Need Help Please[ Just advice] Only One Question

So I want to use GSA to rank web 2.0s for myself and client. Now I come from media buying.

If i want to use a GSA to rank local client. My question is related to keywords. 

Can I multiple keywords? For example barber johannesburg, barber parkhurst. These are areas.

Or what is the best way to do it. One specif keyword used differently.

Any help please thanks

Need only tens of pages to be indexed out of hundreds: Robots.txt is Okay for Google?

Hi all,

We 2 sub domains with hundreds of pages where we need only 50 pages to get indexed which are important. Unfortunately the CMS of these sub domains is very old and not supporting "noindex" tag to be deployed on page level. So we are planning to block the entire sites from robots.txt and allow the 50 pages needed. But we are not sure if this is the right approach as Google been suggesting to depend mostly on "noindex" than robots.txt. Please suggest whether we can proceed with robots.txt file.


AWS and EBS Only


Hi all im a semi-profesional and wanna try to using amazone EC2 instance.
Im not sure what does mean Instance Storage (GB) and EBS On… | Read the rest of

How to show website in only one country Google

My client has 3 websites, each has it’s region. - for Europe countries - for USA and Canada - for other regions 

I need only one website display in each region – the one that fits it. For now the website for other regions also show up in USA together with US website. Also, website without subdomain is the only website that appear in google search in Europe, and European website doesn’t display anywhere at all.

These websites were created with squarespace, and all regional settings there are done. I also add all websites in google search console and connected them with USA, UK and Australia. But it doesn’t help.

For now I made some coding to check the ip of the user and redirect him on website that fits his region.

Is there any way to display only one website in each region?

Keep only bit of an expression unevaluated for display

Consider the code

h[x_, y_, n_] := x^2 + (y - (x^2)^(1/n))^2 g[u_] := ContourPlot[h[x, y, u] == 1, {x, -1, 1}, {y, -1, 2},    PlotLabel -> StandardForm[h[x, y, u]] == 1] g[3.1] 

which gives

enter image description here

I would like 1/3.1 to be displayed in the PlotLabel instead of the evaluated value 0.322581. I know about HoldForm but how do I apply it only to that bit of the expression.

How to give free items only 1 per person?

I want to give away free items in my woocommerce store. As these are physical items where I will also pay shipping, can you guide me how to make sure each person only orders once?

Do you know of any way to avoid duplicate orders for one store item only, that means that it won't let any orders through with same IP, same shipping address, same phone, same paypal, same email address, etc.

What games have upgrade systems that only let you choose a subset to be active? [on hold]

I need an upgrade system with progression (you can’t buy the last upgrade before you’ve bought the one before it), optional upgrades, restrictions on how or when you can use old upgrades (your character will transform and get a whole new set of upgrades after that happens), and a limited number of active upgrades.

Do any games come to mind that have all of these restrictions? I’d like to look at how they visually represent this concept so I can use it to guide me as I’m designing my own interface.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Can we all agree that Joe Biden is the only chance Democrats have at beating Trump?

It seems meaningless to have a Democrat primary. The only candidate I think has a chance against Trump is Joe Biden. He’s the only well-known candidate who is known for being a sidekick with Obama. The rest like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren need to just let Biden have this.