[ Politics ] Open Question : Why can’t America do what China does to combat coronavirus? Is it against human rights?

China’s lockdown rules are extremely strict. Everyone is forced to stay home and wear mask at all times They disinfect every inch of their country every hour air and ground and walls and ceilings. Harsh punishment for people not following orders, no warnings. America is different, people still go out, no one puts mask on, cities still dirty with no one bother to disinfect the ground or air. Many people from new york now trying to escape but they might bring the virus to another state.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Trump supporters, can you say ” Sorry, I voted for the wrong guy?”?

Can you say: “Sorry I voted for the wrong guy. My choice probably will lead to the death of millions of Americans. I understand that Trump doesn’t like listening to people of science. He claimed climate change is a hoax. Then claimed that coronavirus is just the flu, and that “doctors will lock up the country if they can.” Sorry I was wrong. I was so wrong. But I didn’t know Trump was like this when I voted for him. ” Can you say that to me on here now? If I voted for Hillary and she acted like Trump did I would be pi ssed and would no longer vote for her. It’s not about blind loyalty to a politicians, it’s about choosing the right politician by looking at his past actions. History is a good indication of the future. Usually.

Is it a Bad Idea™ to open all IPv6 ports for devices in an isolated guest network?

At home I have a dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 broadband connection, and I also have a wireless access point. The access point currently bridges all traffic into my LAN, which is not segmented in any way, so all visitors that use my wireless network have the full run of my LAN.

While I certainly do not doubt my friends’ good intentions I do see the possibility of their smartphones being compromised, and I’d rather not have compromised devices in my private LAN if I can help it. This, and also the fact that being in my private LAN does not gain my friends any benefits, makes me want to set up a separate wireless guest network, which I would then also use with my own smartphone.

I am currently considering opening all ports for incoming IPv6 TCP and UDP traffic for the devices in this separate guest network.

My reason for doing so is vastly improved service reliability. As a practical example, I use the Conversations XMPP chat app that does support sharing e.g. pictures, but this doesn’t work very well while both me and the other person are in our respective home LANs, presumably because neither of us has any ports open (IPv6) or forwarded (IPv4) for our smartphones.

Just to verify this hypothesis I opened all IPv6 ports for my smartphone only. And voilá, sharing pictures has been working flawlessly ever since.

The general implications of opening a router’s IPv6 firewall has been extensively discussed here, however I think my situation with the guest network for smartphones and other mobile devices is not quite comparable, because

  • Smartphones are designed for being directly connected to the internet any odd way, and therefore should not have problems with open IPv6 ports
  • It would only pertain to the totally separated guest network, any device in which would, from the view of a device in my LAN, just be any other device out there in the public internet

Is this sound reasoning, or is there something important I am not seeing?

Industry secure file format like .OFX Open Financial Exchange File [closed]

The .OFX Open Financial Exchange File is a file format created for financial data exchanges between financial institutions.

I was wondering if in the IT security realm, such a file format exists.

My goal would be to use and customize it so that my backend API entry points (that is another story, don’t worry about that)

[ Politics ] Open Question : Is the death rate from Coronavirus over-estimated?

https://www.wsj.com/articles/is-the-coronavirus-as-deadly-as-they-say-11585088464 We actually KNOW that these death rates of 1-3% are over-estimated due to the fact that we know that not everyone or even close to everyone with the disease has been tested. The REAL question is how much.  This virus MAY be less deadly than the flu or 10 times more deadly.