Unintended window opening when pressing Unity’s “Submit” button

I’ve been working on a top down 2D game for a while now, and yesterday I found a strange bug that I just can’t explain to myself whatsoever. I have a loot window for looting enemies, as well as a character panel to equip gear/see stats. I realized that after I open and close a loot window, if I spam the space button (used for attacking, not for opening any windows) it sometimes (seems to depend on screen positioning) opens the character panel. Once I “found” it, I can spam space to open/close the character panel.

Went to the character panels OpenClose() function (all it does is set the canvas group alpha to 0 and block raycast to false and vice versa) which is being called unintendedly, put a debug.log inside to verify if it really was being called, and yes, it is. I look up all references to see where I used it, but I only use it in a single place in the project that is behind an if-statement looking for they keycode C (NOT space). I added a debug.log for the Input.inputstring to see if somehow a magic C button press is ending up in that function, but no. If I press C to open the window, the debug log pops up, if I press space, the inputstring appears to be empty, so the if statement to get to the only place in the code referencing that function cannot be met. Removed the space button from my Player entirely, the behaviour still persists.

Added another debug.log with stackTrace.GetFrame(1).GetMethod().Name to show who is actually running this function, but it turns out that if I run it and press C, it says it’s being opened by the update function in the UIManager (as expected). If I run it the strange, unintended way, it says it is being run by the EventSystems Invoke function. Coupled with the fact that the behaviour persists despite the space button being removed from the player, I realized that it’s Unity’s built in “Submit” button being pressed.

Strange behaviour:

  • If I rename the OpenClose() function that is being called to anything else, the behaviour stops. Looked for all references of the OpenClose string through the entire project, it only shows up in the other 7-8 OpenClose functions for other windows I have, that seem to work normally.
  • It appears to call the submit function on the OpenClose button for the character panel, but only under the circumstance that I closed a loot window and haven’t clicked the mouse anywhere yet afterwards. If I deactivate the button that holds the character panels OpenClose function, the behaviour stops. The button shouldn’t be pressed though, because it is on a canvas group with alpha 0/block raycast=false, just like all the other buttons with the identical function that work fine. The loot window has no idea about the character panel either, and all the windows are properly wired to their own OpenClose function.

So basically my issue is; how do I figure out why this function is being called? It feels as if closing the loot window somehow “caches” the OpenClose button for the character panel onto the submit button, but only until I click elsewhere on the screen. Did you guys have any experience with a similar situation? Could you share some pointers on how to debug this? I’ve spent about 4 hours on this now and don’t know how to get any further.

Thanks for the long read! Any help appreciated.

Is opening a dropdown after clearing it a good practice?

Currently in our application we have a dropdown that opens again directly after getting cleared. I imagine this can be handy for some users, but annoying for others. Is this a good practice to follow?

enter image description here

Context: This is being used in combination with other dropdowns that all act as filters. A list will get limited or extended based on the values (or when they’re empty) in those dropdowns.

How big/little of an opening does a boggle need to use its Dimensional Rift ability?

I’m creating a giant wasp hive in the boughs of a tree in the Feywild, and it happens to have a boggle in it.

The upper sections of the hive have smaller, narrow, rigid, doorway-type openings everywhere that the boggle can use for dimension shifts.

My concern is about the bottom two sections of the hive. The doorway-type openings throughout the bottom two sections are ten or twenty feet square on those levels (so, 15’x20′ or 20’x20′ or whatever).

I’m concerned that these openings might be too big for the Boggle’s dimensional rifts. How large/small of an opening does a boggle need to use this ability?

How can I give a network load balancer (of any type) access to a port on a machine without opening that port to an entire VPC?

Is it possible to make an AWS load balancer for a non-HTTP port allowed to access a specific port on a host without opening that port open to the entire VPC’s subnet? I seem to remember reading that this might be possible with an IAM policy based around specific resources or something like that.

As you create a non-classic network load balancer it says: ” The security groups for your instances must allow traffic from the VPC CIDR on the health check port.”

Which is ok, but just barely since this service really doesn’t have much/any authentication.

Isn’t there a way this can be done with IAM permissions instead of a security group? I was reading about AWS firewall security somewhere and they mentioned that sometimes you can use an IAM policy, sometimes even a cross-account IAM policy to connect to the machines behind the firewall.

Any suggestions? I can definitely deploy more machines or AWS stuff.

Terminal is not opening from GUI in ubuntu 18.04

I accidentally deleted python from the lib folder, because I saw multiple versions of python.

1) initially GUI was not loading, the only terminal was working then I upgrade with the command: sudo apt-get upgrade --fix-missing

After that, I can access GUI but from GUI I am not able to access terminal.

I have tried all shortcut options and also tried clicking on the terminal icon but the terminal is not opening.

But When I do Ctrl + Alt + f3/4, I moved on terminal and Ctrl + Alt + f1 for GUI.

Please help me out here, so that I can open terminal as normal way from GUI

SharePoint 2019 OnPremise – Opening PDF in browser

I have a SharePoint farm consisting of

  • 2x FE with Distributed Cache
  • 2x APP with Search
  • 2x OOS.

I stopped opening PDF files in WordWebApp using the command:

  • Get-SPWOPIBinding –Application “WordPDF” | Remove-SPWOPIBinding -Confirm: $ false

Mimetype “application / pdf” is in the AllowedInlineDownloadedMimeTypes list.

Tested for Chrome, FireFox and IE. Library settings: “Open in browser”. The “Save” option appears but does not open in the browser.

In Browser File Handling I do not want to use security hole by setting “Strict”.

What can be the problem?

Steam is not opening in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS after installation tried so many solutions?


[2019-10-08 16:43:58] Startup - updater built Nov 23 2016 01:05:42 [2019-10-08 16:43:58] Verifying installation... [2019-10-08 16:43:58] Unable to read and verify install manifest  /home/USER/.steam/package/steam_client_ubuntu12.installed [2019-10-08 16:43:58] Verification complete [2019-10-08 16:43:58] Downloading Update... [2019-10-08 16:43:58] Checking for available update... [2019-10-08 16:43:59] Download failed: http error 403 (client-  download.steampowered.com/client/steam_client_ubuntu12) [2019-10-08 16:43:59] Download failed: http error 403  (media.steampowered.com/client/steam_client_ubuntu12) [2019-10-08 16:43:59] Failing manifest download with http error 403  (media.steampowered.com/client/steam_client_ubuntu12) [2019-10-08 16:43:59] Error: Download failed: http error 403 [2019-10-08 16:43:59] Error: Steam needs to be online to update.      Please confirm your network connection and try again. [2019-10-08 16:44:03] Shutdown threadtools.cpp (3283) : Assertion Failed: Illegal termination of  worker thread 'Thread(0x0x578609a0/0x0xf43ccb' 

Browser opening error in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (LXDE) running through Linux Deploy

Linux deploy is an android app which runs linux on android.

I installed linux deploy, installed LXDE version of Ubuntu 18.04LTS through it. I access it through a VNC viewer. Everything runs fine except for the inbuilt browser present in it. Whenever I tap on browser icon, there is an error message stating that

“Invalid desktop entry file ‘/usr/share/applications/lxde-x-www-browser.desktop’ “

I tried reinstalling the whole thing, nothing works.

How can this be resolved?