[ Politics ] Open Question : President Trump wins again?

The two Supreme Court rulings regarding President Trump’s tax and financial records came out. They ruled that the NY Prosecutors can obtain Trump’s tax and financial information, but Congress couldn’t.  But wait, there’s more.  Both rulings sent the cases back down to the lower courts for further litigation.  The net result is that neither the NY Prosecutor nor Congress will get those tax returns and records until well after the election.  They wont be able to leak them and use them as weapons against President Trump for the election. Trump wins.

[ Other – Food & Drink ] Open Question : Can you freeze tinned food?

When coronavirus happened I got carried away and panic bought tinned food. I know have approximately 48 cans of tomato soup  24 cans of chicken soup 24 cans of vegetable soup 48 cans of corned beef 48 cans of baked beans 48 cans of marrowfat peas 24 cans of potatoes 8 cans of sweetcorn  12 cans of tuna chunks  8 cans of chilli con carne Obviously it’s going to take a while to get through all of that. Is it possible to store these goods in the freezer to extend their shelf life?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Are you getting sick of the media overhyping the coronavirus?

My brother is a physician and has told me the coronavirus isn’t all that serious. If you do get it, the chances if you dying are slim to none. It’s only the elderly and those with health issues that have a higher chance of dying. I think the media is using this opportunity to make Trump look bad. If Biden does get elected, I wouldn’t be surprised if the coronavirus all of a sudden isn’t an issue anymore.

Open a portal secured with Arcane Lock – What options are available?

What are the various ways that a portal can be opened when it has been secured by the 2nd level wizard spell Arcane Lock?

The spell itself says only dispel magic and knock can successfully bypass the lock. Are there any other options? For example, does a skilled thief have any chance at unlocking it using open lock? Could a very strong fighter smash the door still?