What’s a good cooperative drawing tool to use for an online game? [closed]

In offline games I liked using a piece of paper to sketch stuff and to use as a simple battle map. I’ve recently started playing over Discord and am missing the option to just draw something. What I’m looking for is basically MS Paint for cooperative drawing. I’m not interested in using some kind of grid system or a sophisticated drawing program. If the software would work across platforms it world be ideal, but I would also settle for something that is phone or Windows only.

How can we protect encrypted files and directories from being fingerprinted when stored on online storage services?

Assuming that online storage providers are considered untrusted, if files and directories are encrypted, how can these be protected against fingerprinting?

The files are encrypted using rclone’s implementation of Poly1305 and XSalsa20 before being backed up to the cloud provider.

According to rclone’s documentation, the available metadata is file length, file modification date and directory structure.

  • What can be identified?
  • What can be inferred?
  • What attack vectors are there against the encrypted files and directories if the online storage provider is compromised assuming the passphrase is at least 24 characters long and is a combination of alphanumeric and special characters (uppercase and lowercase) as well as salted with similar entropy?

The encrypted data is considered to be sensitive.

How can I protect those files from being fingerprinted and the contents inferred such as ownership, source and the like?

How to setup an online pentest lab? [closed]

I’m just wondering that can I build an online pentest lab? I have only company’s PC and I don’t want to buy another one for my personal stuff so I’ve looked for VPS and creating a lab on VPS makes sense to me. I’m planning to create 3 servers. One machine for Kali Linux and the other two machines will be victims. So is that a good idea or not? Also, I’ve searched ready to use labs but couldn’t find it. So if there’s any ready to use platforms, that’s fine too.

Are there any resources or forums online for helping me understand TAOCP?


I am doing an undergrad math project that involves exploring Donald Knuth’s “TAOCP, Volume 4, fascicle 6: Satisfiability”.

I am having trouble parsing some of this material.

Surely there are some online forums where different sections are unpacked or discussed or translated into Python?

I googled this but cannot find anything that helps me.


What are some online resources to help people parse TAOCP?

Surely many people have read this work before me?

My email address is being used to enroll for online services. Should I be concerned?

Just before Christmas I received the following message in one of my GMail accounts:

attempt was blocked
********@gmail.com [redacted by me]

Someone just used your password to try to sign into your account. Google blocked them, but you should check what happened.

I signed into that account and looked at the activity (not by clicking the link in the message, of course) and indeed there was a sign in attempt blocked from the Philippines.

I gather this means that an attacker entered the correct user name and password for my account, but was likely blocked because they couldn’t pass the MFA challenge. Or maybe Google’s fraud detection is actually decent and it knows I’ve never been to the Philippines? Either way, I immediately changed the password and (as far as I know) the attacker didn’t gain control of the account.

However, in the 2 weeks since then, I have received several email verification requests from various online services that I never signed up for — Spotify, OKCupid, a Nissan dealership in Pennsylvania (that one’s interesting), and a few others I’ve never heard of before. Someone out there is actively using my GMail address to enroll for these services.

The account in question is not my main account, and while the password on it was admittedly weak, it was also unique (I never used it on anything else). I changed it to a password that’s much stronger now.

Should I be concerned about this?

Also, if the attacker didn’t gain control of the account, why use it to enroll in all these services?

Online Shopping for RC Toys, RC Cars, RC Bikes, RC Boats

Why are you selling this site?

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How is it monetized?

The business generates revenue by advertising the website with Facebook.
I have placed advertising on free ad sites like Backpage, OfferUp, LetGo etc. with excellent results. Also used paid…

Online Shopping for RC Toys, RC Cars, RC Bikes, RC Boats

Does P2P Matchmaking can make an online game without any cost?

I’m planning on making an online game. I’ve used Unity (with Photon’s PUN2), but after some research, I had the idea of instead of using a server, with ccu limit and charge fees, i could make a P2P multiplayer game, so that way, the server would be one of the two players, without having any cost on me. I don’t know If this is possible, and indeed, a good idea. I did a research on this but I couldn’t find a clear explanation or tutorial. PS: It’s not a big game (2d game) think of it as the size of an online version of PONG, where two players fight until one wins, it could have or not a time limit.