How I can ensure that a link sent via email is opened only via user clicks from a mail client and not by bots?

In my web application I generate links in the following format:^token^ 

Each link according to my specs is sent via email and should not allow robots to scrape it. In order to avoid visits via robot I placed the following robots.txt:

User-agent: * Disallow: / 

And on page’s <header></header> tag I placed:

    <meta name="robots" content="noindex">     <meta name="robots" content="nofollow"> 

The question is how I can ensure that a link is opened only when user has clicked upon it and not a random bot/spider scrapes it? Does the length and the randomness of the ^token^ in url factor into bot visit prevention?

In my application the ^token^ is a cryptographically-random 5 byte value that once generates is hex-econded. So in my case, if the token length takes a significant role on non-scrappines of this link, which is the recommended length of the random token?

My application is in Laravel and I use nginx and php-fpm combo in order to serve the content to the browser.

What would happen if you opened a Bag of Holding underwater?

I’m in a naval campaign where some of the game could take place underwater, and I could reasonably acquire a Bag of Holding soon, so it would be nice to know before I try to grab an item underwater and jettison all of my gear into the Astral plane. Would it fill with water until the bag was filled to capacity and scatter all the contents inside as well?

Also assuming you didn’t break the Bag of Holding by overfilling it to capacity, would putting water inside it get other objects inside wet, potentially ruining them?

query couldn’t be run or database table couldn’t be opened check the database table could not be opened (MS access +Excel)

full error query couldn’t be run or database table couldn’t be opened check the database. check your database server or contact your database administrator, make sure your database is available and hasn’t be moved or re-organised

Error comes up when user tries to refresh data data from Ms Access from an excel spreadsheet.

The both are on shared drives and user has access to both on shared drives, and can open the Ms access table directly from MS access.

Ran out of ideas

Hey guys im practicing BATCH files by making a simple multitool… but my file closes as soon as its opened

Heading ##im not sure why it keeps closing and would like some help in the comments

@echo off color fc title CockBall V2 Multitool echo      CCCCC                kk     BBBBB           lll lll  VV     VV  2222    echo     CC    C  oooo    cccc kk  kk BB   B    aa aa lll lll  VV     VV 222222 echo     CC      oo  oo cc     kkkkk  BBBBBB   aa aaa lll lll   VV   VV      222  echo     CC    C oo  oo cc     kk kk  BB   BB aa  aaa lll lll    VV VV    2222    echo      CCCCC   oooo   ccccc kk  kk BBBBBB   aaa aa lll lll     VVV    2222222  :menu echo 1 pScan echo 2 LanC echo 3 IP Stresser echo 4 info echo 5 ping (for testing ip) choice /n /:12345 /M "Choose something.. tf you think you do?" GOTO LABEL-%ERRORLEVEL% :LABEL-1 pScan start Pscan.exe goto menu :LABEL-2 LanC start LancV2.exe goto menu :LABEL-3 IP Stesser start CockBallPinger.exe goto menu :LABEL-4 info echo made by jagli xd echo helped by: nobody echo Private Multitool goto menu 

:LABEL-5 ping (for testing ip) set /p yee=Enter ip for test: ping %yee% -l 65500 goto menu

How to check if an opened page is a WC related page?

I need to detect all the WC related pages ( products, single product, checkout, etc… ) in a website.

I’ve added the wp action in the functions.php and tried to do it using is_shop() function but it doesn’t work. Here is the code with which I’ve tried to achieve this

add_action('wp', 'page_loaded');  function page_loaded() {    if (is_shop()) {       // Some code here    } } 

So, is there any way to achieve this?

Can a Bag of Holding be opened from the inside?

The party rogue found a suit of armor that happened to have an evil soul bound to it. He unwittingly stuffed it into his bag of holding to sell the suit of armor later. The animated suit of armor does not need to breathe and to my understanding is floating about inside the bag. I was planning on having the suit attempt to open the bag from the inside and climb out when the party was sleeping.

Is this legit?

I ran a port scan of my public ip and found ports that I had not opened (forwarded) to be open

so today I was attempting to demonstrate something for a friend, so I ran a port scan of my public ip, of my home network, and found ports that I had not opened (forwarded)to be open. I am on optimum online, could this just be them messing with my network or is this something to be worried about? how can I go about figuring out what services are on those ports? is it worth trying to talk to someone at optimum? attached is an image of my port scan, and of my router’s config page to show the differences.

the ports in question are 3394, 5473, and 18017

enter image description here

Router config page Thanks for the help.

Get list of opened files

I am trying to get a list of files to be opened, i.e. when I select 3 files in Nautilus and then hit Enter. What I then want is something like:

/path/to/my/file/file1.mp3 /path/to/my/file/file2.mp3 /path/to/my/file/file3.mp3 

How can I achieve this? I do have a semi-working solution. It works when the application (in this case Audacious) is not running, but fails when the application is already open and running.

For this script to run I adapted the Exec parameter in /usr/share/applications/audacious.desktop from Exec=audacious %U to /home/myuser/.config/audacious/

#!/bin/bash  echo "$  1" >> ~/.config/audacious/playlist.m3u  # Check if another instance of this script is running. pidof -o %PPID -x $  0 >/dev/null && exit 1  sleep 0.2 audacious ~/.config/audacious/playlist.m3u rm ~/.config/audacious/playlist.m3u 

Is there any better way to get the list of files to be opened when hitting Enter in Nautilus?