How can Opera browser access my sessions on Google Chrome?

I just installed Opera browser v60 (i.e. Reborn 3) on Windows 10. I noticed that it has automatically (without my consent and permission) taken all my bookmarks in Google Chrome and added to the bookmarks in the Opera browser. In addition, I noticed that somehow it has got access to my open sessions on Google Chrome. By this, I mean that I could for example open some websites using Opera browser without the need to give my username and password since I was logged into them using in Google Chrome browser (e.g. I did not need to login to

This felt creepy and made me think how Opera browser can do this? And in general, should I be worried that this happened and change my usernames and passwords?

At the moment, my idea why this happens is that because both browsers are based on Chromium. But I am not sure if this is the reason.

No sound on Firefox and Opera, but works on Chrome

Ubuntu 18.04.02 Firefox Quantum 65.0.1 Dell inspiron laptop 

There is no sound from Firefox or Opera browsers when playing youtube videos etc. Chrome works fine. Desktop music/video player apps also work without any issues. Neither inbuilt speakers nor headphones work for the problematic browsers.

I’ve gone through the other posts that reported the same problem and tried all the solutions; didn’t solve the issue.

  • Pulse-audio is installed by default. Firefox and Opera show up in the list of applications under sound settings with their respective volume control though.

Sound settings showing browser playback streams

  • Installing ubuntu-restricted-extras didn’t help. I don’t think it’s a codec issue. Playing ogg/flac from wikipedia also makes no sound on firefox.
  • Clearing cache as mentioned in firefox faq didn’t help either.

Redefinindo como uma função opera? C

Olá, estou com uma dúvida em relação a uma linha do código abaixo, vejam:

#include <stdio.h>  typedef float (*TPonteiroFuncao)(float, float); // O QUE ESSA LINHA FAZ?  float soma(float a, float b){     return a+b; }  float produto(float a, float b){     return a*b; }  int main(){     TPonteiroFuncao pfs,pfp;     float r;       pfs = &soma;     pfp = &produto;     r = pfs(12,14);     printf("Resultado: %.2f\n", r);     r = pfp(12,14);     printf("Resultado: %.2f\n", r);      return 0; } 

A linha em questão está redefinindo como as funções criados com o tipo float vão operar? Ou seria apenas a criação de um nome, de modo que toda vez que eu precisar de um ponteiro float basta digitar TPonteiroFuncao?

Qual a necessidade de (float, float); e o que ele faz?


Error when Installing Flash Lubuntu x32 18.04 & opera 45

I read & followed along post How do I install Flash in Opera?

When I ran “sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin” I got … “Reading package lists… Done Building dependency tree
Reading state information… Done Package adobe-flashplugin is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source

E: Package ‘adobe-flashplugin’ has no installation candidate”

Some background info: I downloaded & unzipped adobe flash PPAPI version. The readme.txt said to “Unpack the plugin tar.gz and copy all the files to /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin/ ” I didnt have an adobe-flashplugin directory in /usr/lib but created one /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin/flash and put ALL the files in there.

Как удалить контекстное меню видеофона в “Opera” и “Yandex”

  • Здравствуйте форумчани. Когда заходишь с “ПК” браузеров Yandex, Opera на страничку с видеофоном, то над ним всплывает кнопка встроенная в сам браузер о том, что видео можно посмотреть в отдельной вкладке.

    Каким образом можно вырезать эту кнопку, чтобы она не портила общую картину видеофона. Все перепробовал но безуспешно((((

    Видеофон я тестил на локальном сервере “Open Server Ultimate 5.2.2” Эти кнопки в браузерах их я отметил красным маркером на скриншотах внизу.



$  (document).ready(function(){  var controls = {  video: $  ('.myvideo'),  playpause: $  ('.knopka')                   };                  var video =[0];       { if (video.paused) {; $  (this).text('Stop');    } else { video.pause(); $  (this).text('Go');    }                  }); });
.video-fon  { position: fixed; top: 0; right: 0; bottom: 0; left: 0; overflow: hidden;   }   .video-fon > video { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: auto; height: auto;    }   .knopka{ font-size: 20px; background: gray; cursor: pointer; position: absolute; padding: 0.5%; transform: translate(-50%, -50%); top: 10%; left: 92%;    }
   <!DOCTYPE html>     <html>       <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <script src=""></script>        </head>           <body>     <div class="video-fon">   <video class="myvideo" muted loop autoplay> <source src=""></source> </video>   </div>        <div class="knopka"> Stop </div>          </body>    </html>

I can’t Quit or kill (Terminal) Opera web browser

Very seldom I use Opera because of VPN. I can’t Quit Opera, so I tried to kill it using the Terminal

> ps -ef | grep opera   503 22880     1   0 12:53PM ??         0:00.02 /Applications/ Framework.framework/Helpers/crashpad_handler --monitor-self-annotation=ptype=crashpad-handler --database=/Users/Eir3/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/Crash Reports --crash-count-file=/Users/Eir3/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/crash_count.txt --url= --annotation=plat=OS X --annotation=prod=OperaDesktop --annotation=ver=56.0.3051.102 --handshake-fd=8   503 48416 24212   0  3:18PM ttys003    0:00.00 grep opera > kill -9 22880 > ps -ef | grep opera   503 48492     1   0  3:18PM ??         0:00.02 /Applications/ Framework.framework/Helpers/crashpad_handler --monitor-self-annotation=ptype=crashpad-handler --database=/Users/Eir3/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/Crash Reports --crash-count-file=/Users/Eir3/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/crash_count.txt --url= --annotation=plat=OS X --annotation=prod=OperaDesktop --annotation=ver=56.0.3051.102 --handshake-fd=115   503 49459 24212   0  3:20PM ttys003    0:00.00 grep opera > kill -9 48492 > ps -ef | grep opera   503 49712     1   0  3:20PM ??         0:00.02 /Applications/ Framework.framework/Helpers/crashpad_handler --monitor-self-annotation=ptype=crashpad-handler --database=/Users/Eir3/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/Crash Reports --crash-count-file=/Users/Eir3/Library/Application Support/com.operasoftware.Opera/crash_count.txt --url= --annotation=plat=OS X --annotation=prod=OperaDesktop --annotation=ver=56.0.3051.102 --handshake-fd=115   503 49788 24212   0  3:20PM ttys003    0:00.00 grep opera 

As you can see when I kill Opera process ID, a new spawns up with new process ID.

Is Opera now (2019) considered malware? Do you have same behavior? Error on my side?