Movement optimised PCs in theatre of the mind

Our group has recently started a campaign and we’ve decided to go gridless for the first time. It has been going really well but one issue that has popped up has been how we handle characters that are designed with maneuverability as a core feature set of their class. It seems that simply tracking players intent puts their class at a disadvantage.

How can I honor small differences in speed in a game where distance is not so precisely measured?

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QuickSort of linked lists optimised for duplicates

Problem Description

Quick Sort is not stable because of need to swap values in array when partition is done. If we store the values to be sorted in a linked list, we can make quick sort stable. Also, we can easily improve the performance of Quick Sort by grouping all the values that are equal to the pivot to the middle so they do not need to be considered during the subsequent partitions. Consider the following code.

function ListNode quickSort(ListNode head)      partition(params1)     ListNode front = quickSort(params2)     ListNode middle = params3     ListNode back = quickSort(params4)     return combine(front,middle,back) 


Identify what should be params1,params2,params3,params4

Use pseudocode to describe the partition method. Make sure that special cases such as when there is a null in parameter is taken care of. Also, the new version of QuickSort is in-place.

I think that quickSort should return the head node of the list, but then middle seems strangely placed in the code as I would think of putting it after after partition. Also, I do not know the pseudocode standards for linked list and whether it is similar to the case of the normal one done with arrays. Can anyone help me with this?

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