[ Other – Music ] Open Question : What are some of your favorite Christmas songs (Who song by who)?

For example: IMO, mine is This Christmas by Donny Hathaway. My Honorable Mention favorite is: Let it Snow by Boyz II Men, I’m Dreaming of the White Christmas by The Drifters, Rocking Around the Christmas Tree by Brenda Lee, Santa Claus is Coming to Town by The Jackson 5, Sleigh Ride by TLC, Slient Night by The Temptations, Back Door Santa by Clarence Carter, Jingle Bell Rock by Bobby Helms, All Alone for Christmas by Darlene Love, Christmas in Hollis by Run-DMC, The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by The Temptations; Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! by Vaughn Monroe, and All I Want For Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

[ Renting & Real Estate ] Open Question : Is my landlord allowed to charge me for removing bloodstained bedding that isn’t mine?

Hi guys, I recently moved into a shared accommodation, and I asked the staff showing me around if they could remove the bed as I would rather bring my own. She said no, as that would mean the room would be left ‘part furnished’ instead of fully furnished. After moving in, I noticed the bedbase (not mattress) is covered in urine and bloodstains. I contacted the lettings to ask if they would at least let me swap the bed for another unoccupied room within the household. The landlord agreed under the condition that I dismantle and reassemble both beds. I agreed.  I swapped, but I was unable to fully dismantle the bloodstained bedbase, and another tenant also offered his help, it turns out we need specific screws to remove the wheels which was the part causing problems moving the bed, there wasn’t enough space to work with. I also found a syringe within the base as it’s torn. Point being, without being able to dismantle this very old fashioned and wrecked bedbase, I could only push it into the opposite and closest unoccupied room (but not the room I swapped the bed with). Fast forward, the landlord is now sending contractors out to put this biohazardous bed into the room it now belongs in the floor below. But he is charging me to move the bed to the floor below. Is he allowed to charge me for this? I asked them to remove the bed before I moved in. I did not cause the stains. The bedbase could put me at risk, and future tenants. Can I get some advice please. (UK tenant).

[ Politics ] Open Question : Are you looking forward to the Great Awakening of Man?

By 2022, companies will start paying fair salaries. First in the United States, and  by 2030 (at the latest) for all other countries.  The Deep State should be gone by 2025;  and Earth will enter a new Renaissance.  We will look and wonder how such massive poverty or wars could have been allowed.  By 2050: life will be idyllic for everyone  (at least in the West). We wont’ have  to work more than 20 hours/week. We  will have faster than light space-ships,  and star-trek replicators will be in every home.  By 2060; we will have discovered and  begin building (or at least have plans)  to build cities In Hollow-Earth. Your thoughts? 

[ Programming & Design ] Open Question : How to publish a website ?

I am a new into front end web development. I am down to publish my website which I have just designed. I bought a domain name and hosting plan. But I am a bit confused. The sign up form I created using CSS and JS, I don’t know how to store the user data from sign up process to the server. Can somebody help me with that ?

Microsoft Office, MS Open XML detect macros

Do MS Open XML files need the vbaData.xml file and events declarations with the <wne:docEvents> tag and child <wne:eventDoc(Open|New|Close...)> for a macro in the embedded project vbaProject.bin to run correctly using a <wne:mcd wne: macroName...> tag


if this xml code <wne:eventDoc> is not present and that the source code VBA, the Execode or the P-Code contains the procedure for the macro in vbaProject.bin and only <wne:mcd wne: macroName...> xml it is still executed ?

I did some analysis and it seems that this tag is required but there may be other conditions where this is not the case, do you have an idea ? thank you.

[ Law Enforcement & Police ] Open Question : In real life, could a burglar use the Home Alone method to rob houses?

In the original movie, Joe Pesci played a burglar who disguised himself as a police officer, and had the following conversation with Macaulay Culkin’s on screen father: Joe Pesci: “I’d like a word with you sir.” Mr. McCallister: “Am I under arrest or something?” Joe Pesci: “Oh no not at all sir, it’s Christmas time, there are always a lot of burglars around the holidays, and we’re just making sure everyones taking the proper precautions, that’s all.” Mr. McCallister: “Oh yes, well we have automatic timers for our lights, dead bolts for our doors, we can’t be too careful if we’re spending the holidays in Paris.” Joe Pesci: “Ah, you’re taking a trip to Paris?” Mr. McCallister: “Yes, we plan to leave tomarrow morning.” Joe Pesci: “Well don’t worry about your home, it’s in good hands.” *Flashes his shady gold tooth smile* Then he knew exactly when the house would be vacant, he knew exactly what they’d be up against when they enter the house, and he knew that none of the neighbors would spot him, because he already had the same conversation with those neighbors who told him of their own holiday travel plans. As long as the burglars don’t run into a crafty kid with a tarantula, could burglars use this method in real life? Dress up as a police officer and get all the information right from the horses mouth?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Will the impeachment attempt help Trump get reelected in 2020?

I’m in the minority about this. But I’m a Democrat and I think the impeachment fight will help give Trump another victory. Democrats are shooting themselves in the foot once again. I kept saying that if we defeat Trump the old-fashioned way, he could very well lose. *Yawn* Why, Democrats. WHY?