add any type of votes on your online voting contest by unique user for $5

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Modify or add jQuery to show unlimited entries from another lookup list from SharePoint Online

Hello all,

I am using from a online post which you have cascading parent/ child/ grandchild list with the help of two jQuery's.

Main js.file


$ .fn.HillbillyCascade= function (optionsArray)
var Cascades = new Array();

var NewForm = getParameterByName("ID") == null;

$ .fn.HillbillyCascade.Cascade = function(parent,cascadeIndex)…

Modify or add jQuery to show unlimited entries from another lookup list from SharePoint Online

Generate PDF from a list in SharePoint Online Modern Site

I need a solution for generating or converting a SharePoint list, document library or web page (HTML) to a PDF. Preferably saving it to a document library on the site, or at least sending it back to the user to open it in a client program like FoxIt or Adobe.

I have tested Muhimbi’s solution, but this currently only supports Classic Mode (not Modern Sites).

Does anyone have knowledge of any 3rd party tool that supports this, or do we need to go and start coding it ourselves? 😛

Thanks, Frank

Sharepoint Online: Checked Out files are not visible with App-only context

I’ve create app-only context for Sharepoint Online using GetAzureADAppOnlyAuthenticatedContext method (SharePointPnPCoreOnline.3.5.1901). Azure app has ‘Have full control of all site collections’ application permission for Office 365 SharePoint Online API.

However checked out files are not visible despite Draft Item Security in Versioning Settings. The current value of versioning settings: Who should see draft items in this library? – Any user who can read items.

How to make these documents visible for app-only authenticated context without taking ownership?