CMS available along with different E-commerce builders it…

Site Development – Online Adventure Sports

Shefhat is online food website with 100% SEO frendly fully automated

Why are you selling this site?
i can't manage it right now,

How is it monetized?
Not any ads and anything set on this website yet for monetization. it's clean

Does this site come with any social media accounts?

How much time does this site take to run?
it's fast

What challenges are there with running this site?
no challenges for running this site , its custom built-in python

Method for playing an online text-based RPG that doesn’t require everyone to be online at once?

I am contemplating starting up a web-based text game for my D&D group to be played alongside our weekly sessions. The idea would be to play through events related to the main storyline, but not so involved that the outcomes would directly affect our current adventure.

I don’t want to require everyone to be online at once (or else this is just another session), so IRC and chatrooms are out. I am looking for a method that allows us to play at a slow pace but gives everyone a chance to respond to what the GM says before moving onward with the story or the combat.

The only idea that comes to mind is a forum-based game with heavy restrictions (e.g. each player must post a response or opt out of responding before the GM posts again). For combats I would post maps with the position of all the monsters and characters between each turn.

Does anyone have any experience running a game like this?

What’s the best way to run a web-based text RPG in such a way that not all players need to be online at the same time?

Online DnD sites?

I am having issues with finding a good online DnD site. One that is playable online. Are there any sites that I can play online? No recommendations please, just straight answers. And also map-making software? Once again, no recommendations please, just list as many as you can without personal preference.

Online Mathematica, pros and cons, linear algebra problem

I apologize in advance if this question is irrelevant to this website.

I would like to use Mathematica to solve a system of linear equations with lots of unknowns(729 unknowns), the unknowns are tensor components of curvature tensors arising from a differential geometry problem.

I would like to buy Mathematica for this purpose and I have to decide between buying it online or installing the desktop version on a PC. I m thinking of buying the online version. I have the following questions:

  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the desktop version over the online version ? For example, are there mathematical or programming functionalities which are available only on the desktop version and not in the online version ?

  2. I assume that if I buy the online version, then I will get a username and a password to access an online version of mathematica from any computer. (Just like how one can type latex on overleaf.com from an online account using any PC). Is my assumption correct ?

3)Does Mathematica provide a user friendly way for solving linear simultaneous equations with lots of unknowns ? Let me elaborate with an example: Say I want to solve the simultaneous equations $ x=2y+a, y-3x=7x+2$ for $ x,y$ . I would like a software where I can just type: $ x=2y+a, y-3x=7x+2$ and ask the software to solve for $ x,y$ and just give me the solution symbolically in terms of parameter $ a$ instead of me having to rearrange terms so that the equations become $ x-2y=a, y-10x=2$ and then write it in matrix form, then ask it to make a matrix inversion. The difference I am talking about might seem silly in this example but it will not be silly in my original problem where I have 700 unknowns. If this feature exists in Mathematica, it will save me a lot of time.

Thank you,

Online SRD vs Official PDF SRD

The question I have is pretty simple. The PDF file that WotC has on their website does not have the same content as this website https://www.5esrd.com/.

If I create a 5e adventure and want to go the OGL route instead of the DMs Guild one, can I use the extra content from the website?

As an example, the website contains a creature named Witchlight. The creature is from the Tome of Beasts, which is a Kobold Press release. What are the restrains there, if any? Reading the title of the website, as it contains SRD in it, it makes me think that I can. But the confusion arises when I don’t see the same content in the WotC file. Can I use this creature and any other that is not in the PDF of WotC?

Thank you all in advance.