VLC player is not opening in my ubuntu 18.04?

 ~ $   vlc VLC media player 3.0.6 Vetinari (revision 3.0.6-0-g5803e85) Qt: Session management error: None of the authentication protocols specified are supported [0000000001174be0] skins2 interface error: unable to attach stream_directory, treat as XML! [0000000001174be0] skins2 interface error: no XML found in theme /home/karmoksh/Downloads/Wallpaper/90's-kid-3840×2160.jpg [00007f7dd003b670] xml xml reader error: XML parser error (line 1) : Document is empty  [0000000001174be0] skins2 interface error: no skins found : exiting 

This is the second time when this is happening. First time I reinstalled it and it worked fine but again it’s not working.

Browser: Drag and drop image from explorer replaces content instead of opening in new tab

Drag and drop image from explorer replaces content.

This behaviour can end up cause data loss. Consider this use case: you are filling in a long form and you have a box to upload an images at the end which supports drag and drop. When you dragged an image from the file browser, you accidentally drop the image outside the box in the website.

What should happen?

Browser opens the image I dropped in a new tab.

What happens?

Browser load the image in the page you dropped. Clicking back button will reload the page, making you lose all the data you typed.

Is there a way to stop this from happening?

magento 2.1.8 pdf href opening in a new tab

I am new in magento and trying to modify an extension to suit my need. I would like the href to open in a new tab. The code is as following:

if ($ itemRule[‘file_action’] == \Mageplaza\ProductAttachments\Model\Config\Source\FileAction::VIEWONLINE) { $ href = $ block->getUrl(‘mpattachments/file/viewonline’, [‘id’ => $ itemRule[‘file_id’], ‘product_id’ => $ block->getProduct()->getId()]); } else { $ href = $ block->getUrl(‘mpattachments/file/download’, [‘id’ => $ itemRule[‘file_id’], ‘product_id’ => $ block->getProduct()->getId()]); } Would highly appreciate some help.

How to ignore opening quote in views sort

I use views to display a sorted list of book titles. Titles that begin with a quote are listed first. I want to ignore the quote for sorting purposes. So, instead of:

  • “Once Upon a Time”: Fairy Tales in Reality
  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • The Best Book of Fairy Tales

I want:

  • Grimm’s Fairy Tales
  • “Once Upon a Time”: Fairy Tales in Reality
  • The Best Book of Fairy Tales

It appears the Views Natural Sort module will handle this, but it’s still in Alpha for Drupal 8, and there seem to be quite a few steps to use it. Is there another, relatively straightforward (non-custom-code if possible) means of accomplishing this?

I’ve read a number of posts addressing more complex situations with fairly complex solutions, but it seems something this simple should have a simple solution.

Opening a Code Review Before the Branch is Complete

I recently came came across the idea that starting a code review early. In other words, starting the review before the feature is complete. Is there a name for this methodology? Is there any research in support/opposition of it?

If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, there are some potential problems with this method like having incomplete code committed. The general support for the method is,

  • identifying critical problems before running down a rabbit hole
  • help to keep code review increments small, prevent getting surprised by a large number defects.

Opening Cern Root

i have installed cern root package but when i try to open this then I am facing that error while opening cern root..kindly guide

root: can’t start ROOT — check that /home/danish/Software/root_v5.99.06.source/root/bin/root.exe exists!

SharePoint 2010 PDF file not opening for a Single User

A user of SharePoint 2010 site is not able to open any PDF file with in the site. PDF files are uploaded into document library and user is having contribute rights to the library. When user click on the document nothing happens. Other users with same access rights can open the PDF files. This is high priority issue for us.

Please help me to identify the cause or resolve the issue.